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Censuses: While government censuses were taken in Ireland every ten years from 1821 to 1911, only 1901 and 1911 have survived for Co. Tipperary along with some fragments of 1821. 

1659 Census: 'Pender's Census' with number of English and Irish living in each townland and principal Irish names in each barony.  Edited by Seamus Pender in 1939.  Records the names of persons with title to land.

Barony of Sleavordagh
Barony of Kilnamanagh
Barony of Middlethird
Barony of Lower Ormond
Barony of Clanwilliam
Barony of Owny and Arra
Barony of Upper Ormond
Barony of Eliogurty and Ikerryn
Barony of Iffay and Offay

The Number of People in the County of Tipperary and in each Barony:

Baronyes Pages Eng Irish Eng & Irish
Slevardagh 7 307 2101 2408
Lower Ormond 16 341 2731 3072
Kilnamanagh 21 086 1749 1835
Middlethird 33 134 3778 3912
Iffay & Offay 43 223 4729 4952
Eliogurty & Ikerin 53 326 4339 4665
Upper Ormond 60 092 1631 1723
Owny & Arra 65 235 0989 1224
Clanwilliam 74 180 2713 2893
The Totall   1924 24760 26684


1664-66 Hearth Money Rolls:  The Hearth Tax was levied on the basis of the number of hearths in each house; these rolls list the householders' names, as well as the number of hearths.
Iffa and Offa Baronies, contributed by Don Mockler
Drom and Inch Parish, partial list on IGP website
Moyne and Templetuohy, on IGP website

1766 Religious Census: 
The largest religious census was conducted in 1766, when each Church of Ireland minister was requested to provide a listing of the members of each denomination in his parish.  Although some were completed as requested, many ministers provided only the details on Church of Ireland parishioners, and omitted Catholics, Presbyterians, etc.  Others provided a complete survey of all local inhabitants, including family names and the numbers of children in the household.

The following databases are from postings to the CoTipperary mailing list by Mary Heaphy and Janet Crawford. They are included at this website with their permission.  All the parishes are in an index by surname and first name alpha order.  Each parish is listed as transcribed, in the same order as the original record which is in the order of the neighborhood, so one can see who lived near who.  Some of the parishes also give number in household.  Parishes in this instant are Church of Ireland parishes which are much like the civil parish borders in later years.  Use the index to find the parish, then go to parish to see the whole record.

 1766 Religious Census Index, over 5,800 names, does not include Athassel Union, see below
?? to Boughelly
Bourk to Bryne
Buchanan to Caty
Cavanagh to Coony
Cooper to Dee
Deeneen to Dwyer, Jon
Dwyer, Judith to Fitzgerald
Fitzgibbon to Gorman
Gothfrey to Healy
Hean to Horan
Hore to Kennedy
Kennelly to McTeigue
Meagher to Murarry
Murnane to Putin
Quage to Ryan, Danl.
Ryan, Darby to Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mathais to Ryan, Winny
Ryan, Wm. to Swyney
Talbott to Young

1766 Religious Census by Parishes:
Ardmayle, South Riding
Athassel Union, South Riding; includes parishes of Athassel & Relickmurry, Griffen, Dangandargon & Brickendown, and Horeabbey, alphabetically
Ballysheehan, South Riding
Bansha, South Riding
Boytonrath, South Riding
Clerahan, South Riding
Clonbeg, South Riding
Clonbollogue, now spelled Clonbullogue, South Riding
Cloneen, South Riding
Clonoulty, South Riding
Coleman, South Riding
Coolmundry, South Riding
Donoghil, now spelled Donoghill, South Riding
Doon, North Riding
Erry, South Riding
Fedhard Union, includes Cromps, Kiltynan, Clare, Grange Begg, Tullow, Killusty, Coran Wood, Boley, Killevally, Curraghabranagh, South Riding
Gaile, South Riding
Kilfeacle, now spelled Kilfeakle, South Riding
Killardry, South Riding
Killea, North Riding
Killevinogue, now spelled Killavinoge, North Riding
Knockgraffon, South Riding
Lattin, includes Bruis, Shronell, Corrogue, Clonpet, Cordangan
Mealiffe, Church of Ireland
Newchapel, South Riding
Newport,   Part 1  Part 2 Killnerath Union, includes civil parishes Kilnarath, Kilvellane, Kilcomenty, North Riding
Pepperstown, South Riding, includes Ballynasoloughe, Knock Kelly, Sause Town, Tenekelly
Rathcoole, South Riding,includes Derryluskan, Coolmoore, Ballytemple, Rathvin,Coolenure, Powers Wood, Ballyvaddy, Curroscarteen, Rathduff, Kilknockon etc.
Rock, Cashel, South Riding
Solohead, includes Cullen, Soloheadmore, Soloheadbeg, Cluggin
Templemore, North Riding
Templenoe, South Riding
Tipperary, South Riding
Toom, now spelled Toem, North Riding
Various Civil Parishes/Townlands, all in Middlethird Barony, Cashel PLU, includes Redcity, Magorban, Railstown, Kilconnell, Kilbragh, Barrettsgrange

