Solohead Gravestone Inscriptions

Below are graveyard inscriptions as posted to the CoTipperary mailing list by Janet Crawford and reposted on this website with her permission.



John Crowe d. 23/1/1863 75 Res. Coteen

Patrick Crow d. 12/4/83 age65 res. Crouch house

Patrick Kirby d. 7/10/92 res. Davitt st; Mary & Elizabeth sisters

Mary Kirby d. 16/3/1827 res. Davitt st; Eliz(sister) Patrick (brother)

Elizabeth Kirby d. 13/1/54 res. Davitt st; Mary(sister)

Daniel Kirby d. 22/12/1826 res. Oola; Daniel (son), Bridget (sister)

Daniel Kirby d. 1/4/1927 res. Oola father Daniel; Bridget sister

Bridget Kirby d. 25/3/1856 res. Oola father Daniel brother Daniel

Thomas Bourke d. 17/3/1878 res. Drumwood spouse Margaret

Margaret Bourke d. 2/6/1878 res. Drumwood Spouse Thomas

Catherine O'Donnell d. 25/5/1877 spouse Denis Sr.

Edmond Rogers d. 9/4/1781 age 64 spouse Ellen

Mary Rogers d. 24/12/1758 age 7 father Edmond mother Ellen

Elizabeth Ryan d. 10/12/1842 res. Donneskea spouse Philip

Nick Quinlan d. 15/5/1824 age 60 Doneskea son Darby

Toby English d. 9/3/1794 age 61 res. Solohead son Pat

Pat English d. 25/12/1800 age 28 father Toby

Michael Crowe d. 5/8/1878 age 72 res. Ballykeveen spouse Alice

Joseph Tighe d. 10/1/1873 age 38 spouse Mary

William Clement Tighe d. 6/6/1872 age 3 father Thomas; mother Mary

John Bourke d. 17/3/1899 father Thomas; mother Margaret; Winifred sister

Winifred O'Brien d. 1/1/1909 father Thomas; maiden name Burke; mother Margaret; Thomas & John brothers

Thomas Bourke d. 22/11/1914 father Thomas; mother Margaret; Thomas brother

Bridget Bourke d. 18/10/1903 maiden name O'Brien

John Crawford 2/9/1911 age 78 res. Ballybrien; father John; erected by Patrick Crawford

Catherine Darcy d. 28/4/1877 age 66 res. Solohead; spouse Thomas

Ellen Murnane d. 28/10/1864 age 24 res. Garrydulis; erected by Ann O'Meara nee O'Donnell

Edmond O'Donnell d. 27/4/1723

Denis O'Donnell d. 29/11/72 age 80 res. Kilcoman; Michael, Denis & John are sons

Mary Tighe d. 21/12/1901 age 87 spouse Thomas; William & Thomas are sons

Thomas Joseph Patrick Tighe d. 19/6/1871 age 1 year 3 months; father Thomas; Mary mother; William brother

Edmond English d. 1/1/1833 age 52 res. Philipstown; spouse Mary; son
Michael; Edmond grandson

Mary English d. 30/10/1842 age 80 res. Philipstown; spouse Edmond; son Michae; Edmond grandson

Bridget English d. 26/9/1856 age 48 res. Philipstown; spouse Michael; Edmond son; Edmond and Mary are in-laws

Edmond English d. 1/3/1852 age 10 res. Philipstown; father Michael; Bridget mother; Edmond and Mary are grandchildren

Patrick Kennedy d. 22/2/1843 age 22 res. Lauga; father John

John Neil d. 25/12/1845 age 57 erected by Timothy & Edmond Neil

Grace Heffernan d. 15/9/1845 age 54 father John; maiden name Neil

Michael Cronin 25/3/1852 res. Kilduff; other relative Timothy

Thomas Cronin d. 1/5/1855 age 62 nephew Timothy

Edmond Cronin d. 23/4/1828

Thomas Cross 24/7/1848 age 68 spouse Mary

Timothy Bran d. 24/7/1747

Patrick Conner d. 7/2/1818 age 27

Terence Conner d. 1/1/1818 other relative Patrick

Thomas Conner d. 9/3/1874 age 57

Elaine Conner d. 3/4/37 res. Shanballymore; maiden name Walsh

Bridget Healy d. 29/8/78 res. Ballylooby daughter of Elaine Conner [Walsh]

