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Surname Registry
last updated 16 November 2016


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Surname Ireland Location Where Emigrated Timeline Contact
Abbott Co Mayo, Roscommon Covington KY 1850-5
Acheson/Atcheson Ulster Canada 1800-1900
Acheson/Atcheson Fermanagh Canada 1840-1865
Adams Sligo Charleston NC 1700s
Adams Carlow did not emig 1700-1900
Adams Coleraine, Londonderry New Zealand 1845
Adams Down some to New Zealand 1800-1840
Adams Fermanagh Quebec 1807-
Adley Galway Not given Not given I
Agar Poss.Co Carlow or Cork NY>VT>IL 1825-1860
Agnew Ballamena Scotland 1859>
Ahern Aghabullogue, Co Cork NJ > NY late 1870s
Ahern Bruff, Limerick Sydney, AU 1802
Ahern Fermoy, Cork Sydney, AU 1828-1831
Ahern Kerry, Galway VT Not given
Alcock Cos. Wicklow & Wexford CAN 1800
Alcock Kildare/Dublin England 1750-1850
Alcorn Culdaff, Co Donegal US 1860-1880
Alexander Antrim NY and PA 1880-1930
Alexander Antrim New Zealand 1870's
Allaway/Alloway Queens Co Perth, AU 1940
Allen Armagh Australia 1854
Allen Pallasgreen, Co Limerick NY 1905
Allen Termonfeckin, Louth New Jersey 1901
Allen Wicklow Dummer Tnsp, Peterborough Co, ONT, CAN 1830-35
Allen Co Sligo CAN 1842
Allen Carnalea, Bangor Primacy not given 1850-1950
Alpin Uppr Keeloge,Co Wicklow Philadelphia 1961
Anderson Fermanagh Huron Co. ONT 1840-1850
Anderson Ballyrashane, Co Derry not given not given
Anderson Cos. Cavan & Tyrone did not emig 1754-1834
Appelbe Cork Hull, Yorkshire 1860s
Arbuckle Co Tyrone Stirlingshire&Lanarkshire, Scotland 1840-1870
Archer Kilkenny NYC, NY 1894
Archibold Dublin not given 1840-1938
Ardagh Tipperary & Geashill, Offaly did not emig early 1800s
Arkins Co Cork VIC Australia ca 1837
Armour not known Toronto CAN 1882
Armours Curragh, Maghera, Co Londonderry CAN ca 1734
Armstrong Cork? Quebec CAN 1819
Armstrong Boyle, Co Roscommon did not emig 1800s-1927
Armstrong Fermanagh Toronto CAN 1880s
Armstrong Dundalk did not emig. 1800-1900
Armstrong Co Tyrone Montreal, Quebec, CAN 1825
Armstrong Monaghan Lower Canada Abt 1820
Armstrong Co Offaly & Co Laois Cincinnati, OH 1823
Armstrong Antrim Ontario, CAN 1823-1900
Arnold Tyrone not given 1800
Arrell Cabragh, Co Derry Brisbane, Qld 1833-1891
Arthur Co Clare, Co Limerick NYC 1860s
Artt Artray, Co Tyrone Ontario, CAN 1882
Ashe/Ash Galway New York 1849-1865
Ashe Dingle, Kerry USA 1890-1925
Ashe Galway USA 1800s
Ashfield Fintona New Brunswick, CAN 1847
Atkinson Mayo Lake Co, IL Bef. 1840
Atkinson Ballina, Co Mayo Australia ca 1880
Atwell Co Tyrone ONT, CAN pre 1848
Auld, Aull Newtownhamilton, Co Armagh Australia 1860s
Austin Sligo did not emig ca 1820-50
Bacon Castlepollard, Co Westmeath NYC, NY 1845-1850
Bagnor Kildare Unknown 1700-1870
Bailey Offaly Australia 1977
Baker Ballymacward Schuykill Co, PA 1844-1848
Baldwin Lyre, Kilrossanty, Co Waterford Holliston MA 1872-1948
Balfe Roscommon not given 1800-1836
Ball Belfast Australia 1847
Ball Galway America Not given