1821 Fragments for Co Tipperary: includes town(land)s of Cashel, Camas, Tipperary, Carrick-on-Suir, Tullahea, Seskin, Killenaule, Grangemokler, Glenskigh, Coolachin, Clenham, Clonmel, Ballyreelish, Bannschoolly, Knockanough, Ballintasnan, Rathkeeran, Ballinlonty, Thurles, Rathleasty, Ballycunnane, Liscreach

Tithes 1815-1838: A unique land survey taken as a way to determine the amount of tax payable by landholders to the Church of Ireland, the Tithe Applotment Books represent a virtual census for pre-Famine Ireland.  In the original enumeration, each landholder was recorded along with details such as townland, size of holding, land quality and types of crops. (parishes are civil parishes)

Middlethird Barony Index, South Riding
Clanwilliam Barony Index, South Riding
Kilnamanagh Lower Barony Index, South Riding
Iffa and Offa West Barony Index, South Riding
Owney & Arra Barony, North Riding
Kilnamanagh Upper Barony, North Riding
(Indexes:  find your surname, get the civil parish, go to the civil parish, get the townland)


Parish ofAbington, North Riding
Parish of Athnid, North Riding
Parish of Aghacrew, South Riding
Parish of Ardcrony, North Riding
Parish of Ardfinnan, South Riding
Parish of Ardmayle, South Riding
Parish of Athassel-Golden, South Riding (Hymenstown, Ballyslatten)
Parish of Athassel-Relickmurry, South Riding (does not include Hymenstown, Ballyslatten & Lagginstown)
Parish of Athassel & Relickmurry, South Riding (Laginstown only)
Parish of Athnid, North Riding
Parish of Ballingarry, North Riding (another book)
Parish of Ballingarry, South Riding
Ballingarry, North Riding
Ballinlonty Townland, Parish of Kilfithmone
Parish of Ballintemple, South Riding
Parish of Ballybacon, South Riding
Parish of Ballycahill, North Riding
Parish of Ballyclerahan, South Riding
Ballydrehid Townland (Killadry Parish)
Parish of Ballygibbon, North Riding
Parish of Ballygriffin, South Riding
Parish of Ballymackey, North Riding
Parish of Ballymurreen, North Riding
Parish of Ballysheehan, South Riding
Parish of Baptistgrange, South Riding
Parish of Barnane-ely, North Riding
Parish of Barretsgrange, South Riding
Parish of Borrisnafarney, North Riding
Parish of Borrisokane, North Riding
Borrisoleigh, partial list
Parish of Bourney, North Riding
Parish of Boytonrath, South Riding
Parish of Brickendown, South Riding
Parish of Bruis, South Riding
Parish of Bruis, South Riding, 2nd applotment
Parish of Buolick, South Riding
Parish of Caher, South Riding
Parish of Castletownarra, North Riding
Townland of Cloghateana, South Riding
Parish of Clogher, South Riding
Parish of Cloghprior, North Riding
Parish of Clonbeg, South Riding
Parish of Clonbullogue, South Riding
Parish of Cloneen, South Riding
Parish of Clonoulty, South Riding
Parish of Clonpet, South Riding, 1830
Parish of Clonpet, South Riding, 1832
Parish of Colman, South Riding
Parish of Cooleagh, almost 100 names
Parish of Coolmundry, South Riding
Parish of Cordangan, South Riding
Parish of Cordangan, 2nd applotment, South Riding
Parish of Corroge, South Riding
Parish of Corroge, 2nd applotment, South Riding
Parish of Crohane, South Riding
Parish of Cullen, South Riding
Parish of Dangandargan, South Riding
Parish of Derrygrath, South Riding
Parish of Dogstown, South Riding
Parish of Dolla, North Riding
Parish of Donaghmore, South Riding
Parish of Donohill, South Riding
Parish of Doon, North Riding, includes County Limerick section
Parish of Drangan, South Riding
Parish of Emly, South Riding
Parish of Erry, South Riding
Parish of Fertiana, North Riding
Town of Fethard, South Riding
Parish of Gaile, South Riding
Parish of Galbooly, North Riding
Parish of Garrangibbon, South Riding
Parish of Glenbane, South Riding
Parish of Glenkeen, North Riding
Parish of Grangemockler, South Riding
Parish of Graystown, North Riding
Parish of Horeabbey, South Riding
Parish of Inishlounaght, South Riding
Parish of Holycross, North Riding