Darby Ryan d. 27/2/1876 age 90 res. Drumwood father of Laurence, James & Michael

Mary Ryan d. 29/8/1875 age 80 spouse Darby

Laurence English d. 22/11/1831 age 62 res. Kilfrish spouse Anne

James English d. 2/11/1857 age 22 father Laurence; Anne mother

William English d. 3/5/1769 age 69 grandson William English Jr

Laurence English d. 24/5/1773 age 48 father William English Sr;. William English Jr son

James English d. 26/10/1763 age 56 spouse Honer [Honora] English nee Quilty

Honer [Honora] English d. 24/12/1780 age 73 spouse James; maiden name Quilty

Margaret English 8/9/1789 age 43 maiden name Hayes

Nicholas English d. 13/2/54 age 43

Edmond Reardon d. 27/7/1812 age 69 Jeremiah Reardon son

Jane Steward d. 7/5/1810 age 48 spouse Mick Ryan

Timothy Cronan d. 18/7/1845 age 40 son of Widow Cronan

Patrick Ryan d. 11/4/1803 age 91 Mary Hogan Grandaughter; erected by Widow Cronin; res. Coroughstheh

Mary Hogan d. 16/8/1807 Patrick Ryan grandfather; erected by Donald Hogan [Mary might be incorrect]

Mary Ryan d. 16/8/1827 age 27

Garret Hayes d. 28/1/1827 age 22 Catherine Laliy [Lally] mother; Catherine Hayes sister; erected by Catherine Laliy of Rathnaveen

Catherine Hayes d. 1/8/1836 age 31 Catherine Laliy mother; Garret Hayes brother

Michael Laliy d. 8/12/1833 age 34 Father James; erected by James of

Margaret Breen d. 19/2/1837 age 42 maiden name Laliy

Patrick McCormack d. 2/5/1878 age 71 res. Clonbrick; spouse Bridget; father John; Mary & Margaret daughters & Elizabeth Dwyer sister

Bridget McCormack d. 28/11/1886 age 82 spouse Patrick; Mary & Margaret daughters; John Father-in-law

Margaret McCormack d. 11/5/1903 age 66 father Patrick; Mary sister; Bridget mother; John grandfather

John McCormack d. 19/1/1819 age 45 Elizabeth Dwyer daughter; erected by Patrick son of Clonbrick

Elizabeth Dwyer d. 1/8/1842 age 30 father John McCormack; Patrick brother; Mary & Margaret nieces

William Hayes d. 17/11/1835 age 67 res. Ayle; spouse Kate; John son

John Hayes d. 5/1/1848 age 19 father William; mother Kate

Kate Hayes d. 1/4/1873 age 75 spouse William; John son

Will Neill d. 2/1/1801 age 38 res. Kilfeakle

John Schofield d. 9/11/1889 spouse Ann; son Stephen; erected by Ann
Schifield nee McNevin of Gurteendevane

Mrs. Ellen Leacy {/} 8/12/1897 age 35 Kate Hayes mother
Catherine O'Brien d. 25/6/1920 unknown relationship to Hayes

Stephen Schofield d. 7/10/1857 father John; mother Anne

Malachy O'Dwyer d. 7/2/1876 age 49 res. Thurles; brother of John Dwyer

John O'Dwyer d. 25/12/1888 age 66 res. Barronstown; spouse Margaret

Margaret O'Dwyer d. 20/2/1902 age 82 res. Barronstown; spouse John

John Reardon d. 28/5/1818 age 76 John Reardon son, of Solohead

Edmond Riardon d. 17/5/1829 age 48 spouse Catherine

Mary Hennesy d. 16/12/1830 age 64 spouse Denis Hennesy; maiden name Looby

John Hanley d. 22/1/1824 age 62 res. Greenane

Edmond Ryan d. 20/1/1829 age 66 son John Ryan from Silverhill

Maurice Slattery d. 2/2/1816 age 56 spouse Margaret; erected by Edmond & John Slattery

