--Rev. Reynolds--
1-Mark of Thomas Naughton and Bridget Garvey-sp-Michael Wolfe, Sabina Noone--Carranaskeha--
11-Michael of Peter Crean and Winny Waldron-sp-Andrew Hendrick,Nappy Waldron--Clare--
12-Mary of John McSweeny and Ellen O'Hara-sp-James McDonnell,Maria O'Hara--Clare--
21-James of Pat Shannon and Margaret Little-sp-Pat McGuire,Mary Loftus--Clare--
21-Joseph of Pat Canton and Bridget Little-sp-Catherine Martin--Clare--
25-James of Thomas Finnegan and Ann McHale-sp-John Stanton,Sabina Burke--Carrnaskeha--
25-Bridget of Robert McNabb and Sarah Fitzpartick-sp-Robert and Margaret Merrick--Drumkeen-
15-James of William Fleming and Mary Foy-sp-Michael Foy,Bridget Fleming--Knockatubber--
15-James of Richard Prendergast and Maria Elwood-sp-John Elwood, Ann French--Cloonskagh--
15-Pat of John Hayes and Margaret McEvily-sp-John and Margaret Neary--Workhouse--(Illegitimate)--
22-Mary of Michael Jennings and Mary Reilly-sp-Peter Gleeson,Bridget Curley--Ballinphuill--
22-Catherine of Pat McGuire and Bridget Groarke-sp-William and celia Burns--Clare--
26-Bridget of Thomas Arthur and Mary Coleman-sp-Pat McNicholas,Ann Hart--Gorteenmore--
1-Pat of Thomas Clarke and Catherine Costello-sp-John Costello,Bridget McCormack--Ballinastanford--
8-Pat of James Cleary and Ann McHugh-sp-Patt Cleary, Catherine McHugh--Ballintaffy--
4-Pat of William Treinors or Freinors or(?) and Sarah Higgins-sp-Pat McDonogh,Bridget Walsh--Clare--
12-Bridget of Pat Lavelle and Mary Cuffe-sp-(Can't read the rest!)
12-Mary of Martin Stanton and Bridget Grogan-sp-Pat Waldron, Bridget Grorke-Crantahar--
12-Mary of Michael Prendergast and Mary Mulloy-sp-Michael and Jane Prendergast--Drimneen--
19-Patt of Patt Lally and Margaret Walsh-sp-Martin Murphy, Mary Walsh--Carane--
26-Richard of David Garret and Catherine Murphy-sp-Patt Walsh, Ellen Prendergast--Drimneen--
2-Ann of John Kean and Rose McManus-sp-James Quinn, Margaret Mcmanus--Cuilmore--
2-Elenor or Honor of Dominick Carter and Catherine Kelly-sp-Joseph Carter,Mary Fitzpatrick--Clare--
2-John of Thomas Quinn(?) and Sally Rooney-sp-John Henaghan,Mary Mahoney--(Can't read the townland)
6-William of Thady Lyons and Mary Hughes-sp-Pat O'Brien,Catherine Lyons--B.Stanford--
9-John of Pat Jordan and Ellen Murray-sp-Owen O'Donnell,Maria Murray--Ballinphuill--
17-Honor od Andrew Delany and Honor Morally-sp-Denis Morally,Sally Finnegan--Cuilmore--
17-Anthony of Owen Donnelly and bridget Murphy-sp-John Murphy, Mary Donnelly--Ballynagran--
24-Martin of John Thomas and Ellen Keough-sp-James Clarke,Mary King--Kilbeg Higgins--
24-Joseph of Edward Mooney and Mary Lyons-sp-Peter and Winifred Lyons--Clare--
24-Margaret of Thomas Grady and Mary Freeman-sp-John Goodwin,Margaret Fitzgerald--Clare--
24-Catherine of James Dowd and Mary Donnellan-sp-James Kerane,Jane Dowd--Clare--
24-Thomas of John Healligan and Catherine Gill-sp-Rodger Healligan,Mary Regan--Coolaght--
27-Bridget of Thomas Carney and Catherine Mannion-sp-Frnacis Kearney,Bridget Mannion--Kilcolman--
7-John of James Glynn and Margaret Prendergast-sp-Patt Prendergast, Winny Walsh--Ballykinava--
-John of James Corhan and Mary (?)-sp-Ulick Burke,(?) Higgins--B.Stanford--
7-John of Patt Tuny and Anne Cline-sp-John Carrol, Mary Muldrin--(Illigetimate)--Workhouse--
14-Thomas of Luke Finn and Mary Gill-sp-Laura Corly, Winny Houghtigan--B.Houses--
14-John of Ned Walsh and Biddy (Blank)-sp-William Hughes,O'Donnell--Clare--
20-Pat of Harry Walsh and Bridget Curley-sp-Ned Tucker,Mary Mullany--B. Houses--
28-Martin of Thomas and Margaret Boyle-sp-Pat and mary Boyle--Cloontoe--
28-Catherine of Thomas Stanton and Mary Mylotte-sp-Michael Walsh,Bridget McGrath--Meelickmore--
28-Mary of Pat Murray and Bridget Hines-sp-Ellen Gibbons,--Meelickmore--
3-Mary of Margaret Eagan and Mary Cullinane,(That is what it says!)-sp-Owen Eagan, Bridget Waldron--Kilbeg H.--
5-William of peter Clark and Mary Kean-sp-Pat Bourk,Mary Cavanagh--Kilbeg H.--
8-Mary of Pat Monaghan and Mary McNamara-sp-Bridget Hanaghan--Crantahar-
12-Michael of Laurence Donnelly and Mary McGrath-sp-Peter Donnelly, Bridget Murphy--B.Gramm--
19-Pat of James Stanton and Bridget Cullinane-sp-John Healligan or Kealligan,Mary Kielty--Mace, Lower--
26-Maria of Ned Dea and Bridget McGrath-sp-James and Bridget Kean or Kearn--Murneen--
26-Bridget of John McGreal and Catherine McLoughlin-sp-Pat Reagan, Mary(Blank)--Keltibo--
2-Bridget of Thomas Fitzgerald and Bridget Clines-sp-John Glynn, Bridget Grady--B.Kirane--
2-Catherine of Stephen Neary and Ellen Costelloe-sp-Michael and bridget Costelloe--Meelick Beg--
2-Mary of Pat McVady and Margaret Nally-sp-James Nally,Bridget Prendergast--Cartoon--
2-Bridget of John Stanton and Catherine Ward-sp-Eleanor Boland--Carranaskeha--
16-Bridget of Pat Curry and Bridget McDonnell-sp-Pat Byrne(?),Bridget Curry--Lover Mace--
19-Stephen of Gerald Beatagh and Winny Prendergast-sp-John Quinn, Celia Prendergast--K.Tubber--
1857 baptisms cont.
6-James of James Creaton and Mary Brennan-sp-Edward Brennan, Bridget Kinny--Cloonmore Upper--
13-Catherine of John Meath and Margaret Cullinane-sp-Thomas Meath, bridget Carney or Conry--Ballinphuill--
16-Bridget of Thomas Birmingham and Sally Neastor-sp-Thomas Neastor, Margaret Walsh-- Clare--
21-Julia of George McNabb and Bridget Prendergast-sp-John Prendergast,Julia McNabb--Ballinree--
23-Michael of John Walsh and Catherine Mylotte-sp-Thomas McGrath,Sally Grogan--Caraun--
27-Michael of Andrew Prendergast and Bridget Stanford-sp-James Jennings,Mary Prendergast--Drimmneen--
27-Michael of Michael Morally and Bridget Clarke-sp-Pat Mahony,Bridget Morally--Gorteenmore--
30-Michael of Joseph Higgins and Catherine Cunnane-sp-Thomas and Catherine Cunnane--C.Tulla--
30-Bridget of Frank Healy and Honor Morally-sp-Thomas Morally,Bridget Grogan--Rauagh--
30-Bridget of Thomas Prendergast and Mary Fitzpatrick-sp-Tim Cuff, Dan Eagan--Kilbeg H.--
4-Michael of Michael Callaghan and Mary Manion-sp-Ned Callaghan,Catherine Fitzpatrick--Kilbeg H.--
4-Margaret of John Herrick and Honor Crean-sp-Peter Crean, Mary Dillon--Clare--
14-Joseph of Pat McDonogh and Catherine Boyle-sp-James Cuff, Bridget Egan--Kilbeg H.--
14-Martin and mary of Peter Naughton and Mary Moran-sp-John Moran,Margaret Hynes,John(?), Mary Gill--Carranaskeeha--
15-Mary of Patt Kelly and Catherine Regan-sp-Edward and M. Donnell--Ballintaffy--
18-Martin of Owen McLoughlin and Maria Barrett-sp-Andrew McLoughlin,Jane Lyons--Carrarea--
18-Kathleen of Dominick Jordan and Mary Ruane-sp-Patt Jordan, Sally Prendergast--Cloondroon--
18-Winny of Daniel Fitzgerald and Mary Sheridan-sp-Ned Fitzgerald,Honor Sheridan--Cuilmore--
24-Bridget of Ned Gill and Margaret Kean-sp-Thomas prendergast, Sally Ratighan--Carranaskeha--
25-Bidilia of James M. Forde and Mary Fleming-sp-Edward Bourke,Bridget Cuffe--Clare--
25-Margaret of Pat Walsh and Honor Davis-sp-Ned Larkin,Bridget Kean--Clare--
25-Martin of James Killeen and Honor Conway-sp-John Conway,Judith Killeen--Ranaghard--
25-Martin of Martin Connors and Bridget Stanton-sp-David Prendergast,Bridget Stanton--B.(?)--
25-Catherine of John McGrath and Mary Ruane-sp-Thomas McGrath,MaryAnne Bourke--Cuilmore--
15-Thomas of Thomas Costelloe and Honor Fitzgerald-sp-William Costelloe, Ellen Costelloe--Ardroe--
15-Pat of Bryan Donnelan and Mary Nally-sp-Pat Donnelan, bridget Clines--Ballykinava--
15-Bridget of Michael King and Bridget Nestor-sp-Pat Mohan,Bridget Murphy--Clare--
6-Mary of William McGrath and Catherine Flemming-sp-Pat McGrath,Honor Gowlan(?)--K.Tubber--
6-Sibina of Denis Begly and Margaret Givin-sp-William Mannion,Catherine Mullaney--Castlegar--
6-John of Joseph Burke and Mary Wolfe-sp-John Ronayne, Catherine T>(?)--Workhouse--Illigetimate--
9-William of John French and Margaret Egan-sp-Eliza Bertagh--Carrane--Illigetimate--
13-Anne of Michael Casserly and Bridget Monahan-sp-Maria Parsons,James Kerrane--Clare--
13-William of James Little and Mary or Margaret Flannagan-sp-Pat Jennings, Mary O'Donnell--Clare--
17-James of Thomas Crystal and Margaret Gibbons-sp-John Jennings, Mary Roche--Meelickmore--
17-Mary of Martin Murphy and Ellen Joyce-sp-Michael Murphy, Sally Joyce--Carranaskeha--
19-Maria of Michael Flemming and Mary Conway-sp-Pat Flemming,Ann Halligan--K.Tubber--
19-Celia of Pat Prendergast and Margaret Lyons-sp-Pat Kelly, Ellen Lyons--Garreredmond--
23-Mary of Thady Cussane and Catherine Fitzpatrick-sp-Pat Conry, Mary Cussane--Meelickmore--
23-James of John Nally and Celia Hanly-sp-Martin Hughes,Mary Hanly--Cloonrannill(?)--
26-Catherine of Edward Ruane and Bridget Griffin-sp-Thomas Flatley,Bridget Martynine(?)--B.Knave--
26-Ellen of Martin Boyle and Mary Hanly-sp-Michael Burke,Ellen Hanly--Carrantulle--