Parish of Kilbragh, South Riding
Parish of Kilcomenty, North Riding
Parish of Kilconnell, South Riding
Parish of Kilcooly, North Riding
Parish of Kilcornan, South Riding
Parish of Kilfeakle, South Riding
Parish of Kilfithmone, North Riding
Parish of Kilgrant, South Riding
Parish of Kilkeary, North Riding
Parish of Killardry (all townlands except for Ballydrehid)
Parish of Killardry, South Riding, all townlands
Parish of Killavinoge, North Riding
Parish of Killea, North Riding
Parish of Killeenasteena, South Riding
Parish of Killenaule, South Riding
Parish of Killodiernan, North Riding
Parish of Killoscully, North Riding
Parish of Killoskehan, North Riding
Parish of Kilmastulla, North Riding
Parish of Kilmore, North Riding, Amstrong to Hanly
Parish of Kilmore, North Riding,  Hayes to White
Parish of Kilmore, South Riding
Parish of Kilmucklin, South Riding
Parish of Kilmurry, South Riding
Parish of Kilnaneave, North Riding
Parish of Kilnarath, North Riding
Parish of Kilvellane, North Riding
Parish of Kilpatrick, South Riding
Parish of Kilshane, South Riding
Parish of Kilsheelan, South Riding
Parish of Kiltegan, South Riding
Parish of Kiltinan, South Riding
Parish of Kilvemnon, South Riding
Parish of Knigh, North Riding
Parish of Knockgraffon, South Riding
Parish of Laginstown, South Riding
Parish of Latteragh, North Riding
Parish of Lattin, South Riding
Parish of Lickfinn, South Riding
Parish of Lisbunny, North Riding
Parish of Loughmore East, North Riding
Parish of Loughmore West, North Riding
Parish of Modeshil, South Riding
Parish of Modreeny, North Riding
Parish of Magorban, South Riding
Parish of Magowry, South Riding
Parish of Molough, South Riding
Parish of Monsea, North Riding
Parish of Mora, South Riding
Parish of Mortlestown, South Riding
Parish of Moyaliff, North Riding
Parish of Moycarky, North Riding
Parish of Moyne, North Riding
Parish of Mowney, South Riding
Parish of Neddans, South Riding
Parish of Nenagh, North Riding 
Parish of Newcastle, South Riding 
Parish of Newchapel, South Riding
Parish of Newtownlennon, South Riding 
Parish of Nenagh, North Riding
Parish of Oughterleague, South Riding
Parish of Outeragh, South Riding
Parish of Peppardstown, North Riding
Parish of Rahelty, North Riding
Parish of Railstown, South Riding
Parish of Rathcool, South Riding
Parish of Rathkennan, South Riding
Parish of Rathlynin, South Riding
Parish of Rathronan, South Riding
Parish of Redcity, South Riding
Relickmurry & Athassel, Laginstown only, South Riding (see Athassel, above)
Parish of Rochestown, South Riding
Parish of Roscrea, North Riding
Parish of Shanrahan, South Riding
Parish of Shronell, South Riding
Parish of Shyane, North Riding
Parish of Solloghodbeg, South Riding
Parish of Solloghodbeg, 2nd applotment, South Riding
Parish of Solloghodmore, South Riding
Parish of St Johnbaptist, South Riding
Parish of St Johnstown, South Riding
Parish of St Patricksrock, South Riding
Parish of Templeachally, North Riding
Parish of Templebeg, North Riding
Parish of Templebredon, South Riding, 1826
Parish of Templebredon, South Riding, 1828
Parish of Templederry, North Riding
Parish of Templedowney, North Riding
Parish of Temple-etney, South Riding
Parish of Templemichael, South Riding
Parish of Templemore, North Riding
Parish of Templeneiry, South Riding
Parish of Templenoe, South Riding
Parish of Templeree, North Riding
Parish of Templetenny, South Riding
Parish of Templetouhy, North Riding
Parish of Terryglass, over 400 names
Parish of Thurles, over 600 names
Parish of Tipperary (by townland)
Parish of Tipperary (by surname)
Parish of Toem, North Riding
Parish of Tubbrid, South Riding
Parish of Tullaghmelan, South Riding
Parish of Tullaghorton, South Riding
Parish of Tullamain, South Riding
Parish of Twomileborris, North Riding
Parish of Upperchurch, North Riding
Parish of Uskane, North Riding
Parish of Whitechurch, South Riding
Parish of Youghalarra,  North Riding

