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Surname Registry
last updated 16 November 2016


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Surname Ireland Location Where Emigrated Timeline Contact
Eagan Cobh New York, New York 1800s
Earls East Galway West Troy, NY 1840s
Early Tyrone Halton Co, Ontario, CAN 1820-42
Eastway Fermoy CAN 1881-1934
Eaton Craighy Warren,Ballymena,Co Antrim not given 1853
Edwards Cork Canada 1903
Egan Clooneen Upper, Co Tipperary Melbourne 1830 onward
Egan Kilkenny Melbourne Australia 1800-1858
Elliott Glenties, Co Donegal PA & WA 1800-1890
Ellis Kildare Sydney NW, Australia 1884
Ellis Co Clare AU 1870s
Ellis Sligo Rhode Island, USA 1890s
Ellis Tyrone did not emigrate 1800
Emerson Clare NY USA 1870-1878
England Roscrea area (Tipperary, Offaly, Laois corner) did not emig 1800-1920
English Clonoulty, Annacarty, Co Tipperary NSW Australia 1850s
English Glencairn, Co Waterford New York, NY 1800-1900
Ennis Dublin not given -present
Enright Clare, Limerick perhaps Quebec CAN 1835-1840
Enright Limerick Pittsburgh, PA 1850+
Enright Kerry Syracuse NY 1890-1910
Espie Northern Ireland Port Patrick Wigtown SCOT 1791
Eustace Kilrush parish, Co Clare NY, MN 1848-present
Evans Monaghan Boston MA 1926
Ewan not given not given not given
Fadden/Fagin/Fadian Streamstown, Westport,Co Mayo Cleveland, OH 1890
Fagan Castlepollard, Co Westmeath NYC, NY 1850-1855
Fahy Crusheen area, Co. Clare did not emig 1800s on
Fahy/Foy Galway ENG 1836/7
Fallahee Unknown Jersey City, NJ 1860
Fallon Co Sligo NY, NY > Louisville KY 1820s
Fallon Ireland Illinois 1840-54
Falnagan not given not given not given
Falvey Cork City, & Co Cork not given 1748 onward
Falvey Kerry Ontario Co, NY 1860s>
Fanagan Pot Law, Waterford MA, USA 1835-1860
Fanning Fenagh Par.Co Leitrim Cincinnati,OH&DaviesCo,IN 1750-1850
Fant/Faunt Fethard, Cashel, Kockbritt, CoTip & Mtchllstwn ,Galbally ,Kilmallock ,CoLim Beverly NJ 1869
Farley Dublin, Carlow not given 1780-1930
Farley/Farrelly West Meath & Tipperary S Australia 1847
Farmer Enniskillen Oklahoma City, OK 1887-1898
Farrell Co Cork unknown 1775-1875
Farrell Co Galway Australia, NSW from 1841
Farrell Roscommon not given 1800s
Farrell Limerick CAN>VT 1815-1900
Farrell Shanagolden, Co Limerick did not emig 1800s
Farrell/O'Farrell Longford Australia 1800-1927
Farrell Kinnegad, Co Westmeath Port Chester, NY 1894-1963
Farrell Waterford NY>NJ, USA 1860s
Farrelly Cavan Illinois 1880s-1900s
Farren Donegal Wilmington, DE 1830-1965
Farry Co Tyrone St John, N.B., CAN 1800s
Faulkner Co Fermanagh New Orleans, LA 1822-1900
Feeley Sligo, Roscommon Schulkill Co, PA 1800-1803
Feeney Spiddal, Carna, Co Galway Portland ME 1883-1902
Feeney Galway? New Brunwick, CAN c 1835
Feeney Kilmactranny, Co Sligo Bathurst, Australia 1851-1856
Feeney Inishowen, Donegal Scotland & USA 1844-1911
Feltis, Feltus Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Crawford Co. OH 1847-1900s
Fenelon (all sp) Myshall, Co Carlow Dayton, OH 1848
Fennell Birr, Co Offaly New Zealand 1800-1875
Fenton Limerick (Kilmallock ?) Quebec City,QUE,CAN 1864-1866?