1857 Baptisms cont.
--Rev.M. O'Donnell--
1-Patt of James and Ann Prendergast-sp-Henry Kean, Mary O'Donnell--Cloonmore--
1-James of Pat and Mary Kilroy-sp-John Brennan,Sally Walsh--Tawnaghlahard--
1-Mary of William and Catherine McGreal-sp-Pat McGreal, Bridget Coleman--Kiltibo--
29-Peggy of Michael and Mary McGreal-sp-James McGreal, Peggy Cuff--Kiltibo--
29-Mary of (?)Joney and Mary Cunniff-sp-Brian Fallon, Judy Flynn--Rockfield--
5-Mathew of Mathew and Mary Halligan-sp-Pat and Sally Halligan--Corbally--
5-Peter of John and Judy Keelty or Kelly-sp-Tom Walsh, Mary Cunniff--Mace Middle--
5-Thomas of John and Eliza Hanly-sp-Thomas Connor, Catherine Rankin--Claremount--
5-John of John and Catherine Moran-sp-James and mary Moran--Claremount--
5-Thomas of Walter and Mary McGath or McGrath-sp-Thomas and Ellen Prendergasr--Drimmneen--
9(?)-Thomas Michael of Michael and Mary Meath-sp-John McDonogh,Mary Divany--Claremorris--
9-James of James and Bridget Fallon-sp-Tom and Sibby Connoly--Mace--
19-James of James and Mary Hunt-sp-James and Celia Connell--Murneen--
19-Bridget of John and Margaret Loughlin-sp-Thomas and Bridget Prendergast--Rockfield--
26-Pat of Michael and Bridget Murray-sp-Owen Murray, ?(Blank)--Ballinphuill--
26-Pat of pat and Honor Reilly-sp-Michael Egan, Ellen Browne--Mace Lower--
26-Jane of Pat and Ellen Murphy-sp-Michael Flemming,Jane McHugh--Mace Lower--
15-Bridget of Jim and Honor Conway-sp-Martin Conway, Bridget Lyons-sp-Ranaghard(?)--
16-Patt of Michael and Mary Coleman-sp-Patt Coleman
6-John of Pat and Bridget McHugh-sp-Denis McHugh, Mary Kelly--Coolaght--
14-Pat of Pat and Mary McGreal-sp-John Brady, Mary Mullin--Clare--
14-Mary of John and Mary Tucker-sp-John and Ann Tucker--Lisduff--
16-James of Thomas and Bridget Solan-sp-Michael and Honor Clarke--Streamstown--
18-Peggy of James and Mary Carney-sp-John and Mary Walsh--Mace--
18-Ellen of John and Anne McAlister-sp-Martin Egan,Bridget Walsh--Keltibo--
4-Anne of Neal and Mary Regan-sp-Owen Regan, Catherine Costelloe--Keltibo--
5-Martin of Michael and Bridget Forkan-sp-Patt Crean(?),Mary Moran--Cloonmore--
5-Thomas of Martin and Mary Curry-sp-Martin and BridgetMCurry--Ballybrehemy--
5-(?)Marie of Pat and Celia Burke-sp-Thomas and Bridget McGah or Mcgee--B.(?)--
6-John of Patt and Bridget Griffin-sp-Patt Griffin, Catherine Magatt--Carrantulla--
7(?)-William of John Feeny and Margaret Keane-sp-Patt Donnellan, Julia Keane--Ballybrehemy--
7-Anne of (?)Cane O'Gara and Catherine Magan-sp-Thomas and Margaret McDonnell--Mace. Upper--
9-Malachy of Pat and Mary Tarpy-sp-Pat and Mary Curley--Garraredmond(?)-
9-Mary of Martin and Margaret Naughton-sp-Pat and Margaret Dondell or Donnell--Cloonconnor--
12-Charles of Henry and Honor Kelly-sp-James Ansbro, Honor Foy--Clare--13-John of James Coen and Celia Coen-sp-John Coen,Bridget
14-Anne of William and Margaret Judge-sp-Owen and Mary Judge--Aghareville--
15-Bridget of Edward and Catherine Canton-sp-Thomas Keane,Mary Canton--Clare--
19-John of James and Mary Merrick-sp-John and Mary Egan--Eskerlevalley--
19-Mary of John and Honor Begly-sp-Martin Griffin,Biddy Begly--Cuilmore-
19-Ann of Pat and Mary Flemming-sp-Martin Kerane,Bridget Flynn--Knockatubber--
19-Mary of Hugh and Honor Naughton-sp-Darby and Judy Naughton--Garrynabba--
19-Michael of Thomas and Catherine Travers-sp-James Killeen,Margaret Travers--Clare--
30-Pat of Thomas and Lucy Nestor-sp-Patt Walsh, Mary Nestor--Clare--
30-Michael of James and Mary Walsh-sp-William and Mary Mullee--Cuilmore-
1857 Baptisms cont.-
--Rev.M. O'Donnell--
1-John of Ned and Mary Coen-sp-(?), Bridget McGath or McGrath--
6-James of Thomas and Sabina Burke-sp-Patt Burke, Mary Tucker--Cloonmore--
7-Mary of Thomas and Ann Magan-sp-Patt Flannery, Winifred Golding--B.Brehemy--
7-John of Thomas and Ann Keane-sp-Michael and Mary Kean--Coolaght--
14-Richard of Richard and Bridget Nally-sp-Nicholas Nally,Bridget Hughes--Gortnara--
14-Michael of Thomas and Honor Gavin-sp-Michael Gavin, Bridget Murphy--Cloonmore--
17-Mary of Mark and Anne Mullee-sp-Thomas and Sarah Prendergast--Drimneen--
24(?)-Margaret of Thomas and Margaret McGrath-sp-Martin McKeale,Margaret O'Donnell--Ballyfarna--
24-Mary of Patt and Mary Walsh-sp-John Prendergast,Bridget Walsh--Mace--
24-Mary of Pat and Mary Reilly-sp-Pat Rattigan, Bridget Coleman--Loughaunnaman--
5-Thomas of Richard Donnelly and Bridget Prendergast-sp-James Fallon,Mary Donnellan--
5-John of Martin Fallon and Bridget Mooney-sp-James Mulloy,Mary Sweeny
8-Martin of James Curley and Bridget Halligan-sp-Thomas Curley,Mary Beast
8-Catherine of John Walsh and Ellen Barnucle-sp-John Walsh, Catherine Flatley-
12(?)-Thomas of Pat Reany and Ellen Reany-sp-(Not listed)
18-Bridget of Michael O'Brien and Bridget Heneghan(?)-sp-Richard Coleman,Bridget Keane
22-Patt of John Hughes and Mary Naughton-sp-Patt Jennings,Sarah Cribbin-
22-Catherine of Pat Tymon and Mary Tymon(?)-sp-Pat Neary, Anne Thomas
29-Bridget of Thomas Glynn and Bridget Heany-sp-John Glynn,Ellen Cusack
10-Mary of Thomas Forde and (?)Rose Cleary-sp-William and Mary Cleary
10-John of Pat Mullowney and (?)Blank-sp-John Neary, Catherine Mullowney
11(?)-Catherine of John Downey and Honor Burke-sp-Darby Dobbin(?), Bridget Coen
11-Dinah of James Donnelan and Bridget Moran-sp-Henry Gavin,Ann Moran
15-Ellen of James Jennings and Mary Glynn-sp-James Jennings,Mary Higgins
15-Patrick John of Mathew Travers and Bridget Burke-sp-Patt and Mrs. O'Donnell
17-Mary of James Fallon and Sarah Morris-sp-Michael Sweeney, Bridget Fallon
17-Mary of Pat and Bridget Walsh-sp-John Kelly, Mary Walsh
31-Maria of Pat Raferty and Jane Ansbro-sp-John and Mary Ansbro
1858 baptisms
--Rev. Reynolds--
10-Margaret of Martin Flynne and Bridget Griffin-sp-Martin Flynne, Margaret Lyons--Garreredmond--
17-Martin of James Gowran or Gowan and Margaret O'Brien-sp-Owen and Mary Justin--Drimneen--
24-John of Martin Kelly and Nelly Cussane-sp-Nelly Stanton--Cloonconnor-
24-Mary of William Joyce and Honor Murphy-sp-Pat Burke, Bridget Gannon--Kilbeg Malone--
24-Michael of John Herane(?) and M. King-sp-James Griffin, Bridget Kelly--Eskerlevalley--
31-Michael of Michael Cussane and Bridget Kelly-sp-John Jordan, bridget Brennan--Cloonconnor--
31-Bridget of Pat Canton and Bridget Little-sp-James Little,Mary Bierne--Clare--
26-Patt of Patt Shannon and Margaret Little-sp-Luke Hughes,Bridget Loftus--Clare--
1-Pat of Ned Moran and Catherine Mullaney-sp-Pat Fitzpatrick,Margaret Boyle--Kilbeg H.(?)--
1-John of Pat Prendergast and (?) Mortimer-sp-(?)Forkin
6-Thomas of Mathias Moore and Mary McTighe-sp-Patt Brennan,Eliza Hynes--(?)