Tithe Defaulters (1831):
An organized campaign of resistance to the payment of tithes came to a head in 1831 with large scale refusals to pay the tax.  Church of Ireland clergymen were required to produce lists of those liable for tithes who had not paid.  Of the lists only 127 survive, mostly from Counties Kilkenny and Tipperary.

Parish of Barnane, North Riding
Parish of Erry, South Riding
Parish of Inchianty and Dovea, includes RC parish of Drom & Inch
Parish of Kilfithmone, North Riding
Parish of Killoskehane, North Riding
Parish of Kilsheelan, South Riding
Parish of Lismolin, North Riding
Parish of Shanrahan, South Riding

House, Quarto, Tenure, Field & Miscellaneous Books: The valuation of all property and agricultural land in Ireland was a process which took almost 50 years. The records which were generated in the carrying out of his work culminated in the published Valuation of Ireland whose popular name was that of the man, Richard Griffith, who personally organized and directed the whole effort (see below). The unpublished notebooks of the Valuers who performed their tasks under detailed instructions laid down by Griffith have, in most cases, survived and provide a considerable amount of supplementary information that is available in the published Valuation Books. These notebooks have been divided into the following categories: House, Quarto, Tenure, Field and Miscellaneous Books. Some of these notebooks contain information recorded 10 or 15 years before the published valuation. Such records, together with the Tithe Applotment Books, give rare and valuable insights into people and society in pre-famine Ireland.

Ballygriffin Civil Parish, house books, 1846-47
Bruis Civil Parish, house books, 1850
Clonbeg Civil Parish, house books
Cullen Civil Parish, house books
Emly Civil Parish, house books, 1848, 1850
Glenbane Civil Parish, house books, 1850
Lattin Civil Parish, house books, 1850
Kilfeakle Civil Parish, house books, 1848
Tipperary Civil Parish, house books, 1850
Shronell Civil Parish, house books, 1850

1848-1864 Griffith's Valuation: The Griffith's Valuation references individuals (heads of households) who occupied property in Ireland.  Since no Irish census of the nineteenth century has survived, Griffith's Valuation is of extreme importance.  Like the tithes, it lists the head of household, townland and land information.
John Hayes' website, Griffith Valuation Index:  North Riding, South Riding