Fenton Greenmount Antrim Ontario, Canada 1850s
Ferguson Banbridge, Co Down Chicago, IL 1833-1896
Ferguson Connaught Maryland & Virginia 1834-1837
Ferguson Unknown Clarenceville,QUE,CAN 1850-52
Ferguson Dundalk Co Louth Whitehaven, Cumberland UK 1860
Ferguson Desertcreat, Tyrone Mt Morgan, Qld, AU 1878
Ferguson Dundalk Liverpool 1890s
Ferrigan unknown USA 1840-44
Ferris, Fearon, Ferins Drogheda New Haven CT, NY 1860s
Ferry unknown Pennsylvania 1790s
Ffolliott/Folliott Castlerahan, Co Cavan, Oldcastle, Co Meath MN, TN, USA & CAN 1700-Pres.
Fields Fermanagh Canada 1840
Finan Gurteen, Sligo So Dakota, Cincinnati OH 1860
Finlay Tullylish, Co. Down New Zealand 1818-1900
Finley/Finlay Co Down Hastings, ONT, CAN 1846-1848
Finn Bockagh Hill, Ballaghadereen, Co Rosscommon New York 1920+
Finn Liscannor, Co Clare Elmira, NY 1848-1860
Finn Kildorrery, Doneraile, Co Cork Brooklyn, NY 1850s
Finn Galway, Sligo, Moylough USA 1860-1907
Finegan Skehanagh, Co Galway Fremont, NE 1885
Finlan/Fenlon Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Aroostook Co, ME 1839
Finnegan Donaghmoyne, Monaghan Lima NY 1800-1900
Finnegan Sligo NYC 1870s
Finnegan (all sp) Timahoe, Queens Co NY>TN 1850s
Finnerty Annadown, Galway New Zealand 1862-64
Fitzgerald Cork, Kerry Swansea, Wales 1750-1836
Fitzgerald Ballynavenooragh, Kilquane, Co Kerry Kansas City, MO 1907
Fitzgerald Limerick, Co Limerick Adelaide,ONT, CAN 1831
Fitzgerald Carrickbeg, Co Waterford Fall River, MA & NYC 1880s
FitzGibbon Mallow, Cork NY 1815+
FitzHenry not given ENG & USA 1800s>
Fitzhenry Wexford Buffalo, Erie Co, NY 1840-2008
Fitzpatrick Co Galway New Brunswick, NJ 1900s
Fitzpatrick Co Cork USA 1848
Flaherty Co Kerry CT, USA 1851-1900
Flaherty Mayo Schuylkill Co PA 1864
Flaherty Inisheer, Aran Islands Chicago, IL 1910
Flaherty Sroove Rhode Island, USA 1890's
Flaherty Galway Rankin, PA 1852-1883
Flanagan Co. Tipperary, Tipperary RC Parish Troy NY (some did not emig) 1800s
Flanagan/Flanigan Co Monaghan NY/PA/Chicago,IL 1840s
Flanagan Co Louth Seneca Co, NY 1848-1853
Flanagan Co Roscommon did not emig not given
Flanagan Co Roscommon Jersey City, NJ 1882
Flanigan/Flannigan Maghermayo, Cabra & Kinghill, Co Down Mass, USA & Millon, ENG 1800s
Flavell Corbrackey,Drumcree par.,Co Armagh Toronto,,CAN 1858
Flavin, Flahaven Kerry Syracuse NY 1890-1901
Flavin Tipperary Cardiff, Wales 1998
Fleming Kildorrery, Cork did not emig ca 1830s
Fleming Co Sligo did not emig 1700-1900
Fleming Cork Whitman MA 1890-1900
Fleming not known Smyth Co, VA, USA 1700
Fleming Mill Hill, Fermanagh VIC, AU 1840+
Fleming Kilcullen, Kildare England 1920s
Flood not given Ontario, CAN 1811-1830
Flynn Republic of Ireland Hudson NY, Scranton PA 1840s