6-Bridget of John Hogan(?) and Mary Joyce-sp-John Durkan, Jane Murray--Clare--
14-Martin of Michael Murray and Mary Kelly-sp-John Duffy, Margaret Loftus--Meelickmore--
17-Lizzie Catherine of Michael Corley and Anne Dedman-sp-Henry Gibbons,Catherine Dedman--Clare--
17-Michael of John and Catherine Cussane-sp-Michael Cussane, Honor Carney--Mellickmore--
17-Roger of John Jones and Bridget Noon-sp-Thomas Bourke,Sibina Noon--Carnaskeha--
28-Mary Anne of John Connoly or Conneely and Catherine Golding-sp-Michael Flatley, Margaret O'Connell--Clare--
28-Margaret of John Egan and Mary Merrick-sp-Herbert and Margaret Merrick--Cartoon--
28-John of William Conway and Bridget Begly-sp-Thomas Ratigan, Judith Conway--Kelmore--
28-Anne of Martin Ruane and Catherine Solan-sp-Thomas and Catherine Flaherty--Cloonboy--
28-Ellen of John Foy and Mary Egan-sp-Michael Foy, Margaret Conway--G.Redmond--
28-Catherine of Thomas Morally and Bridget Foy-sp-Michael Foy, Mary Corley--B.Kinave--
4-Honor of Michael Costelloe and Margaret Egan(?)-sp-Bernard Flatley,Mary (?)-
25-Maria of Richard Morally and Mary Egan-sp-James Egan, Catherine Morally--Clare--
25-Michael of Martin Vahy and Margaret Grealy-sp-Ned Vahy,Bridget Donnellan--Clarnagh(?)--
25-Rose of Peter Griffin and Mary Griffin-sp-Patt Griffin, Mary Forkan--G.More--
25-Catherine of Thomas Cosgrove and Mary Clarke-sp-Bryan and margaret Bierne--L.Ghaman(?)--
2-Catherine of James Finn and Sarah Flemming-sp-Michael Fitzpatrick,Sally Mullowney--Aghareville--
2-Catherine of John Mulloy and Catherine Fitzgerald-sp-Owen Mulloy,Catherine Golding--Aghareville--
5-James of Michael Looby and Mary Garry-sp-Thomas and Anne Looby--Aghareville--
5-Martin of Patt Hough and Catherine Grogan-sp-James Murray, Nelly Hough--Ballygowan--
9-Charles of Charles Hayes and Ellen Flynn-sp-William Bourke,Margaret O'Hara--Clare--
9-Hugh of Darby Naughton and Catherine Colleran-sp-Patt and Catherine Naughton--Garrynabba--
9-Catherine of Ulick Bourke and Catherine Goggins-sp-James Broderick,Winny Goggins--Garrywadreen--
13-Eleanor of Thomas King and Bridget Sherman-sp-Thomas King, Maria Daly--Clare--
16-Ned of Ned Gibbons and Mary Duffy-sp-Thomas Stanton,Mary Mannion--Meelickmore--
16-Michael of James Murray and Nelly Mullowney-sp-Michael Mullowney, Bridget Hough--B.Kinave--
16-Mary of Andrew Delaney and Honor Morally-sp-Michael Delaney,Catherine Duggan--Kilmore--
16-Celia of Thomas Wright and Ann Hughes-sp-Thomas Hasket,Mary Heany--Clare--
16-Sarah of John Moran and Mary Nestor-sp-John Grorke,Mary Kelly--K.Farnagh--
16-Michael of pat Ryan and Sabina Tracey-sp-Pat Davis, Mary Ryan--Clare-
16-(?)Bridget of Terrence O'Donnell and Margaret Dempsey-sp-Michael Solan, Mary McDermott--Clare
16-Honor of Peter Conway and Mary Egan-sp-Thomas Egan,Honor Fallon--Ranaghard--
16-John of Patt McConnell and Mary Kulligion(?)-sp-Pat and Bridget Davis--Claremorris--
16-Ann of Michael Fitzpatrick and Mary Walsh-sp-John Fitzpatrick,Margaret Nally--Cartown--
16-Catherine of Edmond Lavelle and Mary Stephens-sp-Francis Stephens,Mary Gilligan--Clare--
16-Bridget of John Reany and Bridget Solan-sp-Thomas Solan,Mary Costello--Meelickmore--
16-Bridget of Hugh Grealy and Mary Fitzpatrick-sp-Pat Fitzpatrick,Ann Gourman(?)--Ardroe--
23-Mary of William Travers and Sally Higgins-sp-Thomas Travers, Celia Bourke(?)--Clare--
25-Francis Joseph of Daniel Kayes or Hayes and Honor Lynsky-sp-John Davis, Letitia Kayes or Hayes--Clare--
30-John of John Sloyan and Mary Murphy-sp-Peter Conry(?),Honor Murphy--Aghareville--
30-Martin of Patt Forde and Bridget Combor-sp-Martin Cleary,Bridget Reilly--Cloonboy--
20-John of James Ansbro and Catherine Fleming-sp-Patt O'Connell,Celia Glynne--Clare--
20-James of Pat Waldron(?) and Mary Heton(?)-sp-Michael Waldron(?),Kate Forde--B.(?)--
20-Winifred of Thomas Tracy and Cecily Morally-sp-John and Ann Morally--Bayynaghen--
20-John of John Durkan and Margaret Joyce-sp-John Hogan,Anne Killeen--Clare--
20-Michael of William Flemming and Mary Foy-sp-William Foy, Mary Moran--
27-Winifred of Patt Sweeney and Eleanor O'Brien-sp-Thomas Sweeney--Kilnagower--
27-Austin of Dominick Morally and Mary Boyle-sp-Austin and Margaret Boyle--Cloontooa--
27-Michael of Peter Stanton and Sibina Tinny-sp-Pat Murphy,Mary Egan--Kilbeg Malone--
27-Mary of Thomas Flemming and Catherine Gowan or Gavan(?)-sp-William Reilly,(?)Fitzpatrick--Garrymount--
4-Mary of John Dunne(?) and Mary Gavan or Gorman-sp-Thomas and Bridget Forde--Kilnagower--
4-Martin of Pat McHughs and Margaret Gibbons-sp-John and Eleanor Kelly--Carrakilleen--
11-James of John Gibbons and Mary Delaney-sp-Michael Delaney, Mary Gibbons--K.(?)--
11-William of Pat Cleary and Ellen Mahoney-sp-Peter Hansbrough(?),Catherine Pengel(?)--Cloonmore(?)--
2-Mary of Patt Brady and Mary Prendergast-sp-John and Eleanor Corlis--Kilnagower--
2-Michael of Michael Jennings and Mary Cussack-sp-Pat Glynne, Honor Mannion--Pound Street--
18-Daniel of Michael Killeen and Bridget Gorvan(?)-sp-John and Bridget Killeen--Clare--
25-Michael of John Gill and Mary Clarke-sp-John Gorleaghan(?),Mary Wetfor or Metfor(?)--Carranaskeha--
25-Margaret of John McHugh and Mary McHugh-sp-Cecily McHugh--Ranaghard--
29-James of Thomas Walsh and Mary Nally-sp-John and Margaret Murphy--Clare--
21-Patt of Michael Murphy and Mary or Margaret O'Brien-sp-Patt and Catherine Murphy--Carrnaskeha--
21-Pat of Michael Prendergast and Margaret Mannion-sp-Thomas Mannion, Bridget Prendergast--Drimneen--
22-Richard of John Walsh and Bridget Stanton-sp-Mary Walsh--Carrakilleen--
22-Thomas of Mark Calwell and Bridget Walsh-sp-Pat Hanly,Mary Flemming--Lugatemple--
25-Michael of Thomas Morally and Catherine Cambor-sp-Bridget Johnston--Gorteenmore--
29-Edmond of John Gannon(?) and Mary Mullee or Mullen-sp-John McGreal,Catherine Mullen or Mullee--K.Knave--
1-Catherine of Patt Duffy and Bridget Mullany-sp-Ned Mullany,Bridget Murray--Meelick-K.--
1-Michael of Michael McGrath and Winny Hanly-sp-Myles Mcgreal--Lugatemple--
5-Michael of Thomas Donnellan and Margaret Roach-sp-Patt and Catherine Bourke--Clare--
5-Judith of Patt Brennan(?) and Mary Connor-sp-Martin and Mary Brennan--Killeenfarna--
9-AnnaMaria of Peter Barrett and Mary King(?)-sp-James Gilmore,Anne Barrett--Clare--
10-James of James Cline and Bridget Simmons or Summers-sp-Mary Simmons or Summers--Claremount--
12-James of Thomas Jennings and Mary Griffin-sp-John Griffin,Margaret Cunane--Gorteenmore--
12-Mary of James Begly and Mary Loftus-sp-Thomas Walsh,Margaret Little--Clare--
12-Thomas of Owen Mangan and Eleanor Tucker-sp-John Moore,Bridget Mangan--Cloon(?)--
19-Bridget of Pat Stanton and Mary Duddy-sp-Bridget Costello--Carrakilleen--
26-Michael of John or James Boyle and Margaret Murphy-sp-Michael McHugh,Bridget Murphy--Cartown--
26-Michael of Thomas Mangan and Catherine Sherlock-sp-Owen Mangan,Bridget Grogan--Ballyglass--
3-Mary of James Coleman and Bridget Jordan-sp-Thomas Coleman,Mary Corley--Garry(?)--
3-Michael of Patt Halligan and Honor Foye-sp-Thomas Foye,Mary Glynne--Clare--
3-Anthony of Anthony Jennings and Jane McDermott-sp-William Marshall,Julia Birmingham(?)--Clare--
10-Daniel of Michael Hunt and Margaret Morally-sp-Daniel and Bridget Hunt--Knockatubber--
20-Mary of Andrew Hendrick and Mary Dillon-sp-Peter Warde, Anne Hendrick--Clare--
24-Patt of Thomas Prendergast and Mary Fitzpatrick-sp-James Prendergast,Catherine Egan--Kilbeg Higgins--
24-Bridget of Ned Murray and Anne Solan-sp-Owen and Mary Solan--Cloonboy--
29-Mary and Bridget of Patt Boyle and Bridget Callaghan-sp-(Respectively)-Patt Mannion,Mary Callaghan,Patt and Mary
Mannion--Kilbeg Higgins--
31-Catherine of Hugh Glynne and Cecily Prendergast-sp-Pat Walsh, Bridget Prendergast--Ballykinave--
14-Mary of Patt Cleary and Mary Egan-sp-Martin Egan,Mary Cleary--Gorteenmore--
17-Thomas of John Goggins and Mary Morally-sp-Ned and Bridget Morally--Caraun--
21-Thomas of James Dowd and Mary Donnellan-sp-John Donnellan,Mary Dowd--Clare--
21-Bridget of Patt Moran and Mary Begly-sp-Patt Begly, Bridget Boyle--Cuilmore--
28-Mary of Ned Wolfe and Catherine Nally-sp-Michael Wolfe,Mary Brennan--Gort(?)--
12-Honor of Michael Conloelon(?) and Catherine Clarke-sp-James Prendergast,Anne O'Brien--Ballintaffy--
19-Julia of Thomas Corban and Mary Reardon-sp-Pat Corban, Honor Flemming--Ballystanford--
19-Margaret of Thomas O'Brien and Margaret Hynes-sp-Mark O'Brien,Bridget Narry(?)--CarrowKilleen(?)--
1858 baptisms cont.
--Rev.James Magee--
3-Michael of Patt Freeman and Margaret Morally-sp-Thomas and Bridget Freeman
3-John of John McSweeny and Ellen O'Hara-sp-John and Eliza O'Hara
3-Patt of Michael Burke and Bridget Morally-sp-Patt Burke, Bridget Fallon
4-Pat of Pat Kean and Bridget Rochman(?)-sp-Michael(?)
4-Bridget of Michael Houghtan(?) and Mary Solan-sp-Bridget Houghtan(?),Patt Reddington
5(?)-Bridget of Mark McNicholas and Bridget McNealy-sp-Michael McNicholas, Bridget King
5-Bridget of Denis Connelly and Mary Kelly-sp-John Connelly,Bridget Langan
7-Thomas of Michael McHugh and Mary Regan-sp-Pat McHugh,Bridget McElinn
7-Margaret of Thomas Coyne and Sibina Flemming-sp-John Reaney,Jane Coyne-
7-Catherine of Michael Barnucle and Mary Hart-sp-Pat and Mary Hart
12-Martin of Michael Jenning and Mary Reilly-sp-Patt and Ellen Reilly
18-Ann of John Kean and Bridget Prendergast-sp-John and Ann Prendergast
21-Anne of Thomas and Catherine Conry-sp-Peter Conry, Mary Walsh
21-Honor of Patt Brady and Mary Halligan-sp-John Curley, Bridget Halligan
28-Mary of Pat Prendergast and Bridget Connor-sp-John Prendergast,Sabina Shaughnessy
28-Margaret of John Walsh and Margaret Cregg-sp-Thomas Johnston, Bridget Kelly
28-Mary of Pat Shannon and Ellen Egan-sp-Thomas Shannon, Bridget Egan
5-Ellen of Richard Prendergast and Mary E.(?)
7-James of Michael and Bridget Gill-sp-Patt Gill, Catherine Egan-
7-Bridget of Thomas Ruane and Honor Hunt-sp-Roger Vahy,Bridget Kean
10-Margaret of John Jordan and Margaret Fahy-sp-Pat Fahy, Mary Ganly or Gauly
17-Henry of James Smyth and Bridget Magee-sp-Michael Smyth,Mary Gallagher
21-Ellen of John Nally and Mary Quigley-sp-Andrew Gill, Margaret Nally
14-John of Owen McGowan and Mary Prendergast-sp-Tom Kean, Mary O'Donnell
18-Charles of Pat Higgins and Ellen Coleman-sp-Pat Stanford,Elizabeth Slater(?)
18-Honora of Michael Mullowney and Catherine Mahony-sp-Daniel Connor,Margaret Nally
28-Margaret of James Fallon and Rose Donnely-sp-Michael and Mary Donnely
15-Catherine of Hubert or Herbert King and Bridget Brennan-sp-Nicholas King, Honor Begly
19-John of Pat Mahony and Mary Morally-sp-Michael Morally, Bridget Clarke
23-Michael of John Govan and Celia Morris or Moran-sp-Thomas Govan, Bridget Duddy
26-James of John Sweeney and Mary O'Brien-sp-Michael O'Brien,Ellen Sweeney
30-John of Robert Reany and Bridget D.-sp-Thomas Ruane,Sarah Halligan
30-Bridget of Thomas Kirby and Bridget Tynan or Tymon-sp-Pat and Bridget Kirby
30-Margaret of Pat Kennedy and Mary Keane-sp-Walter Keane,Margaret Kennedy
9-John of Thomas Solan and Bridget Prendergast-sp-John Solan, bridget Prendergast--Stramstown--
13-Honor of James King and Honor Egan-sp-Thomas Lavin or Lavan, Bridget Mangan--Cloonmore--
13-Andrew of Thomas Gill and Catherine Hesion-sp-James Gill, Mary Connelly--(?)field--
13-Mary of Pat Boyle and Mary Conway or Conroy-sp-Richard and Celia Conway or Conroy--
13-Honor of Mark Coyne and Bridget Murtagh-sp-Patt Regan,Ann Egan--Cuiltibo--
16-Mary of Thomas Griffin and Mary Conroy or Conway-sp-William and Catherine Conroy or Conway--Ranaghard--
18-William of Martin McNamara and Mary Conway-sp-Dominick or Daniel McNamara,Margaret Halligan--Clare--
20-Bridget of John Mortimer and Mary Walsh-sp-Philip Mortimer, Mary Walsh--Cloonewh(?)--
24-Thomas of John Kean and Rose McManus-sp-Thomas Fahy,Ann McDonnell--Cuilmore--
27-Catherine of Michael Murray and Bridget Farrell-sp-Peter Houghtigan, Mary Cullin or Cublin--Ballinphuill--
1858-Baptisms cont.