Aghracrew Civil Parish, South Riding
Ballygriffin Civil Parish, South Riding
Ballingarry website, full Griffith's Valuation for following civil parishes: Ballingarry, Crohane, Mowney, Lismolin and part of Boulick
Borrisnafarney Civil Parish, North Riding
Borrisokane Civil Parish, North Riding
Boytonrath Civil Parish, South Riding
Brickendown Civil Parish, South Riding
Bruis Civil Parish, South Riding
Clonbeg Civil Parish, South Riding
Clonbullogue Civil Parish, South Riding
Clonpet Civil Parish, South Riding
Cordangan Civil Parish, South Riding
Corroge Civil Parish, South Riding
Cullen Civil Parish, South Riding
Dangandargan Civil Parish, South Riding
Dolla Civil Parish, North Riding
Donohill Civil Parish, South Riding
Drom Civil Parish, North Riding
Emly Civil Parish, South Riding
Glenbane Civil Parish, South Riding
Kilcornan Civil Parish, South Riding
Kilfeakle Civil Parish, South Riding
Kilfithmone Civil Parish, North Riding
Killardry Civil Parish, South Riding
Kilmucklin Civil Parish, South Riding
Kilshane Civil Parish, South Riding
Lattin Civil Parish, South Riding
Moyaliff Civil Parish, North Riding
Shronell Civil Parish, South Riding
Shyane Civil Parish, North Riding
Solloghodbeg Civil Parish, South Riding
Solloghodmore Civil Parish, South Riding
Templebredon Civil Parish, South Riding
Templederry Civil Parish, North Riding
Templeneiry Civil Parish, South Riding
Templenoe Civil Parish, South Riding
Tipperary Civil Parish, South Riding
Toem Civil Parish, North & South Riding

1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Emly Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Donohill Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Dangandargan Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Cullen Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Corroge Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Cordangan Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Clonpet Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Clonoulty Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Clonbullogue Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Clonbeg Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Bruis Civil Parish
1871 Ireland Census, Clanwilliam Barony, Ballygriffin Civil Parish



Index of Surnames/Householders Index:  The county by county series which records the occurrence of households of a particular surname in each of the civil parishes of the county, giving the exact number of households in the case of Griffith's Valuation plus an indication of whether a surname is mentioned in the Tithe Applotments (no number of incidences giving for tithes).

Aghacrew Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Lower Barony
Ardmayle Civil Parish, Middlethird Barony
Ballintemple Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Lower Barony
Ballygriffin Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Ballysheehan Civil Parish, Middlethird Barony
Bruis Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Clogher Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Lower Barony
Clonbeg Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Clonbullogue Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Clonoulty Civil Parish, Clanwilliam and Kilnamagh Lower Baronies
Clonpet Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Cordangan Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Corroge Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Cullen Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Dangandargan Civil Parish, Clanwilliam and Middlethird Baronies
Donohill Civil Parish, Clanwilliam and Kilnamagh Lower Barony
Doon Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Upper Barony
Emly Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Fertiana Civil Parish, Eliogarty Barony
Gaile Civil Parish, Middlethird Barony
Glenbane Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Holycross Civil Parish, Eliogarty Barony
Horeabby Civil Parish, Middlethird Barony
Kilcornan Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Kilfeakle Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Killardry Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Kilmore Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Lower Barony
Kilmucklin Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Kilshane Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Lattin Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Moyaliff Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Upper Barony
Moycarky Civil Parish, Eliogarty Barony
Oughterleague Civil Parish, Clanwilliam and Kilnamagh Lower Baronies
Rathkennan Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Lower Barony
Rathlynin Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Relickmurry & Athassel Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Shronell Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Solloghodbeg Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Solloghodmore Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Templebeg Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Upper Barony
Templebredon Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Templeneiry Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Templenoe Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Tipperary Civil Parish, Clanwilliam Barony
Toem Civil Parish, Clanwilliam and Kilnamagh Upper Baronies
St Mary's Clonmel Civil Parish, A to CD to HI to OP to Z
Upperchurch Civil Parish, Kilnamagh Upper Barony

Irish Flax Growers:  In 1796 the Irish Linen Board published a list of 60,000 individuals who receive awards for planting between one and five acres of flax.  Individuals who planted on acre were awarded four spinning wheels and those growing five acres were award a loom.

Church Registers: Include baptisms, marriages and death records of the church.