Flynn unknown Glasgow SCOT 1792-1859
Flynn Kerry London, AU 1830s-1860s
Flynn Cloonnagleragh area, Turlough Par., Co Mayo Philadelphia PA 1860-1920
Flynn Dublin McDonough Co, IL 1849
Flynn Co Clare Wayne Co, IN not given
Flynn Co. Leitrim, Clonee Troy NY, Worcester MA, Akron OH, RI middle 1800s
Fogarty Kilkenny Melbourne, VIC bef 1863
Fogarty Tipperary Syracuse NY 1840-1870
Foley Co Kerry Co Cork 1830-1900
Foley Cork New York State 1883-92
Foley Co Cork NY > IA 1834-present
Foley Unknown Edinburgh,SCOT 1840-
Foley Erribul, Co Clare NJ 1882-1889
Foley unknown Indianapolis,Indiana 1861-1863
Foley unknown Wayne Co, NY 1850-1853
Foley Co Waterford USA 1850-1898
Foley Co Waterford MA., ILL 1850
Foley Cappawhite, Tipperary Australia 1800-2009
Foley Cappoqui, Waterford Australia 1849
Foran Kildare Illinois, USA 1820-80
Ford Mayo Randolph Co, WV 1850s
Ford Co Galway Boston, MA 1800s
Forde Co Cork or Kerry Did not emig 1860-1940
Forde Rathdrum, Co Wicklow Australia 1840-1860s
Forrest Cork USA 1818
Forsythe Antrim NY and PA, USA 1880-1930
Foster Fermanagh IL 1848-9
Fottrell Co Dublin NY, CA, TN 1700-present
Fountain unknown unknown 1750-1830
Fox Co. Armagh, Derrylard did not emig mid 1800s
Fox Meath & Fermanagh USA pre 1851
Foy-Fay Drung parish Co Cavan UK & USA 1800-1900
Fraher Kilclooney, Kildorrery, Cork MA, NY 1859 on
Francis Co Galway NYC, PA, Henryville IN 1825-49
Fraser Fermanagh, Leitrim Kent, ENG 1900s
Frawley Labashedda, Co Clare CT, USA 1850s
Frazier Co Roscommon did not emig  
Freeman not known- shipbuilders Smyth Co, VA, USA 1700
Friel Tullyconnell, Co Donegal Ironton OH 1856-81
Friel Belfast Glasgow not given
Friel (all sp) nr Westport Tn, Co Mayo Cleveland, OH 1865
Fuery Ballina area, Co. Mayo Philadelphia, PA 1855
Fuery none given Lockport, NY 1820
Furlong Cork NY 1890-1905
Fur(r)ey Co Monaghan Govan, Glasgow, SCOT ca 1850
Gaffney Ballinamore, Co Leitrim NY & NJ 1850-1860
Gahan Kilquiggan, Co Wicklow Baltimore, MD 1894
Gailey Letterkenny, Co Donegal PA 1840s
Gainey Cork NY, MN 1854
Galahan/Gallahan none given NYC 1824
Galbraith Kilkeel, Co Down New Brunswick CAN pre 1840s
Gallagher Co Meath not given 1869-85
Gallagher Cloonbrone, Co Mayo Chicago late 1800s
Gallagher Glanworth Par, Cork USA, differnt areas 1800-1900
Gallagher Kildorrery Par, Cork; Kilflyn Par, Limerick NY, Boston MA, Australia 1780-1900
Gallagher Kilcommon Mayo Dansville NY 1847
Gallagher Ulster unknown 1850
Gallagher Donegal Australia 1870-90
Gallagher Co Sligo Sandisfield MA > Pope Co MN mid 1800s
Gallagher Co Sligo NY 1885-1920
Gallagher possibly Co. Tipperary did not emig late 1700s
Gallagher Donegal not given 1850-Pres.