--Rev. James McGee--
4-George of Pat Mortimer and Bridget Murphy-sp-John Murphy, Bridget Halligan--Kilcolman--
8-Joseph J. of William and Margaret Judge-sp-Rev James McGee, Mary Judge--Aghareville--
8-Patt of Robert Potter and Rose Prendergast-sp-Pat and Mary Prendergast--Clare--
(?)-John or James of Hugh F.(?) and Mary Higgins-sp-Michael Higgins, Ann Conway--Murneen--
18-James of Michael Keane and Sarah Beasty-sp-John Donnellan,Mary Keane--Drumagh--
18-James of (?)Patt Flaherty and Judith Keane-sp-John Walsh, Margaret McNamara--Lower Mace--
24-James of John Cleary and Mary Shannon-sp-Pat Cleary, Mary Shannon--Gorteenmore--
7-Catherine of John Kirby and Margaret Prendergast-sp-William Kirby, Mary McNicholas--Cloonmore--
7-James of Thomas Gallagher and Catherine Jennings-sp-Mary Jennings,Michael Gallagher--Cloon(?)--
7-Mary of Michael Cussane and Margaret Stanton-sp-Martin and Mary McEvily--Middle Mace--
7-Mary of James Stanton and Catherine Gill-sp-John Stanton,Mary Gill--
11-MaryAnne of Thomas Keane and Anne Collins-sp-Edward Canton,Sarah Keane--Clare--
11-Julia of Pat Jordan and Mary Anne Hoban-sp-Thomas King., Winny Hoban--Clare--
15-Bridget of James Gaffeney and Anne Mullowney-sp-Thomas Gaffeney,Mary Higgins--Dalteen--
15-Patt of John Conway or Conroy and Mary O'Neile-sp-John and Mary Cribbin--Clare--
15-John of Austin Rush and bridget Gleeson-sp-Pat Gleeson, Mary Prendergast--Lisduff--
15-John of Thomas Tinters(?) and Catherine Connelly-sp-John Hughes, Sarah Cleary--Clare--
22-Michael of Thomas Ruane and Mary Walsh-sp-Mark and Anne Walsh--Coolaght--
22-Mary of Patt Jordan and Ellen Murray-sp-Michael and Margaret Murray--Ballinphuill--
22-Mary of Michael McKeon and Catherine Heally-sp-Martin McKeon,Bridget Kelly--Coolaght--
22-Mark of William Concannon and Ellen Glynne-sp-Michael Concannon,Mary O'Donnell--Upper Mace--
5-Mary of Thomas Lavan and Catherine Byrne-sp-Pat King, Bridget Lavan--Cloonmore--
5-John of John Forde and Mary Mulligan-sp-Thomas Forde, Sarah Noone--Murneen--
5-John of John Connell and Bridget Solan-sp-Pat and Catherine Connell--Ballycurrick--
5-Catherine of Ned Dunne and Sarah Jordan-sp-Thomas Moran,Sarah Jordan--Denagh--
5-Patt of John Cowan and Mary Webb-sp-John Browne, Mary Webb--Dalteen--
19-James of James Connelly and Bridget Murphy-sp-Thomas Solan, Mary Connelly
26-Honor of Andrew Hughes and Honor Egan-sp-Pat and Bridget Concannon--Carrowbeg--
3-Michael of John McHughs and Mary Kelly-sp-Denis or Dominick McHugh ,Anne Brennan--Ballintaffy--
6-James or John of John Salmon and Mary Haine-sp-John Haine, Honor Gourney(?)--Murneen--
6-Mary of Mark Hanly and Ellen Ruane-sp-James Walsh,Bridget Jordan--Cloon(?)--
6-Patt of John Callaghan and Bridget Warde-sp-Patt Callahan, Bridget Greary(?)--Cuilbeg(?)--
10-Martin of William Concannon and Margaret Prendergast-sp-Martin McNamara,Winny Concannon--Carrowbeg--
10-Mary of James Keane and Ceilia McGrath-sp-(?) and Bridget Keane-- Denagh--
10-Anne of John McManus and Mary (?)-sp-Martin Hercuan(?),Bridget McManus--Cloonmore-Lower--
10-Pat of Pat Fallon and Bridget Costello-sp-Michael Gannon,Mary Prendergast--Mace Lower--
31-Michael of John Meath and Margaret Cullinane-sp-Thomas Meath,Bridget Kearns--Ballinphuill--
16-Catherine of Pat Coleman and Mary Kernane(?)-sp-James Coleman,Ann Egan--Garrywadreen--
22-Bridget of Patt Connell and Mary Heally-sp-Thomas Healy, Mary Kelly--
5-Thomas of Richard Flatley and Margaret Reilly-sp-Frank and Mary Flatley--Denagh--
5-Bridget of Thomas Morris Roe and Catherine Skahill-sp-Michael and Ellen Morris Roe--Curneen--
12-Pat of Pat Jordan and Bridget Gibbons-sp-Michael Walsh, Bridget Jordan--
12-Anne of Andrew Cavannaugh and Catherine Costello-sp-Pat Jordan,Ann Lynch--
12-John od Antony Berry and Bridget Conway-sp-Martin Berry,Bridget Conway--Garraredmond--
12-Thomas and Mary of Andrew Gill and Ann Reilly-sp-Respectively-John Costello,Bridget Fleming,Thomas and Bridget Gill--Dalteen--
12-Catherine of Pat Prendergast and Bridget Costello-sp-Anthony and Sarah Prendergast--Cloontooa--
12-Mary of Michael Walsh and Julia Hopkins-sp-Bartholemew and Bridget Hopkins--Cloontooa--
12-Thomas of Simy or Dimy(underlined) Conway and Mary Hallinan-sp-John (?)Berry,Ellen Parsons--(Illegitamate)
13-Margaret of Pat Early(?) and Honor Keane-sp-Thomas Keane, Judy Fleming--Cloonmore--
13-Honor of Thomas Johnston and Ellen Walsh-sp-Thady Begly, Catherine Johnston--Carrowbeg--(MINE!)
13-John of Pat Conway and Julia Coen(?)-sp-John and Bridget Conway--Carrowbeg--
25-Thomas of Anthony Downey and Sarah Mullee-sp-Anthony Downey,Honor Burke--Gortnaraha--
29-Martin of Thomas Solan and Bridget Solan-sp-John and Bridget Solan--
29-Rose of Patt Fallon and Sabina Donnelly-sp-David McGath,Bridget Fallon--Ballygowan-
1859 Baptisms
--Rev. Reynolds--
2-Bridget of Martin Hughes and Anne Hill-sp-William Hill, Mary Madden--Clare--
2-Fanny of James Jennings and Mary Glynne-sp-Pat and Sally Jennings--Kilbeg Malone--
2-Pat of James Hughes and Ann Halligan-sp-Owen and Mary Hughes--Garrynabba--
6-James of pat Raftery and Jane Ansbro-sp-John and Celia Ansbro--Clare--
9-John of Thomas Skahill and Eleanor Concannon-sp-Bridget Taylor--Carrantully(?)--
9-Bridget of Pat Murphy and Bridget McGuiness-sp-Pat Murphy, Winny or Nancy McGreal--Cloon(?)--
16-John of John Quinn and Rose Quigley-sp-Myles O'Donnell,Eliza Conroy or Conway--Clare--
16-Pat of Pat Kearney and Mary Moran(?)-sp-Michael Fahy, Bridget Kearney--Garryredmond--
16-Catherine of Thomas Griffin and Bridget McGreal-sp-Michael Cosgruff, Mary Griffin--C.Tully--
19-Thomas of Patt Solan and Mary Kelly-sp-Martin Prendergast,Honor Moran(?)--Claremorris(?)
23-Michael of Peter Conry and Honor Murphy-sp-John Conry, Anne Murphy--Aghareville--
23-Pat of John Murphy and Mary Burke-sp-Michael and Sarah Gilligan--Drumneen--
23-Catherine of Pat McDonogh and Catherine Boyle-sp-Tim Cuffe, Ellen Haughtigan--Kilbeg H.--
25-Martin of Martin Nolan and Margaret Costello-sp-Mary and Austin Jordan--Workhouse-(Illegitamate)
29-Anne of Martin Ansbro and Mary McNamara-sp-Pat Fleming, Bridget Ansbro--Clare--
29-Bridget of Michael Coleman and Catherine Mullee-sp-James Coleman, Catherine Fleming--Garrawadreen--
2-James of Pat Mullany and Bridget Nally-sp-Edmond and Bridget Mullany--Meelick More--
4-Bridget Catherine of Martin Doyle and Catherine Mary Boyle-sp-George and Mary Doyle--Clare--
4-Catherine of Edmond Mullany and Mary C.Kiley or Kelly-sp-Pat Mullany, Catherine Gallagher--Mellick More--
4-Margaret of Austin Ruane and Anne O'Donnell-sp-John and Mary O'Donnell--Knockatubber--
4-Michael of Michael Mullaney or Mullowney and Sarah Joyce-sp-Thomas Nestor,MayAnne Bourke--Clare--
5-Bridget of Thomas Gibbons and Mary Morrally-sp-David Gibbons, Honor Morrally--Ranaghard--
5-Mary of Thomas and Bridget Solan-sp-Owen and Mary Solan--Cloonboy--
5-Ellen of Thomas Griffin and Mary McGreal-sp-John McGreal, Catherine English--Carrantulla--
5-Michael of Michael Gibbons and Bridget Freeman-sp-Michael Freeman, Bridget Horan--Kilnagower--
13-Bridget of James Mooney(?) and Bridget Cussack-sp-Richard Farrell or Ferrell, Bridget Jennings--Clare--
13-Edward of Edward Cuffe and Margaret Stanton-sp-Bridget Conroy or Conway--(Illegitamate)--
15-Pat of Michael Walsh and Judith Hopkins-sp-Pat Walsh, Bridget Hopkins--Cloontooa--
15-Mary of Pat Brennan and Mary Connor-sp-John Brennan, Catherine Smyth--Carranaskeha--
15-Mary of Michael McGath and Catherine McManus-sp-Thomas McManus, Mary McGath--Ranaghard--
18-Pat of Thomas Looby or Lorby and Bridget Halligan-sp-John and Anne Halligan--Gortnaraha--
20-Pat of John Kelly and Bridget Walsh-sp-Mark Hanly, Ellen Ruane--Ballynastangford--
20-Catherine of Bryan Connelly and Ellen Mullany-sp-John Mullany, Bridget Connelly--Cloonboy--
21-Thomas of Thomas Birmingham and Sally Nestor-sp-Michael and Winifred Nestor--Clare--
21-Mary of John Hanley or Flatley(Smudged?) and Eleanor McNabb-sp-Richard O'Connor,Mary Joyce--Cloonmore(?)--
23-John of John E. Prendergast and Anne Judge-sp-Pat Burke, Catherine Prendergast--Clare--
27-William Patrick of Owen McLoughlin and Margaret Barrett-sp-William and Jane McLoughlin--Carrareagh--
27-Catherine of Michael Connickan(?)and Catherine Divany-sp-Michael Connickan, Bridget Gilligan--Ballinree--
27-Judith of Michael Cussane and Bridget Kelly-sp-Thady and Mary Cussane--Meelick More--
2-Mary of John Thomas and Ellen Hough-sp-John Lyons, Mary Walsh--Kilbeg H.--
2-Ellen of Hugh Naughton and Mary Burke-sp-Michael and Mary McHugh--Garrynabba--
6-Patt of John McDonnell and Kate Kearney-sp-Pat and MaryAnne Egan--Streamstown--
9-Bridget of Pat Callaghan and Margaret Byrne-sp-Ned Callaghan, Mary Ruane--Lisduff--
13-Mary of John Lyons and Anne Thomas-sp-John Thomas, Cecily Morrally--Kilbeg Higgins--
20-Anne of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Hughes-sp-Pat Hughes, Julia Fleming--Garrywadreen--
20-Catherine of Luke Doble and Julia Hill-sp-Austin Grehan,Maria Doble--Drimmneen--
23-Margaret of Pat McGreal and Margaret King-sp-Denis Connelly, Catherine King--Kiltibo--
3-Catherine of John Cussane and Nelly Stanton-sp-Michael Cussane,Mary McEvily--Meelick More--
3-Margaret of Pat Murray and Bridget Hynes-sp-William Hynes, Sabina Ryan--Meelick More--
7-Martin of John M. Forde and Mary Flemming-sp-Mathew Travers,Anne McTighe--Clare--
17-MaryAnne of John Navin and Bridget Dillon-sp-Denis Reilly,Mary Dillon--Cloon(?)--
17-Catherine of Malachy McDonogh and Catherine Roach-sp-Thomas McDonogh, Mary Cunnane--Steamstown--
17-John of Michael Coleman and Catherine Mullee-sp-John and Sally Mullee--Garrywadreen--
17-Mary of Thomas Fahy and Mary Boyle-sp-John and Bridget Bagly--Cuilmore--
27-Mary of Richard Prendergast and Mary Hough-sp-Mary Prendergast--(Illegitamate)--Ballygowan--
1-Celia of James Houghtighan and Sibby McLoughlin-sp-Martin Stanton, Margaret Houghtighan--Kilbeg H.--
1-Maria of Garrett Beytagh(?) and Winifred Prendergast-sp-Dminick Beytagh,Maria Prendergast--Knockatubber--
1-Thomas of Martin Jordan and Judy Goodwin-sp-Thomas Ansbro, Judy Goodwin--Clare--
1-Chn.(?)(Maybe Christine or Chritopher) of John Murphy and Mary Anne Flatley-sp-James Finn, Bridget Flatley--Aghareville--
8-Mary of John Cuddy and Catherine Costello-sp-Thomas Houghtighan,Catherine Sheridan--Clare--
8-Mary Anne of John Durkan and Margaret Joyce-sp-John Gibbons, Bridget Joyce--Clare--
15-Bedelia of John J. French and Eliza Price-sp-Francis Rush,Mary Taaffe--Carrowkilleen--
15-William of Martin Ansbro and Mary McNamara-sp-Martin and Mary Ansbro--Clare--
29-Bridget of Martin Lally and Bridget Concannon-sp-Martin Ryan, Bridget Gibbon--Clare--
29-John of Thomas Conway or Conroy and Honor Lyons-sp-Pat and Rose Quinn--Ranaghard--
29-Catherine of Martin Mannion and Ellen Mullany-sp-Pat Gannon, Mary Mannion--Kilcolman--
29-Thomas of Pat McEvady(?) and Margaret Nally-sp-Martin Prendergast,Mary Nally--C.(?)
