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Emmigration and Immigration

Records of emmigration and immigration include such things are passenger lists, permission to emigrate, records of passports issued, lists of transported prisoners, and registers of assistance to emigrate. They are a great source for researchers but sometimes can be difficult to obtain.

Emigration from Ireland to other places in the world began as early as 1603 when people began moving to places such as continental Europe, the islands of the Carribbean, the British Colonies, and other parts of the British Isles. The period between 1845-1855 was the peak in Irish emmigration due to the potato famine.

British Isles

Records were not required for movement within the British Isles.

United States

Records were not required for free immigrants to the US until 1773.


Records were not required for free immigrants to the Canada until 1865.

Australia, New Zealand or South Africa

Records were not required for free immigrants to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa until the 20th century.

Immigration to Ireland

In 1836, the United Kingdom began registering certificates of entering aliens. In 1878, passenger lists were kept of all those entering the UK. The main ports, Cork, Londonderry, and Belfast, have records surviving from 1883-1891 and thereafter.

Online Records

The British IslesGenWeb Project has an Archives Page for user donated records. There is also a WorldGenWeb Archives Project for user donated records from all localities in the world.

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