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Birth registration in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) began in 1864.  The indexes,  you find on this site, are the 1st step of a 2 step process in finding a birth record registered in Ireland.  The Index will give you a full name, the registration district where the birth was registered and then the volume and page number where you can locate the record.

All of the 1864 Index is being transcribed and going online as a project led by the Ireland GenWeb Project.  If you would like to help, .


The following people helped transcribe the M's: 
Diane Culhane, KellyAnn Binari, Jim Buckley, MaryPat Carey, Bob McConihe, Bill Roberge, Kathy Snowberger, Jan MacMillan, Jim Cox, Mary Devlin, Judie Mason, Candi Zizck, Ronnie Lorentz, Nora Fitzgerald, Patricia McGill, Margaret Minoughan, David Collins, Mary Mizzi, and Pat Connors


NOTE:  The Index is being transcribed from the Family History Film #0101041.  While the film is in fairly good condition, there are pages that are very light so there may be some mistakes in transcription.  Some numbers are hard to define, especially  1 and 4.  Sometimes, you will find ? when we have had a problem deciding exactly what was typed.  Sometimes, a number is typed in error.  Therefore, you should refer back to the film, if you think you found a record you would like to see before ordering the record or checking out the record's film.

NOTE 2:  There are over 27,000 M names and they will take 54 webpages to get them all online.  This may take a week or so, so keep checking back for new additions.
Completed:  August 14, 2008


Mabe - Madden, Martha

Madden, Mary - Magill

Magilligan - Maguire, Martin

Maguire, Mary - Mahon, Margret

Mahon, Mary - Mahood

Mailey - Maloney

Malony - Maree

Margay - Martin, Patt

Martin, Peter - Maxey

Maxwell - M'Analy

M'Anamy - M'Bride, Ellen

M'Bride, Francis - M'Caghry

M'Cague - M'Carriston

M'Carrol - M'Carthy, Maurice

M'Carthy, Michael - M'Clearn

M'Cleary - M'Connel

M'Connell - M'Cormik

M'Cormiskey - M'Cullagh, Mary Jane

M'Cullagh, Patrick - M'Dermott, John Joseph

M'Dermott, Joseph - M'Donnell, David

M'Donnell, Dominick - M'Elhinny

M'Elholm - M'Fadian

M'Fall - M'Genniss

M'Gennitty - M'Glone

M'Gloo - M'Grath, Charles

M'Grath, Daniel - M'Guiness, John

M'Guiness, Joseph - M'Ilduff

M'Ilear - M'Kee, Rose Anna

M'Kee, Samuel - M'Keon, Michael John

M'Keon, Owen - M'Lartey

M'Laughlan - M'Mahan

M'Mahon - M'Manus

M'Manys - M'Namamy

M'Namara - M'Nickle

M'Niece - M'Sharry

M'Shea - Meara, Honora

Meara, James - Mernin

Merreo - Milway

Mimna - Molloy

Molohan - Monteith

Montford - Moore, Hugh

Moore, Isabella - Moran, Johana

Moran, John - Morley

Morne - Morrissy, Maurice

Morrissy, Michael - Muldoon

Muldow - Mullen, Matilda

Mullen, Matthew - Mulready

Mulreannan - Murphy, Bryan

Murphy, Caroline - Murphy, James

Murphy, Jane - Murphy, Martin

Murphy, Mary - Murphy, Robert

Murphy, Rosana - Murray, Johanna

Murray, John - Murry

Murta - Mytton



What are Registration Districts and where are they located?http://www.connorsgenealogy.com/RegDistricts.htm
This site gives much info on the districts, has a chart listing what counties they are located, plus all the Family History Library's film numbers for both the Indexes and the Records.


What do do next?
1.  If you find a record that you would like to see, go to:
Under 1864, find the volume, and then get the film number

2.  You can find a record on the Family History Library site:
Use the form on the left, enter full name, life event-birth, year-1864, year range-exact year, country-Ireland
Results will give parents' names, exact place of birth, source (FHL film where records are found)


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