1859 baptisms cont.
--Rev. Reynolds--
5-Martin of John Foye and Bridget Cunniff(?)-sp-Eleanor Homby--Carrownaskeha--
5-Michael of Bryan Cunniff and Ellen Cullinane-sp-Martin Curley,Mary Hanly--Drimmneen--
20-Thomas of John Glynne and Mary Fitzgerald-sp-James and Mary Glynne--Eskerlevalley--
20-Honor of Patrick Murphy and Ellen McHugh-sp-James and Mary Jennings--Garryredmond--
20-Catherine of Henry Walsh and Bridget Curly-sp-John and Ellen Cussane--Carrownaskeha--
3-Mary Anne of James Higgins and Catherine Cunnane-sp-Denis(?) Rattigan,Mary Cunnane--C.Tully--
3-Andrew of Robert McNabb and Sally Fitzpatrick-sp-Andrew Fitzpatrick,Margaret Clarke--Drumkeen--
6-Margaret of Thomas Nally and Bridget Fitzpatrick-sp-Peter Hackett, Margaret Fitzpatrick--Cloonmount--
6-(?)Anthony of John Solan and Mary Begly-sp-Michael Fleming(?),Mary Rattigan--Claremount--
6-Margaret of John Keane and Bridget Prendergast-sp-Michael and Bridget Keane--Clare--
6-Martin of Pat Foye and Mary Meany(?)-sp-Harry Bourke,Sally Fitzpatrick--Drumkeen--
6-Peter of Peter Cuane and Winifred Waldron-sp-Richard Costello, Mary Waldron--Clare--
13-Anne of Thomis Gilding or Golding and Anne Gill-sp-Catherine Gill--Carrownaskeha--
17-Mary of Martin Graham and Ellen Hill-sp-Peter Hill, Mary Corcoran--Clare--
17-Mark of Michael Hanly and Sally Mannion(?)-sp-William Hynes, Sally Hanly--Carrownaskeha--
24-Eleanor of Pat Cussane(?) and Eleanor Boyle-sp-Bartly Boyle,Honor Hughes--(?)--
24-Margaret of Michael McGreal and Mary Loftus-sp-John McGreal,(?)Sarah Loftus--Keltibo--
27-James of John Stanton and Kate Ruane-sp-Martin Brennan,Bridget Cussack--Carrownaskeha--
30-William of Darby Flatley and Bridget O'Connell-sp-Michael and Anne Flatley--Clare--
31-William of James Ansbro(?) and Mary Burke-sp-Patt and Eliza Burke--Clare--
31-Patt of Patt Lavelle and Mary Cuffe-sp-John Judge, Anne Bourke--Ballynastangford--
(in the column next to this last entry is the word 'GOOD' with a pair of smiling lips, with a drip of something on the lower lip)-Don't know what that is about-thought I would share it! Maybe it means good smile?
31-Michael of Pat Foye and Margaret Conway or Conroy-sp-William Foye,Catherine Conway or Conroy--Garryredmond--
7-Patt of Thomas Jordan and Mary Hynes-sp-Henry Hynes,Bridget Fleming--Lugatemple--
7-Bartly of Pat Prendergast and Margaret Lyons-sp-James Lyons,Mary Costello--Garryredmond--
14-Pat of Pat Hugh and Bridget Mullowney or Mullaney-sp-James Murray,Margaret Cuthberty(?)--Ballyglass-
14-William of George McNabb and Bridget Prendergast-sp-Henry McNabb,Bridget Chyans(?)--Ballinsmaula--
17-Margaret of Pat Rattigan and Margaret Feeny-sp-William Rattighan,Anne Tucker--Lisduff--
17-Can------(?) of Lawrence Donnelly and Mary McGath-sp-Pat and Mary Donnelly--Ballynagran--
28-Martin of Dominick Cantor and Catherine Kelly-sp-Dominick and Bridget Canton--Clare--
31-Martin of Owen Mulloy and Judith Donnellan-sp-James Mulloy,Anne Nolan--Aghareville--
31-Thomas of Pat Jennings and Bridget Loghlin or Loghan-sp-John Loughlin or Loughan, Catherine Mongan--(?)
11-Edmond of Thomas Clarke and Catherine Costello-sp-John Barnucle,Mary Begly--(?)
11-Michael of John Kennedy and Rose McManus-sp-Martin Concannon,Anne Walsh--Cuilbeg(?)--
14-Mary of Patrick Greene and Fanny Sullivan-sp-John Connelly, Mary Sullivan--Clare--
18-Anne of William Clarke and and Mary Heally-sp-James Clarke, Ellen Prendergast--Kilbeg H.--
18-Martin of John Nally and Celia Hanly-sp-Martin and Bridget Divany--Cloonaeske(?)--
18-Mary Anne of Thomas Moran and Anne Byrne-sp-James Dowd,Anne Charles--Cartown--
21-John of Thady Neary and Catherine Curley-sp-Luke Finn,Mary Joyce--Carrownaskeha--
25-Patrick Michael of John Ansbro and Catherine Fleming-sp-John Ansbro, Judith Cuffe--Clare--
2-Honor of Pat Kelly and Catherine Smyth-sp-William Armstrong, Mary Connor--Killeenfarna(?)--
2-John of Andrew Vahy and Ellen Barnucle-sp-Michael Grady,Bridget Vahy--Clare--
2-Catherine of Thomas Solan and Bridget Prendergast-sp-John Charles,Sarah Prendergast--Streamstown--
2-Bridget of John Begly and Honor Griffin-sp-John Keane,Mary Begley--Cuilmore--
4-Jane of Pat Manion and Bridget Halligan-sp-Peter Mannion,Bridget Hearne--Killeenfarna--
4-Mary of Harry Gibbons and Honoria Kelly-sp-Pat Vahy,Bridget Egan--Clare--
4-Ellen of John Parsons and Margaret Smyth-sp-Michael and Ellen Solan--Clare--
4-Michael of Pat Griffin and Bridget Mullen-sp-Bryan Griffin,Catherine Mullen--Carrataffy ro Carrantully--
23-Anne of William McGath and Catherine Flemming-sp-Michael Flemming, Margaret Mannion--Knockatubber--
23-John of John McClarkey(?) and Catherine Gill-sp-Michael Ferrick,Ellen Gill--Clare--
23-Michael of Stephen Neary and Ellen Costello-sp-Pat Mullen, Judith Costello--Meelick Beg--
26-Bridget of Michael Hough and Bridget Cunningham-sp-William and Sarah Cunningham--Ballyglass--
26-Owen of Thomas Gallagher and Catherine Jennings-sp-James Jennings,Bridget Gallagher--Cloncarnicke--
6-James of Ned Finnegan and Ann Prendergast-sp-John Prendergast,Judith Walsh--Drimmneen--
9-Catherine and Honor of Thomas Fitzgerald and Bridget Clynes-sp-(Respectively) John Hughes,Anne Halligan,Harry Gibbons,Judith Goodwin--Ballykinava--
9-Pat of Michael Wolfe and Bridget Hough-sp-Thomas Wolfe,Catherine Nally--Carrownaskeha--
13-John of Thomas Bourke and Bridget Mannion-sp-Owen Devany,Mary Concannon--Meath--(?)