Ballance not given Brooklyn, NY 1851
Bannon Athalone, Roscommon Boston MA 1914
Bannon/Banniers Carneyhome, Clones, Co Monaghan Liverpool> NYC; Montezuma 1849
Barkley Ireland CAN & USA 1830-Present
Barlow Dublin, Wexford not given 1792
Barlow Derry Scotland, USA, CAN, AU, NZ 1790-1920
Barlow Down, Drumgooland, Moneyslane NY, NJ 1800s
Barnett Cobh, Co Cork Australia 1800-1838
Barnes Aghadouglas, Co Offaly NY, NJ 1830-1930
Barrett Cork CA, USA 1800-1851
Barrett Rathkeale, Co Limerick Can>USA c1830-1853
Barrett Co Cork Wales 1850-1860
Barrett Ballycastle Pittsburgh, PA 1920
Barrett Co Cork London, ENG Mid 1800s
Barrett Ballinasloe, Loughrea Iowa, Kansas 1800s
Barrett Lakefield, Ballinasloe, Co Galway USA 1880-1900
Barrington Naas or Rosetown, Co Kildare Waupaca & Outagamie Cos, WI 1840-1850s
Barron Tyrone Scotland 1820 onward
Barry Cork QLD, AUST 1850+
Barry Antrim Australia not given
Barry Trew, Co. Tyrone QLD, AU 1860-1875
Barry N Ireland not given 1840
Barry Cork S Africa 1795-1840
Barry Skibbereen, Cork Australia 1877
Bartholomew Tullygarley, Ballymena, Antrim not given 1850s
Bartley Drumcree, Derries, & Carpenterstown not given 1798?
Baxter Cooneen, Fivemiletown, Fermanagh Australia 1818-1889
Beard Galway not given not given
Beamish Unknown
Haliburton, ONT, CAN
Bef 1840s
Beashel (all sp) Rush, Co Dublin Sydney, NSW, AU 1820-1870
Beaton Crossgar, Co Down not given 1858-1947
Beattie Derry not given 1880
Beattie/Beatty Bangor/Cottown, Co Down Napanee, ONT, CAN 1850-1950
Beattie/Beatty Co Leitrim/Co Fermanagh Canada 1905
Beatty Co Wicklow & Wexford Canada Abt 1810
Beatty Derryarkin, Kings Co AU & USA 1862-1878+
Beatty Co Sligo Scotland, ENG 1780-1875
Beddy Belfast not given Any
Begley Co Kerry Boston MA 1913-1940
Begley Kerry, Cork, Limerick Canada Iowa 1820-1850
Behan Newbridge, Co Kildare Victoria, AU 1861
Behan Kilkenny Sydney, NSW 1824-1917
Beirne Kilglass, Roscommon NSW Australia 1815
Beirne Roscommon PA, USA 1833-1965
Bell Fermanagh Wellington Co, CAN c1835-1881
Bell Galway NZ not given
Bell Antrim Scotland 1890s
Benn Galway, Limerick, Tipperary CAN, USA 1800s
Benn Emo/Coolbanagher not given Abt 1825
Bennett Limerick not given not given
Bennett Dublin not given 1840-present
Bennett Ballard, Co Armagh Liverpool, UK 1880
Bennett Aahascragh, Co Galway Birmingham, UK Abt 1800
Bennett Kerry or Cork Montreal, CAN & Valparaiso, IN 1845-1850
Bennett Ballinagh, Co Cavan not given 1800s
Bentley Co Galway not given not given
Bergen Conahy, Kilkenny not given 1770>
Bergin unknown IL 1860s
Bermingham Tuam, Galway England 1860-1890
Bermingham Galway New York & New Jersey not given
Bevard, Be/Bovaird Donegal France, Ireland, MD & PA, USA 1572-1711
Bingham Antrim Sydney, NSW, AU 1908
Birch N.Ireland, around Belfast NYC 1828
Birch/Burch Ireland not given 1746-1776
Birmingham Galway IL 1881-1904
Birney Co Tyrone PA > OH 1801
Birthisel/Birthistle Co Wicklow Australia < 1858
Bishop Newmarket, Cork NYC, NY 1847
Black Tyrone Canada 1850-70
Black Ballmena, Co Antrim Australia mid 1850s
