Steelaun and Rathfran Townland Baptismal Records
1854 to 1884

Killala RC Parish

Family History Library film # 1279204

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Barrett, Richard Sept. 28/Oct. 5, 1879 Michael Barrett Pat Carden
Mary Hughes Mary Dixon
Carden, John December 23, 1856 Michael Carden Thomas Carden
Bridget Kearney Anne Kerrigan
Carden, Mary August 7/18, 1858 Michael Carden Thomas Carden
Bridget Kearney Bridget Carden
Carden, Michael August 22/25, 1859 Michael Carden James Dolphin
Bridget Kelly Sarah Dolphin
Carden, Margaret September 28/30, 1860 Michael Carden Pat Kearney
Bridget Kearney Sabine Kearney
Carden, Catherine May 29/ June 1, 1862 Michael Carden Pat Farrell
Bridget Kelly Margaret Dolphin
Carden, Pat May 21/28, 1863 Michael Carden John Kearney
Bridget Kearney Catherine McHale
Carden, Martin November 10/12, 1865 Michael Carden Michael Carden
Bridget Kearney Bridget Carden
Carden, Thomas September 8/17, 1871 Michael Carden Martin Carden
Bridget Kearney Bridget Caffrey
Carden, James January 17/24, 1875 Michael Carden Patrick Reilly
Bridget Kearny Bridget Farrell
Carden, Celia March 4/11, 1879 Michael Carden John Malley
Bridget Kearney Anne Malley
Carden, Catherine November 8/12, 1856 Michael Carden Charles Carden
Carden, Mary (twins) Bridget Kelly Margaret Carden
Carden, Michael August 22/25, 1859 Michael Carden James Dolphin
Bridget Kelly Sarah Dolphin
Carden, Catherine May 29/June 1, 1862 Michael Carden Pat Farrell
Bridget Kelly Margaret Dolphin
Carden, Anne July 9/15, 1860 Pat Carden Henry Collins
Mary Dixon Bridget Tober (?)
Carden, Mary March 4/9, 1876 Thomas Carden John Carden
Anne Loughney Mary Carden
Carden, Margaret September 20/26, 1878 Thomas Carden Pat Carden
Anne Loughney Margaret Carden
Coggins, Anne June 6/17, 1856 Pat Coggins Charles Carden
? Niely Anne McHale
Cosgrove, Bridget April 15/25, 1880 Francis Cosgrove Patrick Sommers
Alice Sommers Mary Carden
Farrell, Bridget December 28/31, 1865 Pat Farrell John Farrell
Anne Heffernan Bridget Farrell
Farrell, Thomas Jan. 20/ Feb. 1, 1868 Pat Farrell Michael O'Hara
Anne Heffernan Winny O'Hara
Farrell, Patrick Dec. 31, 1869/Jan. 1, 1870 Pat Farrell John Farrell
Anne Heffernan Kitty Heffernan
Farrell, Patrick January 11/19, 1879 Patrick Farrell John Ruddy
Anne Heffernan Mary Cawley
Farrell, Michael August 2/6, 1871 Pat Farrell John Ruddy
Anne Heffernan Honor Ruddy
Gallagher, Sarah Anne  August 21/24, 1878 John Gallagher James Roe (?)
Margaret Langan Bridget Langan
Gillespie, Thomas August 14/20, 1871 Michael Gillespie Pat Reilly
Anne Sommers Anne Carden
Heffernan, Michael January 5/7, 1854 Andrew Heffernan Patrick Carden
Catherine Farrell Anne MacHale
Heffernan, Margaret July 16/18, 1856 Andrew Heffernan Thady McGowan
Catherine Farrell Honor McGowan
Heffernan, John April 1/7, 1861 Andrew Heffernan Michael Loughney
Catherine Farrell Bridget Loughney
Heffernan, Patrick November 20/24, 1866 Pat Heffernan Pat ?
Bridget McGowan Mary Dooher
Heffernan, Martin September 16/26, 1869 Pat Heffernan Michael Barrett
Bridget McGowan Mary Kirkwood
Heffernan, Margaret March 24/31, 1872 Pat Heffernan Michael Gillespie
Bridget McGowan Sally O'Hara
Hughes, Anne November 28/30, 1854 John Hughes Stephen Barrett
Eleanor Barrett Catherine ?
Hughes, Dermot March 8/12, 1857 John Hughes Pat Carden
Ellen Barron Anne McHale
Hughes, John August 15/25, 1860 John Hughes John Malley
Ellen Barron Bridget Malley
Hughes, Pat October 4/6, 1863 John Hughes Michael McHale
Ellen Barron Mary Cawley
Kearney, Thomas March 23/25, 1865 Pat Kearney Pat Loughney
Bridget Loughney Anne Loughney
Kearney, Sabine May 11/12, 1867 Pat Kearney Michael Carden
Bridget Loughney Bridget Carden