16-Martin of John Murray and Ellen Mullaney-sp-Thomas Murray, Bridget Mullaney or Mullowney--Ballykinava--
16-Margaret of Tim Cullinane and Honor Caulwell-sp-William Caulwell,Anne Prendergast--Streamstown--
20-Thomas of Martin and Mary Feeney(?)-sp-John Glynne,Mary Prendergast--Eskerlevalley--
20-Thomas of Pat Clarke and Margaret Duane or Ruane-sp-Martin Halligan,Winny Murphy--Cartown--
20-Mary of John Kelly and Catherine Dolan-sp-(?) Dolan, Bridget Fallon--Clare--
20-Bridget of John Gorvan(?) and Margaret O'Brien-sp-Mark Gorvan, Margaret Gaffney--Drimmneen--
27-Patt of John Little and Margaret Flanagan-sp-Pat Flannagan,Bridget Meally or Heally--Clare--
27-Maria of Patt and Mary Walsh-sp-Thomas Walsh,Eliza Fury-or Finny--Clare--
27-Anne of Martin Murphy and Eleanor Joyce-sp-Pat Murphy, Bridget Halligan--Carrownaskeha--
27-Anthony of Denis or Daniel Berry and Mary Morrally-sp-Anthony and Celia Berry--Garryredmond--
4-Anne of Thomas Cowan and Mary Gouran-sp-Robert McNabb,Anne Gouran--Drumkeen--
4-Bridget of Pat Walsh and Honor Davis-sp-James Parsons,Anne Dowd--Clare--
4-Mary of John Fitzpatrick and Bridget Morrally-sp-James Morrally, Mary Walsh--Garryredmond--
7-James of John Foye and Mary Egan-sp-John Mulkeen, Honor Costello--Garryredmond--
7-Thomas of John Lohan and Bridget Stanford-sp-Patt Jennings, Ellen Stanford--Clare--
8-Mary Anne of Thomas Ruane and Catherine Murray-sp-James Murray, Bridget Ruane--Cloonycolleran--
11-Thomas of Patt Cullinane and Margaret Hart-sp-John Prendergast,Mary Hart--Derragh--
14-Thomas of Edward Lavelle and Mary or Margaret Hopkins-sp-Thomas and Catherine Lavelle--Clare--
18-Bridget of James Walsh and Margaret Mcgrath-sp-Mary Prendergast--Cuilmore--
18-Thomas of Pat Sweeney and Anne Finn(?)-sp-Thomas Walsh, Mary Buckley-Clare--
18-Sarah of Peter Naughton and Mary Mortin-sp-Thomas Naughton, Mary Connelly--Carrownaskeha--
23-Eliza of Martin Hynes and Bridget Murphy-sp-Margaret Prendergast,
23-Edmond of Edmond Walsh and Bridget Mullany or Mullowney-sp-John and Mary Walsh--Clare--
26-Thomas of Denis Begley and Margaret Gorvan-sp-Michael Begley, Mary McGuiness--Lisbaun--
1860 baptisms-cont
--Rev. Reynolds--
1-Bridget of Patt Mullee and Anne Walsh-sp-Thomas Mullee, Bridget Gavin---Steamstown--
1-Mary of Pat Walsh and Anne Kirrane-sp-Peter Fitzpatrick,Nappy Prendergast--Ardroe--
1-Catherine of Thomas Griffin and Mary Conway-sp-Thomas Kelly, Honor Lyons--Ranaghard--
1-Bridget of Michael Cussane and Mary Stanton-sp-Michael and Ellen Stanton--Mellick More--
8-Patt of Thomas Forde and Rose Cleary-sp-Owen and Mary Forde--Murneen--
15-John of James Finne and Sarah Fleming-sp-Denis Sloyan,Anne Fleming--Aghareville--
15-Catherine of John Jordan and Mary Feely-sp-Patt Feely, Margaret Hanly--Lugatemple--
18-Mary of Pat Walsh and Catherine Conry-sp-Ned Walsh,Sarah Conry--B. Gatta(?)--
22-James of James Fallon and Rose Donnelly-sp-Anthony Boyle, Ann Hunt--B.Gram.--
29-Margaret Elizabeth of William and Margaret Judge-sp-Joseph and Mary Judge--Aghareville--
29-Bridget of Patt Higgins and Eleanor Gibbons-sp-Thomas and Mary Higgins--Middle Mace--
29-Bridget of Pat Reilly and Honor Egan-sp-Michael Foye, Bridget Egan--Cartoon--
29-Sarah of Edmond Canton and Kate Collins-sp-Pat Bourke,Sarah Keane-Clare--
1-David of Thomas Gibbons and Mary Morally-sp-Patt Gibbons, Mary Delany--Ranaghard--
5-Bridget of Martin Kelly and Ellen Cussane-sp-John Jordan, Honor Malone--Carrownaskeha--
5-Walter of Walter McGrath and Margaret Donnellan-sp-Harry or Henry Burke,Ellen McGrath--Drimneen--
12-Bridget of Martin McNamara and Winny Concannon-sp-James Concannon,Bridget Rattigan--Clare--
12-Edward of Owen Walsh and Judith Noone-sp-Patt Donnellan,Rose Concannon--Rockfield--
12-Mary of John Forde and Mary Mulligan-sp-Ned Mulligan, Mary Carroll--Murneen--
12-Mary of John Morally and Anne Prendergast-sp-Francis Prendergast, Mary Sloyan--Gorteenmore--
12-Mary of Thomas Cunningham and Anne Begly-sp-John Cunningham, Mary Conaughton--Gorteenmore--
12-Patt of Richard Nally and Bridget Mullahy-sp-Nicholas Nally,Ellen Mullahy--Gortnaragh--
26-Bridget of Thomas Prendergast and Mary Fitzpatrick-sp-Patt Fitzpatrick,Margaret Boyle--Kilbeg H.--
26-Mary of John Currigan and Ellen Jennings-sp-Michael Kelly,Bridget Currigan--Pound Street--
26-Mary Ellen of William Fleming and Mary Foye-sp-Thomas Foye, Judith Hosty--Knockatubber--
11-James of Michael Hylin or Hynes and Mary Solan-sp-James McHugh, Sally Solan--Curneen--
11-Bridget of Michael McKeon and Catherine Hanly-sp-Michael McKeon,Catherine Gill--Coolaght--
18-Michael of William Conway or Conroy and Bridget Begly-sp-Thomas Griffin,Mary Conway or Conroy--Coolaght--
25-Thomas of Michael Cunnane and Catherine McManus-sp-Patt Murphy, Margaret McManus--C.(?)--
15-Anne of Martin Hughs and Anne Hill-sp-Patt Hill, Mary Henry--Clare--
22-Bridget of Andrew Prendergast and Bridget Stanford-sp-Pat and Anne Prendergast--Drimmneen--
22-John of Pat Mannion and Mary Mullany-sp-John Mannion,Mary McGee--Kilbeg--
25-Michael of Michael Connickan and Bridget Flemming-sp-Michael Connikcan,Margaret Kelly--Cartron--
25-Cecilia of John Egan and Mary Merrick-sp-James Merrick,Mary Egan--Cartron--
25-Mary of John Solan and Bridget Forde-sp-Catherine Colleran(?)--Cloonboy--
25-William of William Kirrane and Bridget Fallon-sp-Michael Kirrane Catherine Fallon--Ranaghard--
1-Thomas of John Begly and Mary Loftus-sp-John Kelly, Bridget Loftus--Clare--
5-Martin of Pat Tarpey and Mary Devany-sp-John Tarpey,Bridget Hunt--
5-Mary of John Dolan and Bridget Neary-sp-John Neary, Mary Foye--Clare--
11-Bridget of Thomas Trowers or Travers and Catherine Connelly-sp-John Killeen,Margaret Trowers or Travers--Clare--
5-Jpseph of (?)Dominick or Daniel Karps(?) and Julia Lynsky-sp-Michael Glynne, Ann Lynsky-
13-Mary of Pat Clarke and Ann Mannion-sp-Bartly Hopkins,Nappy Loftus--C.(?)--
13-John of Lawrence and Bridget Walsh-sp-Michael and Ann Walsh--Clare--
13-Margaret of Pat Sherman(?) and Ellen Egan-sp-Pat Fleby(?),(for)Bernard and Maria Egan--
20-John of John Feeny and Margaret Kean or Keane-sp-Patt Donnellan, Mary Keane--B.Brehemy--
20-Anthony of John Hunt and Mary Lavin-sp-John Hunt, Ann McHugh--Murneen--
20-Bridget of Thady Begly and Honor Kennedy-sp-Pat Kennedy, Honor Brennan--Carrowbeg--
23-John of P.W. Raferty(?) and Jane Ansbrow-sp-Patt O'Donnell,Catherine Prendergast--Clare--
23-Ellen of Dominick McGreal and Mary Ann Armstrong-sp-Mary McGreal--Clare--
7-Mary Jane of Owen McLoughlin and Maria Barrett-sp-John McLoughlin,Mary Prendergast--
7-George of Anthony Jennings and Jane McDonnell-sp-Pat Naughton,Nappy Waldron--Clare--
7-Anne of John Sloyan and Mary Murphy-sp-Patt and Mary Connor--Aghareville--
7-John of Thomas Costello and Honor Fitzgerald-sp-Lawrence Fitzgerald,Mary Costello--Ardroe--
20-James of John Jones and Bridget Noone-sp-Fanny Jones--Cloona(?)--
24-Julia Anne of Robert Potter and Rose Prendergast-sp-Martin and Ellen Prendergast--Clare--
24-John of Pat Murray and Catherine Mullany-sp-John and Mary Murray--Eskerlevalley--
1860 baptisms Cont.
--Rev. Reynolds--
1-John of Michael Fleming and Mary Conroy-sp-John Fleming, Mary Anne Halligan--Garryredmond--
1-Thomas of Martin Ruane and Catherine Solan-sp-Martin and Mary Solan--Cloonboy--
1-Martin of Henry Kelly and Mary Forkan(?)-sp-Martin Lyons,Mary Mullee--Clare--
1-John of Terence McDermott and Margaret Dempsey-sp-Edward and Mary McDermott--Clare--
8-Tim of Tom Finegan and Anne McHale-sp-Martin Hughs, Jane Bourke--Clare--
8-Jane of John Devine and Mary Gavin-sp-John Gavin, Catherine McManus
15-Sarah of Mark Mullee and Anne Keane-sp-John Keane, Jane Prendergast--Drimneen--
15-Mary of Pat Bourke and Bridget Egan-sp-Pat Walsh, Mary Egan--
15-John of John Stanton and Catherine Gill-sp-John Stanton, Sibina Noone--Cloonmore--
15-Mary of John and Mary Cussane-sp-Pat Cussane, Margaret Stanton--M.(?)--
18-Mary of Pat Begly and Bridget Cosguff-sp-Owen Begly,Ann Cosguff--Eskerlevalley--
22-Honor of William Joyce and Honor Murphy-sp-Richard Murphy, Bridget Garraghty(?)--Garryredmond--
22-John of Pat Bourke and Honor Kearns-sp-John Givark or Goarke, Catherine Carney--Clare--
22-Margaret of Pat McGrath and Ellen Morrally-sp-John and Mary Sweeny--Upper Mace--
22-Anne of Thomas Corby and Bridget Halligan-sp-Michael Looby, Bridget Colleran--Cuiltibo--
22-Michael of William Corlis and Margaret Mullany-sp-James Coleman,Ellen Hughs--
3-Anne of Hugh Forde and Mary Higgins-sp-Pat Lavan,Bridget Higgins--Murneen--
3-Mary of Anthony Berry and Bridget Conway or Conroy-sp-Michael and Margaret Prendergast--Garryredmond--
3-Thomas of Peter Conry and Honor Murphy-sp-John Sloyan,Mary Murphy--Aghareville--
3-Margaret of James Fitzpatrick and Mary Callahan-sp-James Kirrane,Mary Cussack--
3-Mary of Thomas Kelly and Catherine Cosguff-sp-James Potter, Honor Griffin--K.Farna--
3-Beth of Peter Joyce and Catherine Walsh-sp-Thomas Flynne,Anne Glynne--
11-Mary Anne of Michael Commins and Mary Kilroy-sp-Henry Prendergast,Bridget Tierney--Clare--
12-Mary of Luke Finn and Mary Gill-sp-Pat Walsh, Mary Walsh--Cloonconnor--
15-Michael of Michael Murphy and Mary O'Brien-sp-Pat O'Brien,Bridget Wolfe--Cloonconnor--
19-James of Pat McHugh and Margaret Gibbons-sp-Peter Mullany,Mary McHugh--C.Killeen--
19-Martin of Martin Boyle and Mary Hanly-sp-Pat and Ellen Hanly--Carrowtully--
2-Mary Anne of John Cuffe and Catherine Bourke-sp-Lawrence Judge,Mary Cuffe--Newtown--
9-Anne of (?)Terence McGibney(?) and Jane Ormsby-sp-Edward McDonogh,Mary Anne Baker(?)--Clare--
9-James of James Jennings and Mary Glynne-sp-James Jennings,Bridget Conway--Kilbeg Malone--
9-Mary of Martin Fallon and Bridget Murray-sp-Honor Egan--Cartown--
12-Pat of John Thomas and Ellen Mough or Hough-sp-Martin Thomas,Anne Clarke--
16-Pat of Pat Halligan and Honor Foye-sp-James Waldron,Mary Gilligan--Clare--
16-Pat of Pat Brennan and Mary Connor-sp-Martin and Catherine Brennan--Kill.Farna--
16-Mary of Pat McDonnell and Margaret Rattigan-sp-Thomas Drudy,Mary McDonnell--
16-Edward of Ned Murray and Ann Solan-sp-Thomas and Mary Bourke--Cloonboy--
16-Pat of Ned Mullany and Mary Colclough(?)-sp-Pat Murray, Patrick Reddington--Middle Mace--
16-Thomas of James Fitzpatrick and Mary Somers or Gomers-sp-Patt Hacket,Anne Flannigan--C.M.(?)--
23-Michael of Ned Moran and Catherine Mullany-sp-Thomas Mullany,Bridget Moran--Kilbeg Malone--
30-Eleanor of Ned Gibbons and Mary Duffy-sp-Pat Higgins,Mary Kelly--
30-Bridget of Michael Loobey and Mary Garvey(?)-sp-Martin and Bridget Walsh--Aghareville--
30-Michael of Pat Durkan and Mary Naughton-sp-John Moran, Margaret Roach--Cloonconnor--
30-Michael of Martin Dowd and Celia McDermott-sp-Patt McDermott, Bridget Gibbons--Lugatemple--
7-John of John Hughes and Mary Naughton-sp-Michael and Sally Jennings--Clare--
14-Martin of John Solan and Mary Begly-sp-Patt Murphy, Celia Connor--Clare--
21-Austin of Austin Ruane and Anne O'Donnell-sp-Michael and Jane Flatley--Knockatubber--
24-Bridget of B. McGrealy and Margaret Keegan-sp-Judith Keegan--Coolaght
28-Pat of John Hogan and Mary(?)-sp-John Moran,(?)