Blackburn Killarney, Co Kerry Louisiana>Illinois 1820-1895
Blackley Ballymena Melbourne, Beechworth, Vic., AU 1825-1865
Blair Belfast,Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim Ontario, Canada 1800-1880
Blair Ballycarry Co Antrim Philadelphia, PA; BC,CAN 1780>
Blair Richhill area,Co Armagh Quebec, CAN 1780-1835
Blayney Co Antrim Australia 1850s
Blevins Armagh, Tyrone USA, AU, CAN 1770-1860
Blevins Clonfeacle, Armagh Boston, MA 1700-1850s
Blood unknown Gardner, Groton MA 1670s
Bluett Kilkenny Unknown 1750-1850
Boland Sligo, Clare NY not given
Boland Dublin Chicago IL 1880
Bolger Co Laois Boston MA 1885
Bolton Kilmore, Co Clare Washington DC>IL 1850-1860
Bolton Tulla or Scariff, Co Clare IL, CA, Kansas not given
Bohan Galway New York mid 1800s
Boon Cos.Tyrone, Dublin,Derry ENG, SCOT, USA, CAN 1700-2008
Booth Co. Kilkenny, Castlecomer area did not emig early 1800s
Boozane/Beausang Ballymacoda, Kilcredan, Cloyne, Co Cork US, CAN, AU 1800s
Bothwell Armagh Vermont 1838
Bourke Killala, Co Mayo Queensland, AU 1860-1865
Bourke/Burke Cappamore, Co. Limerick Queensland, AU 1882
Bournes Castleconner, Sligo Ontario CAN early 1800s
Bower Donegal Jeddo, PA, USA 1850-1920
Boxwell/Boxell(any sp) Any Any Any
Boyce Co Donegal PA > OH 1805
Boyce Drumreagh, Co Down not given 1800-1927
Boyhan Co Cork Hampton, VA 1867
Boylan Cavan & Monaghan NS & ONT,CAN & NY,USA 1835-1890
Boylan Kilnaleck& Tonylion,Co Cavan RI, USA 1840-1900
Boylan Cavan Easton & Glendon, PA 1840s
Boyle Co Tyrone Glasgow SCT > PA > NY > CT > RI 1823-50
Boyle Co. Kilkenny, Castlecomer area Thorold, Ontario CAN early 1800s
Boyle Unknown Lake Forest, PA 1847
Boyle Irishtown, Co Mayo Chicago IL early 1900s
Boyle Dunglow, Co Donegal Did not emigrate Bef.1867
Boyle Co Down Canterbury, New Zealand 1862-1866
Boyle Kilmacrenan, Co Donegal PA,USA,& SCOT 1840-1950
Boyle Acres, Leckenagh, Donegal Bayonne, NJ 1889-1910
Boyle Killeenadeemam, Galway Boston, MA 1815-1880
Boyle Armagh, Portadown, Antrim, Belfast Waterloo, ONT, Regina, SASK, Whiterock, BC 1840-1930
Boyle Co Galway Not given Not given
Boyles Unknown NJ, USA 1773
Boyne Meath ? Prescot, Lancashire UK 1850s
Bracken Co Offaly Ohio 1950
Bracken Rathdowny, Queens Co Sydney, NSW 1840-1923
Brackett Kilally,Kilworth, Co Cork not given Bef 1903
Bradley Cloonnagleragh area, Turlough Par., Co Mayo Philadelphia PA 1860-1920
Bradley Co Longford New York City 1843
Bradley Derry, N. Ireland Illinois 1870-90
Bradley Carndonagh, Glenmakee, Co Donegal Boston, MA 1890
Bradley Kells WI, USA 1825-1912
Bradley Co Mayo Philadelphia 1889-1948
Bradner Co Wicklow Cheltenham ENG Abt 1840
Bradshaw Newport, Co Tipperary; Murroe, Co Limerick NYC 1906
Brady Co Cavan Australia mid 1850s
Brady Fermanagh Quebec 1830-1840
Brady Co Cavan Phillipsburg, NJ & S Bethlehem, PA 1846
Brannagan (All sp) Louth Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJ 1848>
Brannack Dublin Chicago IL 1885
Brannick Ballindine, Co Mayo Springfield, OH 1870