Kearney, Mary November 5/6, 1870 Pat Kearney Thomas Carden
Bridget Loughney Anne Padden
Kearney, Anne January 3/9, 1873 Pat Kearney Pat Reilly
Bridget Loughney Margaret Loughney
Kearney, Patrick February 3/6, 1876 Patrick Kearney John Farrell
Bridget Loughney Mary Farrell
Kearney, Margaret July 8/14, 1878 Pat Kearney Anthony Kearney
Bridget Loughney Catherine Coggins
Kearney, Anne March 4/15, 1868 William Kearney Michael Collins
Bridget Caffrey Bridget Caffrey
Kelly, Mary February 6/11, 1872 Michael Kelly Michael Lynn
Mary Lynn Anne Connor
Killen, Mary March 3/12, 1865 William Killen Thomas Carden
Bridget Caffrey Mary Langan
Killen, Patrick February 2/10, 1867 William Killen Thomas Carden
Bridget Caffrey Anne Loughney
Killen, Thomas January 11/23, 1871 William Killen John Golden
Bridget Caffrey Mary Cawley
Killen, Bridget July 1/13, 1873 Wiliam Killen Pat Carden
Bridget Caffrey Mary Golden
Killen, Margaret March 14/17, 1878 William Killen Patrick Cunningham
Bridget Caffrey ? Golden
McHale, Mary Nov. 29/Dec. 2, 1862 John McHale John Malley
Bridget Malley Bridget Tober (?)
McHale, Anne February 15/23, 1868 John McHale Dominic McHale
Bridget Malley Anne Duffy
McHale, Margaret July 28/Aug. 4, 1869 John McHale James Malley
Bridget Malley Mary McHale
McHale, Bridget April 21/26, 1872 John McHale James Malley
Bridget Malley Margaret Kearney
McHale, Catherine August 16/23, 1874 John McHale Patrick Donohue
Bridget Malley Mary McHale
McHale, Catherine November 5/12, 1871 Michael McHale Martin Kelly
Mary Hogan Bridget Hogan
McHale, Mary May 28/June 1, 1873 Michael McHale Michael Carden
Mary Hogan Bridget Carden
McHale, Anne May 4/10, 1874 Michael McHale John Cawley
Mary Hogan Bridget Cawley
McHale, Mary Aug. 27/Sept. 3, 1876 Michael McHale Martin Malley
Mary Hogan Anne McHale
McHale, Martin Oct. 26/Nov. 3, 1878 Michael McHale John Carden
Mary Hogan Mary Kelly
McHale, John May 7/9, 1880 Michael McHale John Farrell
Mary Hogan Mary Farrell
Malley, Patrick February 8/16, 1879 John Malley James McCormick
Anne Carden Mary Carden
Malley, John April 10/16, 1871 Martin Malley John Malley
Mary Weir Mary McHale
Malley, Pat January 9/19, 1873 Martin Malley Michael Golden
Mary Weir Anne Carden
Malley, Michael August 20/29, 1875 Martin Malley Michael Golden
Mary Weir Mary Barrett
Malley, Thomas March 18/19, 1878 Martin Malley Peter Sommers
Mary Weir Margaret Carden
Malley, Michael September 25/27, 1857 Pat Malley Henry Collins
Mary McHale Mary McHale
Malley, Edward May 9/15, 1859 Pat Malley Pat Padden
Kitty Coggins Winifred Padden
Malley, Martin November 1/5, 1865 Pat Malley Pat Malley
Margaret Flynn Maria Gauley
Malley, Bridget April 5/9, 1871 Pat Malley Michael Malley
Margaret Flynn Maria Hughes
O'Hara, Bridget July 18, 1854 (only date given) Peter O'Hara Michael O'Hara
Sally Farrell Bridget Kearney
Reilly, Margaret March 14/17, 1878 Anthony Reilly Pat Reilly
Catherine Sweeney Margaret Reilly
Reilly, John March 20/25, 1880 Anthony Reilly Michael Reilly
Catherine Sweeney Mary Collins
Reilly, Mary Mary 16/18, 1864 John Reilly John Reilly
Margaret Sullivan Mary Sullivan
Robinson, John May 4/12, 1859 Anthony Gaugham Thomas Gilboy
Jane Robinson Mary Golden
Robinson, Margaret April 22/May 2, 1869 Pat Robinson Michael Farrell
Jane Robinson Mary Cawley
Ruddy, Mary February 21/25, 1858 Pat Ruddy Pat Farrell
Catherine Farrell Sarah Farrell
Ruddy, Mary August 26/29, 1859 Pat Ruddy John Dooher
Catherine Farrell Sarah Farrell
Ruddy, Michael September 11/12, 1861 Pat Ruddy Martin Farrell
Catherine Farrell Honor Ruddy
Ruddy, Sarah July 17/21, 1869 Pat Ruddy Thomas Farrell
Catherine Farrell Margaret Ford
Ruddy, Agnes Sept. 29/Oct. 1, 1871 Pat Ruddy John Farrell
Catherine Farrell Sarah Farrell