28-Martin of David Garrett and Catherine Murphy-sp-John Jennings,Bridget Coleman--Drimneen--
28-Robert of (?) Garrett and Ellen Henry-sp-William Mongan,Bridget Glynne--Clare--
28-Martin of John McDonnel and Kate Conway-sp-Martin English,Bridget McDonnell--
4-Marsella of Thomas Wright and Ann Hughes-sp-John and Mary Hughes--Clare--
4-Bridget of Pat Solan and Mary Kelly-sp-James Kelly, Bridget Solan--Claremount--
4-Mary of Martin Durkan(?) and Cecily Goodwin-sp-Bridget and Pat Delany--Clare--
4-Mary of John Lydon and Catherine Brennan-sp-Martin Slattery, Honor Derrig--(Illegitamate)--
14-John of Ryan Griffin and Mary Mulkeen(?)-sp-Pat and Mary Griffin--Carrantully--
14-Winifred of William Walsh and Ann (?)-sp-James Roche,Catherine Walsh-
14-Michael of Pat Duffy and Bridget Mullany-sp-John Duffy, Bridget Murray(?)--Middle Mace--
14-Bridget of Pat Kelly and Mary Concannon-sp-Michael Halligan,Anne Prendergast--Cartown--
14-Ellen of James Gaffeney and Catherine Jordan-sp-Thomas Waldron,Catherine Kirrnane--G.Waldreen--
2-Martin of Pat Ryan and Sabina Tracey-sp-Pat and Catherine Ryan--Clare-
2-Thomas of Cormack McHugh and Bridget McHale-sp-John Donnelly, Anne Reilly--Ranaghard--
9-Peter of Thady Cussane and Catherine Fitzpatrick-sp-James Stephens, Honor Fitzpatrick--
16-Mary Anne of James Coleman and Eliza Meath-sp-John and Anne Meath--Garrywadreen--
16-Ellen of Pat Kermit and Judy Morrally--(Illegitemate)(Written twice in big bold letters)--
23-Thomas of John Cowan and Margaret Roach-sp-Thomas Mooney, Betty Cowan--Lisbaun--
29-Bridget of Ned Walsh and Bridget Mullany-sp-Pat and Mary Walsh--Clare--
29-James of Mark Hanly and Ellen (?)-sp-John Murphy, Sarah Prendergast--Cloontoey(?)--
29-Bridget of John Fitzpatrick and Bridget Morally-sp-Peter Fitzpatrick,Sarah Morally--
29-Thomas of Thomas Conroy or Conway and Honor Lyons-sp-Judith Conway or Conroy--Ranaghard--
1861 baptisms
--Rev. Corcoran--
6-Elenor of John Walsh and Catherine O'Donnell-sp-John Fleming, Anne Walsh--Cloon(?)--
6-Eleanor of Owen Lavan and Mary Morris-sp-Michael and Catherine Morris Roe--Curneen--
13-Bridget of Pat Freeman and Margaret Horan-sp-Michael Freeman, Rose Horan--Upper Mace--
20-John of Martin Royan and Bridget Regan(these 2 last names may be the same)-sp-Pat and Catherine Regan--Cuiltibo--
20-Bridget of Pat Cunnane and Mary McHugh-sp-Mathew Walsh, Mary Cunnane--Carrowbeg--
22-James of Michael Mullany and Mary Connelly or Cunnelly-sp-John Mannion, Honor Mullany--Lisduff--
22-(?)William of Michael Fitzpatrick and Mary Walsh-sp-John Mullowney,Mary Hosty--Cartron--
27-Patt of Michael Corlis(?) and (?)Catherine Cleary-sp-Pat Cleary, Eleanor Mullowney--Bally(?)--
27-Michael of John Arthur and Mary Coleman-sp-Edmond and margaret Sheridan--Gorteenmore--
3-Margaret of Thomas Conry and Catherine Mannion-sp-Bernard and Mary O'Donnell--Kilcolman--
13-Bridget of Pat Byrne and Mary Killeen-sp-John Byrne, Mary Nary--Clare--
17-Pat of Martin Conry and Mary Berry-sp-John Halligan, Bridget Berry--Bally(?)--
20-Pat of John Gannon and Mary Mullen-sp-Pat Mullen,Bridget griffin--Stramstown--
20-Pat of Denis Vahy and Bridget Curry-sp-Owen and Bridget Vahy--Clare--
24-Pat of Pat Mannion and Mary Morrally-sp-John Mulloy,Catherine Glynn--Gortnahara(?)--
24-Catherine of Pat Brady and Mary Walsh-sp-Michael Walsh, Judith Grady--Rockfield--
3-Sarah ans Mathias Finn and Anne Colernane-sp-Thomas and Mary Fynne--Dalton--
3-Bridget of Edward Wolloy(?) and Catherine Nally-sp-Michael Wolloy(?),Mary Henegan--G.(?)
3-mary of Andrew Keavany and Catherine Costello-sp-Michael Keavany, Michael Costello--Coolaght--
3-Joseph of Anthony Divany(?) and Sarah Mullee-sp-John and Honoria Mullee--Gortnaraha--
13-Pat of Pat Prendergast and Bridget Costello-sp-Michael Prendergast,Catherine Costello--Cloondroon--
13-Pat of Eugene Govan and Mary prendergast-sp-Henry Regan, Mary Lavelle--Kilcolman--
24-Ellenor of Patt Walsh and Bridget Kelly-sp-Patt Walsh, Bridget Egan--Loughaunnaman--
7-Catherine(?)(don't really know what this says!) of Henry French and Mary Egan-sp-Mary and John French--Rockfield--
7-Pat of Pat Reilly and Mary Rattigan-sp-William and Honoria Rattigan--Loughaunnaman--
21-Mary of Pat Lavan and Bridget Higgins-sp-Charles Bourke,Mary Bourke--Murneen--
21-James of Thomas Garvey and Mary Mullaney-sp-Michael Concannon,Bridget Morrally--Rockfield--
28-Winifred of Anthony O'Flaherty and Judith Keane-sp-Pat Sweeney,Mary Walsh--Lower Mace--
5-Pat of Martin Vahy and Margaret Greally-sp-Thomas Harrison,Bridget McDonogh--Aghareville--
5-Bridget of John Loughlin and Margaret Prendergast-sp-John Prendergast,Bridget O'Donnelly--Rockfield--
9-Mary of James Halligan and Mary Egan-sp-Dennis Curraney(?),Bridget Mannion--Ballyfarna--
12-John of Martin McNamara and Winnie Concannon-sp-Pat Concannon,Catherine Reilly--
16-Bridget of John Morrally and Anne Prendergast-sp-Pat Mahoney,Mary Morrally--Gortnaraha--(?)
26-Denis of Pat McHugh and Bridget Kelly-sp-John McHugh, Mary Fitzgerald--Coolaght--
26-Thomas of Richard Nally and Bridget Mullahy-sp-Neal Halligan,Mary Lawless--Gortnaragh--
26-Anne of Pat McHugh and Bridget Kelly-sp-John McHugh, Mary Fitzgerald-Coolaght--
26-Thomas of Richard Nally and Bridget Mullahy-sp-(?) Halligan,Mary Lawless--Gortnara--
27-John of John Mullaney and Mary Kearney-sp-John Kearney, Honoria Mullee--Tawnaghlahaed--
27-Margaret of Thomas Gavin and Honor Flatley-sp-John Gavin, Mary Flatley--Cloonmore--
1861 Baptisms cont.
--Rev. Corcoran--
13-Eliza of James and Frances Clarke-sp-Pat and Anne McDonogh--Kilbeg Higgins--
14-John of Martin Brennan and Bridget Grady-spJohn Brennan, Bridget Gallagher--Drumkeen--
21-Celia of John Durby(?) and Bridget Walker-sp-Patt Kelly, Jane Dowde(?)--Clare--
21-Margaret of John Begly and Honor Griffin-sp-Bridget Griffin--Kilmore--
21-Mary of Pat Jennings and Bridget Lohan-sp-Pat McDonogh,Bridget Walsh--Killeen--
21-Mary of James Hughes and Anne Halligan-sp-Ellenor Boyle--Garrynabba--
28-James of Patt Fallon and Bridget Costello-sp-Michael Fallon,Ellen McTigue--Mace Upper--
28-Anne of Denis Connelly and Mary Kelly-sp-Pat and Mary Kelly--Cuiltibo--
28-Pat of Pat Jordan and Ellen Murray-sp-John Feeny,Catherine Jordan--Ballyphuill--
28-Thomas of James Cleary and Anne McHugh-sp-Thomas Forde, Bridget McDonnell--Ballintaffy--
7-Honor of Pat Mullany and Bridget Nally-sp-Ned Gibbons, Bridget Stanton--Meelick More--
15-Mary of John Curly and Bridget Halligan-sp-Michael Halligan,Bridget Brady--Dalteen--
15-Mary of Thady Cleary and Margaret Costello-sp-John Costello,Bridget Cleary--Ballintaffy--
28-Pat of Peter Kelly and Mary Mullany or Mullowny-sp-Pat Boyle, Mary Gallagher--Lisduff--
15-Mary of John Kelly and Bridget Caulfield-sp-Daniel Sweeny, Mary Clyans--Dalton--
15-Anne of Pat Keane and Bridget Bougheen-sp-Thomas Higgins, Mary Hynes-
22-Margaret of Michael Forkan and Bridget Hynes-sp-Thomas Hyns, Mary Clyans--Derry--
22-William of William Cunningham and Mary Johnston-sp-John and Bridget Conroy or Conway--Carrowbeg--
22-Michael of Thomas McGreal and Mary Doyle-sp-Michael Cowan, Margaret Doyle--Coolaght--
2-Michael of Thomas Solan and Bridget Prendergast-sp-John Solan, Bridget Waldron--Streamstown--
2--William of John Conway or Conroy and Mary Anne O'Neill-spThomas McNamara, Bridget Prendergast--Clare--
7-Patt of Patt Conray or Conway and Julia Goodwin-sp-Michael and Celia Conray or Conway--Carrowbeg--
7-Bridget of William Stanton and Mary Walsh-sp-Michael Prendergast,Honor Egan--Mace Lower--
7-Mary of Pat Boyle and Mary Carney-sp-Patt Donnellan,Mary Walsh--Carrowbeg--
13-Thomas of Pat McNicholas and Anne Hunt-sp-John and Mary (?)--Gorteenmore--
20-Thomas of John Loughlan(?) and Mary Naughton-sp-Michael Jennings, Honor Fitzpatrick--Clare--
20-Pat of Pat Moran and Mary Begly-sp-John Begly,Honor Griffin--Kilmore-
23-Mary of Martin Walsh and Mary Prendergast-sp-William Higgins,Mary Walsh--Garrywadreen--
27-Daniel of Thomas Johnston and Ellen Walsh-sp-Richard Conway,Ann Hyland--Carrowbeg--
27-Mary of Michael Coleman and Mary Ruane-sp-John Ruane, Ann Cowan--Dalton--
3-Martin of Thomas Conway and Bridget Casserly-sp-Patt Walsh--Loughaunnaman--
3-James of James Brady or Beasty and Bridget Reilly-sp-James Reilly, Catherine Murphy--Mace Middle--
10-George of Anthony Jennings and Jane McDonnell-sp-Peter Crean, Mary Cunniff--Clare--
10-Mary of John Glynne and Mary Fitzgerald-sp-Hugh Halligan,Bridget Merrick--Eskerlevalley--
17-(Two baptisms of this date lost)
21-Eugene of Thomas Forde and (?)Honor or Rose Cleary-sp-James Cleary, Ann Carney--Murneen--
21-John of John Stanton and Catherine Duane-sp-Martin and Mary Stanton--Carrownaskeha--
21-Martin of Pat Cunnane and Winny Flemming-sp-(?)Morris Cunnane,Sarah Flemming--Knockatubber--
21-Catherine of Martin Connor and Bridget Stanton-sp-Michael Cavaunnagh,Judith Loftus--Ballykinave--
24-Thomas of Pat McGreal and Margaret King-sp-Thomas Lavan,Bridget Cowan--Cuiltibo--
1-Thomas of Lawrence Hynes and Mary Moran-sp-John and Honor Hynes--Derry--
1-Thomas of Thomas Howley and Margaret Halligan-sp-Michael Halligan,Mary Howley--Mace Lower--
1-(?)H. of Thomas Ruane and Catherine Murray-sp-(?) Morrally, Catherine Ruane--Clare--
1-Sarah of Michael Coleman and Catherine Mullee-sp-Thomas Coleman,Honor Griffin--Garrywadreen--
1-Mary of Thomas Joyce and Mary Walsh-sp-Pat Jennings, Bridget gannon--Kilbeg M.--
1-Catherine of Mark McGath and Catherine Mcmanus-sp-Jame Quinn, Bridget Mcmanus--Ranaghard
1-James of James Fallon amd Rose Donnelly-sp-William and Mary Donnelly--Ranaghard--
4-Anne of William Joyce and Honor Murphy-sp-Patt and Ellen Murphy--Garryredmond--
4-Honor of Patt Griffin and Bridget Mullin-sp-Pat and Catherine Mullin--Carrantully--
8-Bridget of James McGuiness and Bridget Dunleavy-sp-James Dunleavy and Bridget McGuiness--Carrantully--
8-Catherine of Owen (Blank) and Catherine Kilkenny-sp-Pat Duffy, Mary Jennings--
16-Bridget of B(?) Flatley and Margaret Reilly-sp-Martin Forkan, Margaret McGagh--Derry--
16-Margaret Mary of Michael Gaffney and Margaret Lynsky-sp-James Conroy, Mary Flemming--Dalton--
19-John of Thomas Gill and Mary Gallagher-sp-Patt Gildea,Bridget Jones--Cloonconnor--
1861 baptisms-cont.