Library of Ireland, RC church registers
Drom & Inch RC Parish, baptisms, surnames beg Mc
Drom & Inch RC Parish, baptisms, surnames beg B
Clonbeg Civil Parish area, assorted records, Galbally & Aherlow RC Parish
Loughkeen/Birr Parish, 1838-1847, baptism registers
Cahir Parish, 1845-1860, baptism registers
St Peter & Paul's Clonmel Parish, 1840-1860, baptism registers
St Mary's Clonmel Parish, 1840-1860, baptism registers
Clogheen Parish, 1856, 1865-1868, 1870. baptism registers
Cahir Parish 1809-1865, assorted baptism registers
Cahir Parish, 1836-1845, marriage registers
Bansha RC Parish, 1860-1876, baptism registers for assorted surnames
Bansha RC Parish 1826-1860, marriage registers for assorted surnames
Cullen & Latten RC Parish 1846-1849, baptism index
Cullen & Latten RC Parish 1850-1859, baptism index
Cullen & Latten RC Parish 1860-1869, baptism index
Cullen & Latten RC Parish 1870-1880, baptism index
Cullen & Latten RC Parish 1846-1889, marriage index
Clerihan RC Parish 1852-1882, baptism index
Clerihan RC Parish 1852-1882, marriage index
Loughkeen/Birr Parish baptism records also see towns of Clonmel, Clogheen, and Cahir
Glenbane baptism records Lattin & Cullen RC Parish, 1876-1897
Borrisoleigh Marriage records Borrisoleigh RC Parish, 1815-1900
Borrisoleigh Baptism records Borrisoleigh RC Parish, 1815-1900
Templederry RC Parish Baptism records, assorted names, 1842-1910


RC Parishes records from the Tipperary/Waterford border (Clonmel area) plus some civil records, assorted names and records. late 1700s to late 1800s

1826 List of Schools and Teachers: from the "Irish Education Report" by the Commissioners of Irish Education Inquiry. The report was published in 1826 and gives information gathered in 1824. It's divided into 4 volumes, Ulster, Leinster, Munster and Connaught. Munster, which included Tipperary, is in vol 3.

Barony of Owney Arra
Barony of Upper Ormond
Barony of Lower Ormond

Graveyard Inscriptions: originally posted on the CoTipperary mailing list by Janet Crawford and included here with her permission.

Emly Graveyard
Mount Bruis Graveyard
Shronell Graveyard
Solohead Graveyard
Glenkeen Graveyard
Ileigh Graveyard
Borrisoleigh Graveyards
Nenagh Tombstones, found in Lynchburg VA graveyard
Hollyford Cemetery, Drumdrum, Ballintemple Civil Parish, includes names from Toem, Doon, Donohill, Clonoulty plus others
Pictures of tombstones


Civil Registration:  Civil registration began in Ireland for non-Catholic marriages in 1845, and then for all births, marriages and deaths in 1864.  All events are registered in Registrar Districts (old Poor Law Union boundaries).

1876-1877 Death Index, for assorted surnames, includes all Co. Tipperary registrar districts

Ontario, Canada Marriages of Tipperary born, by bride, 1857 to 1922
Ontario, Canada Marriages of Tipperary born, by groom, 1857 to 1922

Townlands of County Tipperary.  Map with townlands, webpage for each town(land). 
new and developing, currently over 2,357 town(land) pages,
last updated, June 12, 2016
added web pages for Ballingarry and Corbally Civil Parishes;  The civil parish pages include townland maps, links and webpages for each townland in the civil parish.
baptism & marriage records added to some
surname registries & links for each town(land), (all needed is townland, surname, contact name and email address)
New town(land)s added or updated:   Killenaule Town, Drundrum, Kiltankin, Aghsmear, Ballycrine, Ballygorteen, Birchgrove, Boola, Camlin, Cappalahan, Cloncracken, Cloneen, Cooleshill, Corville, Cullaun, Derrymore, Derryvale, Glenbeha, Gortmullin, Gortnacally, Grange, Lisglenbeha, Lismakin, Monaincha, Newtown, Rackethall, Rockforest, Scart, The Sheehys, Timoney, Timoney Hills, Tinderry, Verdanthill, Ardragh, Aughnacrumpane, Ballingarry Town, Ballaghboy, Ballingarry Lower, Ballingarry Upper, Ballintaggart, Ballyphilip, Blackcommon, Bolakeale, Bolintlea, Cappagh, Clashduff, Coalbrook, Coolnashinnagh, Curraheenduff, Earlshill, Farranrory Lower, Farranrory Upper, Foilmarnell Lower, Foilmarnell Upper, Garranacool, Garrynagree, Glengall, Gortfree, Gortnasgree, Glengall, Gortfree, Gortnasculloge, Gortnasmuttaun, Harley Park, Jessfield, Killeheen, Knockalonga, Kyleballygalvan, Lisnamrock, Springfield, Tinock, Williamstown
Pages include:  Available Catholic records and film numbers; LDS film #s for Griffiths Valuation, Tithes and censuses for new and updated town(land)s, pictures, civil parish maps, various links to online records

