Claremorris Parish, County Mayo
1806 - 1890

The records linked below were posted to the Claremorris Mailing List by Janet Sandberg from August 2002 to February 2003.  These are her transcriptions of the LDS film listed below  As with all transcriptions, the transcriber interprets the handwriting and when the film is in poor condition and the handwriting is old and hard to read, mistakes are made.  Therefore, you should use this information as a guide/a help and if you think you find an ancestor, you should always refer back to the film.  On the other hand, if you think you should find an ancestor and you don't, don't rule out looking at the film yourself.  NOTE:  As these were posted to the list, some corrections were made on the list of some of the spellings of names.  These are not included here, and you should refer to the list's archives for the corrections.

These records are include at this site with Janet Sandberg's permission. They are also copied exactly as posted, with some side remarks of Janet's.


LDS Film Numbers

Baptisms 1835-1838 Marriages 1839-1871, 1806-1839 -  #1279207 Item 15
Baptisms 1839-1858 Marriages 1839-1844 - #1279207 Item 16
Marriages 1873-1898 - #1279207 Item 20


The Catholic parish of Claremorris is in the civil parish of Kilcolman and was also called by that name. There was another civil parish named Kilcolman, which was partly in the Mayo barony of Costello, near Ballaghadereen and Castlemore, and partly in counties Sligo and Roscommon. The two Kilcolmans should not be confused.


1806 to 1814 1836 to 1840 1861 to 1865
1814 to 1821 1840 to 1845 1866 to 1871
1822 to 1829 1846 to 1850 1873 to 1881
1830 to 1835 1851 to 1855 1882 to 1890
  1856 to 1860  




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