--Rev. Reynolds--
27-Patt of John Keane and Rose McMaunus-sp-Thomas and Mary Jones--Cuilmore--
30-Honor of Michael Halligan and Bridget O'Brien-sp-John Gallagher, Mary McEvady--Kiltyglass--
3-Bridget of Par Hoban(?) and Mary Jordan-sp-Peter Commins,Rose Hoban--Claremount--
3-Bridget of Martin Prendergast and Mary Fahy-sp-John Fahy,Mary Prendergast--Ballykinave(?)--
3-Bridget of John Kelly and Bridget Walsh-sp-James Hanly,Mary Kelly--Ballynastangford--
3-Margaret of James Coleman and Bridget Jordan-sp-William and Ellen Corlis--Garrywadreen--
10-Julia of William Flemming and Mary Foy-sp-James O'Rourke,Bridget Mannion--
18-Eleanor of John Mullany and Mary Tinnyane or Tinngan(?)-sp-Michael Garret, bridget Tinngan(?)--Clare--
24-Bridget of Thomas Jordan and Mary Hynes-sp-James Hynes, Bridget Reany--Lugatemple--
27-Pat of James Higgins and Catherine Cunnane-sp-James and Mary Anne Rattigan--Carrentully--
17-Sarah of Thomas Coleman and MaryAnne Mullee-sp-Thomas Coleman, Bridget Heally--Garrywadreen--
20-Bridget of James Keane and Celia McGrath-sp-Patt and Anne Keane--Aghareville--
24-Pat of Ned Waldron and Celia Prendergast-sp-Patt Calwell,Mary Waldron--Clare--
24-Anne of Pat McDonogh and Catherine Boyle-sp-Margaret McDonogh--Cuilbeg--
24-Pat of Thomas Griffin and Mary Conway-sp-Peter and Mary Griffin-- Ranaghard--
24-Martin of Thomas Hogerty and Mary Cantor-sp-John Tucker, Mary Hogarty--Carton(?)--
5-Celia of Michael Jennings and Mary Cussack-sp-Michael Glynn, Kate Carney--Clare--
9-James of Thomas Daly and Catherine Connelly-sp-James Connelly, Bridget Mingham(?)--Hanford(?)--
22-Mary of Pat Waldron and Celia Murray-sp-John Hession,Anne Murray--Clare--
26-Elen of Luke Doble and Julia Hill-sp-Pat Hill, Mary Roach--Drumneen--
2-Thomas of Pat Fallon and Cibina Donnel or Dowd-sp-John and Bridget Fallon--Ballyg(?)--
16-Joseph of (?)Robert McNabb and Sally Fitzpatrick-sp-John and Bridget Brennan--Drunkeen--
27-Bridget of Henry Walsh and Bridget Curly(?)-sp-M.Walsh, Mary Tucker--
2-Michael of Pat Murphy and Bridget McGuiness-sp-Ann and Michael McGreal--Cloondrum--
2-Honor of Bryan Donnellan and Mary Nally-sp-Thomas and Mary Walsh--Ballykinave--
2-Mary of Thomas Reany and Catherine Mullen-sp-Pat and Mary Mullen--Meelick Beg--
4-(?)Andrew Joseph of James Forde and Mary Flemming-sp-Pat Vahy,Mary Judge--Clare--
14-Margaret of Richard Halligan and Ann Keane-sp-Peter Keane, Ann Reilly--Curneen--
17-Honor of John Narin and Mary Dillon-sp-John (?)Cribbin,Mary Cosgruff--Clare--
17-John of John Griffin and Mary Mcgreal-sp-Martin Burke,Winny Griffin--Carrantully--
17-Pat of Pat or Peter Rourke and Honor Johnston-sp-William Hill,Catherine English--Clare--
17-Catherine of Michael Hunt and Margaret Morrally-sp-Mathias Morrally,Anne Hunt--Carrantulla--
21-William Henry of Thomas Joseph McGarrett(?) and Margaret Donel or Dowd-sp-Pat Clarinbaler(?), Ann Lavan--Lower Mace--
24-Bridget of Micheal Morrally and Bridget Clarke-sp-John and Margaret Morrally--Gorteenmore--
25-Thomas of Thomas Lally and Mary Narin-sp-Bridget McEvady-(Illegitamate)-K.H.(maybe Kilbeg Higgins)--
28-Michael of Thomas Nary and Eleanor Corcoran-sp-Mary Mullin--Carantully-
1861 Baptisms cont
4- Mary of Pat Forde and Bridget Comber-sp-Thomas and Ellen Comber-sp-Cloonboy--
11-Margaret of John Cunningham and Bridget Shannon(?)-sp-Michael Cosguff,Mary Costello--
18-Mary of Martin Solan and Mary Harrison-sp-Patt Solan,Ann Stanton--Cartown--
18-Honor of Pat Casferly and Ellen Boyle-sp-Mary Arthur--Ballynastangford--
21-Judith of James Stephens and Mary Cussane-sp-Michael Cussane, Mary Stephens--Middle Mace--
25-Michael of Michael Hanly(?) and Sally Mannion-sp-Mark and Bridget Ansbro(?)--Lugatemple--
25-Margaret of William Calwell and Catherine Davis or Dowd-sp-James Davis or Dowd, Bridget Walsh--Clare--
1-John Patrick of John E. Prendergast and Ann Judge-sp-Myles Judge,Mary Nally--Clare--
1-Patrick of Michael Curnikan(?) and Catherine (?) D.-sp-Pat and Bridget Farrell--B.K.--
1-James of James Dowd and Nelly H.(?)-sp-John Egan,Ellen Donnell(?)--
8-Catherine of John Foye and Mary Egan-sp-Thomas Foye,Catherine Fallon--Garryredmond--
8-Michael of Lackey McDonogh and Catherine Roache-sp-Bryan Griffin,Mary McArdle--Streamstown--
8-Eliza Teresa of William and Margaret Judge-sp-Eugene and Sarah Judge--Aghareville--
8-Celia of P.W. Raftery and Jane Ansbro-sp-James Conaghton,Celia Glynn--Clare--
11-Pat of Thomas and Bridget Solan-sp-Martin and Ann Solan--Cloonboy--
15-Thomas of John Gibbons and Mary Delany-sp-Austin Delany, Mary Rattigan--
15-Margaret of Dominick Jordan and Mary Ruane-sp-Michael Jordan, Ellen Ruane--
22-Jane of Owen McLoughlin and Maria Barrett-sp-Pat King, Jane McLoughlin--Carrowreagh--
22-Michael of John Lyons and Ann Thomas-sp-James Clark,Ellen Hough--Kilbeg H.--
22-Mary of Edmond Murray and Mary Lyons-sp-John Lyons, Mary Eliza Prendergast--Clare--
22-John of Thomas Prendergast and Mary Fitzpatrick-sp-Martin Barnicle, Mary Prendergast--Kilbeg Higgins--
22-Catherine of Thomas Fahy and Mary Boyle-sp-Michael Boyle, Margaret Fahy--Kilbeg Malone--
27-James of James Murray and Bridget Cussack-sp-Mary Farreell--Clare--
27-Bridget of John Currigan and Ellen Jennings-sp-Thomas Nally, Bridget Jennings--Clare--
29-Michael Joseph of (?)Capt. McCarthy and Julia Lyndsay-sp-David and Letitia Key---(?)
6-Owen of Owen Mulloy and Judith Donnellan-sp-James Mulloy,Catherine Fitzgerald--
6-Thomas of Thomas and Margaret Boyle-sp-John Begly, Bridget Waldron--Cloontoa--
6-Michael of John Nally and Celia Hanly-sp-Michael Stanton, Catherine Hanly--
14-Catherine of John Boyle and Honor Hughs-sp-Bartly Boyle,Ann Solan--Ballynastangford--
14-(?)Mary of Martin Manion and Ellen Mullany-sp-Pat Manion, Catherine Grouke--Cloonycolleran--
3-Bridget of Owen Mongan and Elenor Tucker-sp-Michael Curley,Bridget Mongan--Ballyglass--
3-Bridget of Denis Berry and Mary Morally-sp-Michael Berry,Celia Morris--Garryredmond--
3-Patt of John Lynsky and Mary Glynn-sp-(?) Boyle, James Glynn--Clare--
3-Eliza of Garret Bortaugh and Winny Prendergast-sp-Bartly Hopkins,Catherine Roach--Knockatubber--
3-Bridget of Thomas Burnett and Winny Berry-sp-Michael Gibbons,Mary Anne Gildea--
3-Martin of James Lally and Mary Rooney-sp-John Lally,Bridget Gibbons--Clare--
24-James of John Cussane and Elenor Cussane-sp-Thomas and Bridget Stanton--Meelick More--
24-Thomas of Thomas Crystal and Margaret Gibbons-sp-Peter Mullany,Elenor Stanton--Meelick More--
24-Bridget of John Jordan and Margaret Feely-sp-Pat Hanly, Mary Feely--Lugatemple--
27-Kate Honoria of David Keyes and Honoria Lyndsay-sp-Michael Keyes, Julia Lyndsay--F.(?)--
8-John of John Cowan and Mary Webb-sp-Thomas Cowan, Ann Fallon--Ballyfarna--
15-James of John Egan and Mary Merrick-sp-Martin Halligan,Mary Tarpey--Cartown--
15-Honor of Thomas Tracy and Cecily Morally-sp-Dominick Morally, Ann Thomas--Ballygowan--
22-Patt of Michel Hough and Bridget Cunningham-sp-Thomas Cunningham, Nelly Nolan--Ballyglass--
22-Catherine of James Reany and Bridget Solan-sp-James Kelly, Bridget Prendergast--
29-Michael of Thomas Conway and Honor Lyons-sp-Peter Burine,Catherine Fallon--Ranaghard--
29-Anne of Thomas Clarke and Catherine Costello-sp-John Costello, Mary McGreal--Ballynastangford--
29-Mary of John Devany and Ann Killeen-sp-Michael Killeen,Mary Buirne--Clare--