Brassil, Brassel Kilclooney, Kildorrery, Cork did not emig ca 1830
Brassill Co Donegal Connecticut, USA 1840-1845
Brass Co Wicklow not given early 1700s
Brazell, Brazill Co Clare USA 1820-1880
Breen Dromore, Co Tyrone Indianapolis, IN 1880
Breen Glencar, Co Kerry Reading, PA 1854-1864
Breen Kilkenny S AU 1876
Breen Maryborough, Co Laois did not emig 1800-1900
Breen Carrigaholt, Co Clare Hamilton & Toronto, ONT, CAN 1845>
Breen Annacarty, Tipperary Australia 1864-1881
Breen/Heenan Unknown not given 1840
Breheny Woodford, Co Galway Glen Lyon, Vic, AU  
Breheny Tynagh, Co Galway USA Abt 1910
Brennan Co Mayo South Bend IN 1850 on
Brennan St John's Par, Co Roscommon Stratford, ONT, CAN; Palo Alto Co IA 1830s-1865
Brennan Limerick England > USA 1846, 1869
Brennan Co Carlow, Tullow Auburn NY 1850-1900
Brennan Co Kerry Chicago not given
Brennan Sligo Gurteen early 1900
Brennan Stonepark, Aclare, Co Sligo & Carracanada, Swineford, Mayo Chicago 1920-1926
Brennan Annaghdown, Galway Australia 1828-1900
Brennick poss Kilkenny Prince Edward Island CAN mid 1800s
Breslin Ardara, Donegal Eastern PA & NYC, Brooklyn, NY, USA 1840-1890
Bresnahan/Brosnahan Co Kerry? not given 1800-1900
Bresnan, O'Bresnahan Limerick Australia late 1870s
Brickley Lislee, Co Cork Wales 1850
Brickley Skibbereen, Co Cork Chicago, IL 1800
Bride Cork, Cloyne Wales 1850s
Briscoe Birr, Kings Co Liverpool, NY NY, Tasmania 1859>
Brison Westmeath not given 1776-1800
Britton Antrim Isle of Bute, Scotland 1870
Brock Co Fermanagh Canada late 1700s-early 1800s
Broderick Loughrea Australia 1886
Broderick Killenadeema, Co Galway Boston, MA 1870s
Broderick Killenadeema, Co Galway Boston, MA 1865
Broderick Galway New York 1866
Broderick Woodford, Galway PA, USA Not given
Broderick Galway England 1830-1840
Broderick Killeenadeema, Derrybrien Boston, MA 1865-1875
Brogan Donegal Glasgow, Scotland 1860
Brogan not given New Jersey 1840-1850
Brooks not given not given not given
Brophy Dublin Liverpool abt 1845
Brosnan/Brosnahan Anascaul, Co Kerry New Marker, NH,Lawrence,MA 1880s
Brosnihan Kerry, Galway VT Not given
Brown Sligo, Mayo Scranton PA 1850-60
Brown Tullycorbet, Co Monaghan ONT, CAN pre 1830
Brown Grogy, Brookeborough, Fermanagh Australia 1793-1889
Brown not given Gatehead, Durham ENG 1840+
Brown Galway Baltimore, MD 1800
Brown Co Armagh NB, CAN 1815
Brown(e) Co Tipperary, Dublin Canada 1700-1900
Browne Kilmeague, Kildare Not given 1850s
Brownlee Drumnasoo,Drumcree,CoArmagh did not emigrate 1814-1870
Brownlee Antrim,nr Ballymena Iowa 1870s
Brownley/lee Co Armagh OH, USA 1846
Brownrigg Mullins, Kilcommon Par, Co Wicklow L'Acade, QUE, CAN B.1797
Bruce Fermanagh/Donegal AU 1860s-1870s
Bruin/Bruen Sligo NYC 1870s
Bruton Galway England Bef. 1850
Bryan Dublin Australia 1830-1922
Bryan Kilkenny Prince Edward Isle, CAN 1826-1828
Bryans none given Canada 1840-1860
Brynan Belfast, Island Magee, Co Antrim, Philadelphia, PA,GA, SC 1700s-1800s
Bryson Co Antrim Lancaster Co, PA 1700s
Bryson Grogy, Brookeborough, Fermanagh Australia 1809-1889