Gallagher Co Cavan Lanart Count, CAN 1820
Gallagher Ireland Manhattan, NY 1850s
Gallagher Termonamongon Tyrone Sydney AU 1839
Gallaher, Gallagher Donegal PA, USA 1760-1780
Gallagher Donegal NYC 1890-1910
Gallagher Co Roscommon New Zealand 1847
Gallagher Co Donegal Guernsey Co,OH 1830-1845
Gallagher Castlebar Leeds Co, ONT ,CAN 1780s-now
Gallagher Co Donegal Allegheny, PA 1869-1871
Gallagher Raheen Barr not given not given
Gallagher Co Sligo Chicago, IL; Adams, MN; Minneapolis, MN 1856
Gallaher Tully, Co Donegal Elkton, MD 1807
Gallaway, Galway Cork not given not given
Gallery Cork not given 1875
Galligan Kildorrery, Co Cork Brooklyn, NY 1860s
Garrett Belmullet, Co Mayo Christchurch, New Zealand 1988>
Gaul Co. Kilkenny Chicago 1862-4
Galvin Kilrush, Clare Sydney AUS 1850s
Galvin Roscommon OH, USA 1800-1900
Gannon Burriscarra, Ballintuber, Co Mayo Madison, Dane Co, WI 1870s
Gannon Tuam, Co Galway not given mid 1800s
Garraghan Castlemaine NY 1840
Garrett unknown Lambton Co Plymton twsp 1818-1861
Garritty Not given NJ, USA 1870-1875
Gartlan Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan Wellington Square (now Burlington) ON 1840-1845
Gately Athlone, Co Westmeath India>Knarlesborough, York, ENG not given
Gaughan Kilgellia, Attymass, Co Mayo ENG 1800-1900
Garvey Co Armagh Baltimore MD mid 1850
Garvey Co. Clare, Kilkee IA, USA 1849
Garvey Co Armagh NYC, NY 1852
Garvey Garrynadur, Minard, Co Kerry Kansas City, MO 1895-1910
Gavan/Gavin Ballina, Carrowbeg, Newport, Co Mayo Australia 1843
Gavan Cappamore, Co Limerick & ? Did not emigrate Any
Gearn Tipperary USA & Australia Any
Geary Tipperary? CT, USA 1850s
Geary, Guiry Limerick Chicago, IL 1849
Geary, Guiry Kilclooney, Old Castle, Kildorrery, Cork Plymouth MA 1860+
Geary, Guiry Co Waterford, Ardmore Mobile AL, New Orleans LA 1800-1900
Geary, Guiry Co Waterford Boston > Milford > W Newton MA 1865-1960s
Geary, Guiry Milford, Co Cork & Gurteens Co Limerick Tumut,Tooma,Wagga Wagga, NSW AU 1864
Genford Wexford Australia, Qld 1800-2008
Geraghty Galway LA 1860
Geraghty Barna, Co Galway NYC, NY 1870
Gibbons Turlough, Mayo USA 1920
Gibbons Carnnacon, Ballyglass, Co Mayo Baltimore,MD; Phila., PA 1901-1952
Giblin Knockfin, nr Westport, Co Mayo Cleveland, OH 1886
Gibney Castlepollard, Co Westmeath not given 1800-1850
Gibney Meath (Eastmeath) NY, Wilkes Barre, Ashley PA 1846
Gibson Ballymoran area, Co Down unknown 1819 onward
Gibson Portadown Taunton, MA 1890-1910
Gilhooly Leitrim, Cavan NYC > Chicago 1900s
Gilhooly Co. Tipperary, Tipperary RC Parish did not emig early 1800s
Gilhooly/Gillhuly Leitrim Elizabethtown, ONT, CAN 1820s
Gill Galway, Mayo not given not given
Gillen unknown NY mid 1850s
Gillen unknown Philadelphia, PA 1790-1820
Gillespie Antrim Queensland 1850s
Gilligan not given Boston 1840s
Gillogley Leitrim New Haven CT 1820-1920
Gillooly Co Roscommon/Co Galway N/A 1800-1880
Gilmartin, Kilmartin Rathlee, Easkey Par., Co Sligo maybe Hartlepool, Durham ENG, Scranton PA 1840s
Gilmore Druminallyduff,Drumcree par.,Co Armagh Toronto,CAN 1870
Gilmore Dunmore, Co Galway Boston, MA 1959
Gilmore Herdstown, Co Down not given 1850-1950
Gilrain(e) Co Roscommon Manchester NH 1875-80
Gilroy Donegal/Fermanagh not given 1800-1900
Givins/Gavin Drumquin, Tyrone Australia 1827-1852
Givnin Co Cavan Castle Garden, NY; Mahanoy Tnsp, PA 1848-1900
Glass Seapatrick Par.,Co Down PA & VA 1740-1770
Glass Co Tyrone Philadelphia, PA 1853
