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The IrelandGenWeb Project (IGW) is a non-profit, volunteer based organization. We are part of the WorldGenWeb Project, an "unincorporated not-for-profit organization" that provides free online resource and reference information for researchers to Ireland and throughout the world. We use the internet to provide resource information, exchange data, make connections, and share family history. We are a non-commercial organization and as such we do not provide research for a fee nor do we recommend professional genealogists for hire. We do not engage in research for others.

Our Project's History

The IrelandGenWeb Project is part of the WorldGenWeb Project (WGW) and is the official project website for research in Ireland. The IGW has been providing internet access to resource and reference information for researchers to Ireland since early 1996.

The IrelandGenWeb Project was founded by Ms. Diana Hanson in 1996 as part of the WorldGenWeb Project. Changeovers in coordinators from time to time have changed the look and feel of the project but the overall goal has remained consistent. The members of the IrelandGenWeb Project strive to provide the best resource and reference information available to researchers in all 32 counties that make up the Isle of Ireland (The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Great Britain).

The IrelandGenWeb Project has been graciously hosted by RootsWeb,Inc.com since 1997. Many of our county project websites continued to be located on RootsWeb servers. We are grateful to the fine folks at RootsWeb,Inc.com for their support of our project over the past three years.

Recent Changes

In December of 2000, The IrelandGenWeb Project secured it's own domain name, irelandgenweb.com and irelandgenweb.net, and moved to it's own server system. Our hope is that we can provide a higher level of service and support to visiting researchers.

At present, irelandgenweb.com, networks approximately 32 county websites, 26 that make up the Republic of Ireland and 6 that make up Northern Ireland. Note: Northern Ireland county links are provided as a courtesy to visiting researchers. For more information on the Northern IrelandGenWeb Project please follow this link.

How To Adopt An Irish County Site

We are always looking for interested volunteers to either host counties or help current coordinator's with their websites. If you are interested in hosting a county website or would like to contribute your time or data to our project, please feel free to contact , IrelandGenWeb Coordinator. If a county site is available a notice will be placed on the county site as well as in the main Irish Counties index page.

All coordinators and prospective coordinators are encouraged to read the WorldGenWeb Policy and Procedures page as well as our own project guidelines found here.

Training and Assistance for Project Members

If you are a current coordinator and need assistance with html, page layout and design, query board or mailing list maintenance, or just need help with your county website, please read our Project Help page or email , IrelandGenWeb Coordinator.

Current Administration

If you need assistance with this website or have questions about our project, please feel free to contact any of the following individuals for help!

Position Held By Contact Email
Regional Coordinator, BIGW and Chairperson, WGW Nathan Zipfel
System Administrator Carol Hepburn
Country Coordinator (2001-2002) Carol Hepburn

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