Buckley Kilkenny Australia ca 1869
Buckley Birr, Offaly VIC, AUS 1849
Buckley Cork Belleville, ONT, Canada 1846
Buckley Iveleary, Co Cork NY > Colusa Co, CA 1883-4
Buckley Thomastown Parish, Kilkenny Victoria AUS 1869
Buckley Cork not given 1850-60
Buckley Macroom or Youghal, Cork Lawrence,MA& SF,CA 1870-1890
Buckley Cork not given 1840s
Bulger Unknown New York, USA 1860
Burden Cos Antrim&Down USA & CAN 1880-1915
Burdish Islandeady, Co Mayo PA>Omaha,NEB,ENG,Scotland 1850s
Burgett Armagh New South Wales, AU 1885
Burke Aughrim, Co Galway Brooklyn NY 1844-1910
Burke Ballylooby,Co Tipperary Connecticut,USA 1901
Burke Templemore, Tipperary NYC > Troy NY 1851-65
Burke Monaghan Avon NY 1800-1900
Burke unknown Gardner, Groton MA 1900s
Burke unknown Hastings, Ontario CAN 1850-60
Burke Upperchurch, Tipperary not given 1780-Now
Burke Cork New Zealand 1870?
Burke Co Kerry Toronto & Hamilton ONT, CAN 1876
Burke Mitchelstown, Co Cork Worcester, Worcester Co, MA 1865-1933
Burke Clare not given 1875
Burke Ballynoe, Co Cork Boston 1830-1850
Burke Woodford, Co Galway S Africa <1881
Burke Galway Staffordshire, England 1828-1882
Burke Galway MA, USA 1887-1906
Burke Annaghdown, Co Galway not given not given
Burke Tuam, Co Galway Holyoke, MA; Brooklyn, NY Aft 1891
Burke Ballinderreen, Co Galway USA 1886
Burke Galway Wasall, Staffordshire, ENG not given
Burley, Burleigh Fermanagh Hastings Co, Ontario CAN 1834
Burns, Byrnes Cavan? NYC 1867
Burns/Byrnes Monaghan NY 1848-1953
Burns, O' Beirne Par. Kilmore, Co. Roscommon Reading, Berks Co, PA 1835-1844
Burns Kerry Phila., PA 1800-1900
Burns Newry Australia 1865
Burns Dublin WI, USA 1823-1855
Burns Galway Manchester 1840
Burns Glinsk USA not given
Burns Cork? OH, USA 1900
Burns Galway NY 1851-1853
Burns Co Galway Liverpool >NY >IN 1845-1847
Burt not given not given not given
Burton/Bruton Tipperary Tn, Co. Tipperary Australia 1863
Bushell Ballyvaughan Clonmel Tipperary not given not given
Bushnell Cork S Africa 1790-1840
Bustard Donegal MA 1800-1871
Butler Co Wexford Canada 1800-1900
Butler Kiltormer & Lawrencetown, Co Galway Vigo Co, Indiana, USA 1812-1856
Butler Gorey, Co Wexford VIC, Australia 1855-1865
Butler Lisnafunshin,Co Kilkenny not given 1815
Butler Cork New Orleans>KY>WI 1840s?
Butler Kilkenny Melbourne, Vic, AU 1855
Butler Unknown MA 1630-1681
Butler Moolum/Roachestown, Co Kilkenny OH, SD 1870s
Butler Unknown Prince Edward Co, CAN 1845-1849
Butte Oranmore, Galway USA 1800s
Bushell Co.Tipperary Unknonwn 1660-1800
Byers Cavan Australia 1840s
Byrne Limerick Australia late 1870s
Byrne Rathvilly, Co Carlow CA 1860
Byrne Co Kildare Port Jackson, NSW 1839
Byrne Co Wicklow, Seven Churches, Ballymaconey Muscatine Co, IA 1847&1870s
Byrne Dublin Australia 1836
Byrne Ballyglunin, Galway? MA, USA Abt 1914
Byrne Tuam USA Not given
Byrne Cork City? Boston, MA 1860-1870
Byrne, Burns Greaghlone, Magheracloone, Co Monaghan Village Creek IA 1850s



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