Margaret Slattery d. 16/11/1825 age 60 spouse Maurice; maiden name Garley

John Slattery d. 20/1/1837 age 80 erected by William Slattery of Sadlier's Wells

Mary Slattery d. 26/2/1877 age 82 spouse William

Martin Dillon d. 6/7/1843 age 62 spouse Margaret

John O'Ryan d. 28/12/1906 res. Ballyhurst; uncle Edmond O'Ryan; son Edmond Frewen O'Ryan

Edmond O'Ryan d. 26/3/1865 John Ryan nephew

Edmond Frewen O'Ryan [no date] father John; Thomas, Francis & John are buried in same grave

Mary O'Ryan [no date] father John; sister Kathleen buried with her

Mrs. K. O'Ryan [no date] unknown relationship

John Ryan d. 19/3/1810 age 46 Ballahust [Ballyhurst]

Larence Kenick d. 11/9/1771 age 63 daughter Mary

Mary Kenick d. 1/3/1781 age 41 father Larence

John Haney d. 21/4/1818 age 70 res. Shanballymore; spouse Elizabeth;
daughter Winifred Coman nee Haney

Winifred Coman d. 1/1/1852 age 38 father John, mother Elizabeth

Timothy Hanley d. 17/1/1805 age 76 res. Gurtlidrum [Gortdrum] spouse

Margaret Hanley d. 10/1/1806 spouse Timothy; maiden name Bourke; age is not legible as headstone is sunken

Hanora Hogan d. 6/11/1789 age 70

John Coffey d. 1/8/1897 res. Ballinard

Patrick Coffey d. 8/1/1866 spouse Anna; daughter Ellen O'Connor

Ellen Coffey d. 25/12/1886 spouse Patrick; son John; daughter Ellen O'Connor

Ellen O'Connor d. 1/10/1912 father Patrick; Mother Ellen; brother John

John O'Connor d. 23/9/69 Ellen O'Connor aunt

Mary Hennessy d. 12/9/1832 maiden name Looby; erected by husband [may be duplicate record]

James Molony d. 4/1/1800 res. Solohead

William Moloney d. 7/12/1835 age 78 res. Ballyryan; spouse Ann [aka Alice] Quillinan; daughter Catherine; son Cornelius; erected by wife Ann [Alice] Quillinan

Cornelius [Neilus ] Moloney d. 20/10/1803 age 79 unable to determine
relationship to Ann

Ann Molonney d. 18/10/1850 age 20 father William; Mother Ann Quillinan; brother Cornelius

Cornelius Molony d. 22/7/1803 age 14 Ann Quillinan mother William Molony; father sister Catherine

John Cross d. 27/1/1878 age 80 spouse Margaret; Michael & Patrick sons

Margaret Cross d. 17/9/1877 age 68 spouse John; Michael & Patrick sons

Patrick Cross d. 10/6/1872 age 37 father John; Mother Margaret; brother Michael

Catherine Carew d. 27/8/1832 age 25 erected by Edmond Carew of Solohead

Richard Lahey d. 1/6/1835 age 76 erected by Richard & Michael of Donohill sons

Michael Lahey d. 1/5/1832 age 45 same as above

Mary Miers d. 5/7/1797 age 51 maiden name Horan

Mary Myers d. 28/8/1872 age 16 father Walter [Spelling of Myers and Miers appears on same stone!] of Solohead

Patrick Ryan d. 27/8/1771 age 65

Margaret Donovan d. 12/3/1839 age 20 father James; sister Bride [Bridget] erected by James Donovan of Oola

Bride Donovan d. 17/3/1840 age 19 father James; sister Margaret

William O'Donovan d. 11/7/1878 age 58 res. Clonpet; spouse Johanna nee McKeogh

Malachy O'Donovan d. 3/2/1876 age 24 erected by by mother Catherine O'Donovan nee Quinlan [Quillinan]

William Ryan d. 4/2/1847 age 82 erected by Richard Ryan Chilaneug ???