Gleeson Co Mayo Brooklyn, NY 1900-1930
Glenn Monaghan IL 1850s
Glenn Donegal Canada 1895-1913
Glennon Unknown Boston, MA 1860s-1870s
Gloster Limerick Warren Co, NC 1730-1780
Glover Tipperary not given not given
Glynn New Castle Athenry, Tiaquin Columbus, Franklin Co, OH 1851
Glynn not sure Australia 1832-1913
Godfry Foynes; Co Limerick not given not given
Godsil Cork US 1920
Gogarty-Gogerty Dowdallshill-Dundalk NY 1868
Goggans Cork VA 1718
Goggins Galway, Mayo UK not given
Golden Mayo Lacawanna Co, PA 1850s
Gordon Kiltyclogher, Cloonclare Par, Leitrim Conn. 1840+
Gordon Co Down, Co Antrim AU & NZ early 1800s
Gordon Lislea,nr Kilrea,Co Derry Prescott,ONT,CAN 1847
Gorey Rathagan, Co Kildare NYC>Buffalo, NY 1908-1941
Gorham Clifdon, Galway Detroit, MI 1850-1930
Gorivan, Goravin Sligo Yonkers NY 1852
Gorman Boleybeg, Drummin, Co Galway Illinois 1880
Gorman Glenough Lower, par. Clonoulty, Tipperary NY, WI C 1950
Gorman Dublin City Unknown 1851>
Gorman Unknown Lancashire, ENG 1836/7
Gormley Mayo West MIlford, NJ 1820-1868
Good Unknown Mooers, NY, USA Abt 1835
Gough Woodsdown, Killeenagarriff, Co Limerick Gananuoque, Kingston, Ontario CAN 1810-22
Gough Unknown New South Wales, AU 1815
Grace Unknown Cleveland, OH, USA 1846-1850
Grace Fiddown, Co. Kilkenny Taunton, Mass 1851-1900
Grace Kilkenny City, Kilkenny Kingston nr Dublin 1853
Grace Co Meath New Orleans, LA 1860s
Grady Galway Brooklyn NY > NJ 1832-1900
Grady Sligo Phila PA, some did not emig not given
Grady not given Louisburgh, Clinton 1850-1900
Grady Roscommon Indiana 1807-1865
Grady Mayo Canada, Vermont 1870
Graham Killen & Drumquin, Tyrone NSW & QLD, AU Up to 1853
Gralish/Grealish Galway Pittsburgh, PA 1866-1949
Graney Galway City MD, NY 1830-1850
Grannary Fermanagh CAN 1800?
Grannon/Grennan Sinolane/Sonvolaun,Co Mayo Chicago, IL, USA 1881
Grant Co Down, Comer, Newry did not emig to mid 1800s
Grant Lattery, Armagh NYC, NY; Philadelphia, PA 1852-1890
Gray Roscommon not given 1800s
Gray Mayo New Zealand 1860s
Gray Londonderry Worcester, MA 1660-1718
Greeley, Grealy Ballinlough, Castlereagh, Roscommon East Boston MA 1870s
Greeley, Greely Westmeath NYC 1850
Greenwood Any not given 1858
Greer Armagh not given 1810
Greer Ireland CAN & USA 1830-2009
Grennan Offaly Derby CT, USA 1897
Gribben Antrim Winnipeg, CAN 1867>
Grifferty/Grufferty Cork, Mayo not given not given
Griffin Co Laois Ontario > Manitoba CAN 1824-94
Griffin Clonmel, Co Tipperary NSW Australia ca 1847
Griffin Glenbeigh, Kerry Waterbury, CT c 1890
Griffin Unknown Homer, Cortland Co, NY 1800s
Griffin/Griffith Donegal Phil, NY 1900+
Griffin Co Kerry ONT, CAN 1847-1849
Griffin Kildare S AUS > Bendigo, VIC 1847
Griffin Unknown Bradfor, Tioga Co, PA Abt 1853
Griffith Carlow Ontario, CAN 1800-1830
Grimason (all sp) Armagh World Wide Bef 2000
Grimes Unknown Poss. Troy, NY <09/12/1852
Grimsby Poss. Co Tyrone Lanark Count, CAN 1837
Grogan Offaly Ont, CA 1840-1920
Grogan Armagh Victoria, AU 1834
Guerin Co Clare & Co Limerick So Australia 1840
Guinane Co Clare, possibly Ennis Elmira NY 1866-1915
Gunn Aghada, Cork Plymouth, Poplar, London UK 1841-91
Gunning unknown Lawrence MA 1865-6
Gunning Sligo OH, KY 1850
Guthrie Ennistymon,Co Clare Ogle Co, IL, Polk Co,IA 1850s
Guthrie Liscannor, Co Clare Elmira, NY 1870-1888
Guthrie (all sp) Unknown ONT, CAN 1840
Guy Tyrone New Zealand 1870s



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