Land Owners in Ireland 1876

John Hayes' website.
  Landowners in Ireland by county in alphabetical order. The names and address of every land owner in Ireland 1876 who had at least one acre of land. These files are PDF and text format.

SURNAME RECORDS, various records pertaining to certain surnames

Tipperary Maher births 1831-1869, contributed by Mary Stewart
Agnes to Judy
Margaret to William, plus unknowns

Toomevara RC Parish Maher births and baptisms, 1831-1868, contributed by Mike Maher

Assorted County Tipperary Flanagan births 1865-1875, from Civil Registration

Kiely and Burke church records from Ballylooby RC parish

Quinn church records, various RC parishes
Clonmel, Kilsheelan, Ballyneal, Cahir
Carrick on Suir, Ballyneal, Kilsheelan, Stradbally

Fant church records from Fethard RC Parish & other parishes

O'Connor, Connors, etc: 1851 England Census1861 England Census, 1871 England Census
O'Connor, all spellings, Griffith's Valuation

Flanagan, all spellings, Griffith's Valuation

Ryan, assorted other names, appearing in the Boston Pilot newspaper searching for missing friend and relatives

Heffernan birth & marriage records, assorted

Morrissey & Bodely baptism and marriage records, from Gortnahoe RC Parish and from Mullinahone RC parish

Morrissey Surname in County Tipperary as found in the Hearth Money Rolls

Murphy Baptisms, Clonoulty Rossmore RC parish, 1837-55


Cormack Petition:  Names and townlands of those who signed a petition to set up of an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the conviction of the Cormack Brothers and into the administration of criminal justice in Ireland generally.
Surnames beginning with:  A & B,  C to E,   F to L,   M to R & Y

Parnell's Supporters: a list of contributors from County Tipperary as published in the Tipperary Leader newspaper of  April 18, 1883.

Commercial and Social Directories:  Ireland has a good selection of commercial directories.  These list the various tradesmen, professionals, gentry, and, in some cases, inhabitants of towns and cities.

1889 Tipperary Town Directory, includes descriptions of towns, includes Tipperary Town, Aherlow, Annacarty, Bansha, Cappawhite, Clonbrick, Cullen Donohill, Emly, Galbally, Glenbane, Hollyford, Kilcommon, Kilross, Lattin, Limerick Junction, Milestone, Monard, Rathkea, Rear Cross, Shronrell

1860 USA Federal Census, County Tipperary born
1870 USA Federal Census, County Tipperary born

Military Records - Various records of Tipperary born for various countries

WWI Registrants, USA

Petty Sessions Court Records - Prior to the 1920s, the lowest courts of Ireland were the Petty Sessions. They covered small crimes and/or civil offenses that could be brought against individuals either by government officials (constables) or by civilians. The court clerk entered the information for each case for the day it was heard in court.  Each entry included the defendant's name and address, the complainant's name and address, the witnesses, the offense and the sentence.  Sessions were held in districts, much like the Electoral Districts.  Only recently were they filmed by the Family History Library and released to the public.  Many district records can be found from 1850s onward.

Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, 1851
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jan to Mar 1852
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Mar to Jun 1852
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jul to Sep 1852
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Oct to Dec 1852
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jan to Mar 1853
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Apr to Jun 1853
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jul to Sep 1853
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Oct to Dec 1853
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jan to Mar 1854
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Apr to Jun 1854
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jul to Aug 10, 1854
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jan 26 to Mar 31, 1855
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Apr 1 to Jul 5, 1855
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jul 5 to Sep 29, 1855
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Oct 1 to Dec 31, 1855
Petty Court Sessions, Tipperary Town District, Jan 1 to Mar 31, 1856



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