John Quirk d. 25/5/1828 age 64 erected by son Phil Quirk

Bridget Ryan d. 12/9/1851 age 47 father Thomas Ryan; maiden name O'Donnell; Thomas Ryan is from Clonbrick

Michael Dee d. 10/1/1860 age 74 res. Ballyryan spouse Catherine nee
Anderson; son William

William Dee d. ,27/11/1859 age 23 res. Ballyryan father Michael; Mother Catherine

Patrick Callonan 17/12/1873 age 64 res. Ballykisteen; spouse Catherine; sons Thomas & John; daughter Bridget [I am pretty sure this is Patrick Quillinan married to Catherine [Cathy/Margaret] Gilhooly]

Catherine Callonan d. 22/1/1877 age 60 res. Ballykisteen; spouse Patrick; sons Thomas & John; daughter

Bridget [I am pretty sure this is Patrick Quillinan married to Catherine
[Cathy/Margaret] Gilhooly]

Patrick Cunningham d. 15/2/1890 age 64 spouse Bridget; res. Limerick

Johanna Kennedy d. 16/5/1892 age 72 erected by Minnie Tuohy of Limerick Junction for her mother

Mary Touhy d. 24/6/30 age 79 Mother Johanna Kennedy

John Gavin d. 2/2/1876 age 80 spouse Mary; brother Daniel

Daniel Gavin d. 10/2/1854 age 58 John brother & spouse Mary

Edmond Hanley d. 11/11/1894 age 56 spouse Johanna

James Leahy d. 3/10/1889 age 15 father P.R.Leahy of Tipperary

Edmond White [no information]

Timothy Dwyer d. 17/2/1867 age 98 res. College; in grave with son

Philip Dwyer d. 1/8/1845 age 21

Patrick Dwyer d. 5/11/1852 age 23

Timothy O'Dwyer [no date] res. Ballinare; in same grave as wife

"Margaret O'Dwyer in same grave as their son interred at Lattin"

Michael O'Dwyer [no date] Elizabeth, Margaret & Bridget daughters - in same grave as his daughters

Elizabeth, Margaret & Bridget no dates burioed together with father Michael O'Dwyer

Catherine Gavin d. 8/12/1897 Catherine Gavin is grandchild

John Murnane [no date] age 66 spouse Ellen

Patrick Murnane [no date] age 17

Ellen Murnane [no date] age 28

John Murnane d. 16/12/1886 age 35

Ellen Murnane d. 6/3/1899 age 90

William Joseph Murnane. 20/12/1907 age 52

Thomas Nail d. 1/8/1818 age 62 Edmond & John sons

William Moran d. 6/12/1800 age 29

Timothy Ryan d. 26/1/1777 age 23

Edmond Ryan. 6/3/1839 age 70 Timothy Ryan son

Matthew Ryan d. 1/1/1791 age 31

Matthew Hogan d. 21/5/1792 age 85

Timothy Ryan d. 25/6/1777 age 67 William & John sons

John Ryan d. 2/8/1792 age 43 father Timothy; William brother

Patrick Ryan d. 2/3/1831 age 55 William son

Cornelius Cahill d. 6/10/1779 age 35

Catherine Cahill d. 10/12/1789 age 75 O'Neill

Bridget Hanley d. 1/6/1789 age 46 spouse Matthew Hanley; maiden name Crowe

Philip Ryan d. 29/3/1779 age 27 Thomas son

Thomas Ryan [no date] father Philip

Jane Perry d. 20/11/1918 spouse Henry; William & Frederick sons


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