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Surname Registry
last updated 16 November 2016


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Surname Ireland Location Where Emigrated Timeline Contact
Habgood Armagh QLD, AU 1850-1870
Hackett Clonmel, Co Tipperary NSW Australia ca 1825
Hackey unknown Philadelphia, PA 1850s
Hadden Cos Tyrone & Monaghan IRE, AU, CAN, USA, ENG 1750-2000
Hagan Galway Massachusetts 1840
Haley Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Aroostook Co, ME,USA 1842
Haley, Healey Co Cork Ireland 1855?
Hall unknown PA, USA 1840-50
Hall Kenagh, Co Longford New Zealand 1863
Hallinan Limerick Canada via England 1870
Halton Castlepollard, Co Westmeath NYC, NY 1850-1870
Hamill Castleblaney, Co Monahan NY>MT>NY 1897-1971
Hamilton Northern Ireland Wigtown SCOT 1800
Hamilton Tyrone Victoria, Australia 1852 onwards
Hamilton not given ENG>USA 1860-1870
Hamilton Co Armagh USA 1840
Hamilton Co Monaghan ONT, CAN Pre 1830
Hammond,Hammen Unknown IL>NY>MO  
Hammond Donegal MA 1800 - 1871
Hammond Ireland ONT, CAN 1834
Hanahoe Corroy, Balinahaglish, Co. Mayo Reading, PA 1856>1896
Hanamy Offaly New York 1820
Hand Abbeyleix, Co Leix Australia 1750-1853
Hanley poss Co Roscommon Albany NY, Milwaukee WI ca 1847-49
Hanley Roscommon New Orleans, LA 1840-1847
Hanlon Roscrea area (Tipperary, Offaly, Laois corner) New York City 1800-1910?
Hanlon Galway Virginia/W Virgina 1847-1850
Hanna, Hannah Co. Derry Philadelphia, PA > KY 1815 on
Hanna/Hannah Belfast not given 1800-1900
Hannahoe Co Mayo Philadelphia, PA 1855-1897
Han(n)an Rathormack, Co Cork not given Abt 1825
Hannigan Poss. Co Donegal Troy, Columbia co, NY Bef 1850
Hannon Waterford Lynn, MA 1890s
Hannon Newcastle Co Dublin Peru-LaSalle IL 1847
Hannon Portumna, Co Galway Bronx, NY 1905
Hannon/Hannan Limerick Troy, NY <1871
Hanophy unknown New York 1850
Hanrahan Ninemilehouse, Co Tipperary Sequim WA > Woodburn OR 1920s
Hansberry/Hansbury Ballinruane, Moylough, Co Galway USA not given
Hardiman Knockaun, Ballinasloe, Co Galway Massachusetts 1888-1897
Harding Wexford Port Hood, NS, CAN 1820s
Hargadon Sligo - Dromore West USA 1890
Hargrave Co Monaghan NYC > Chicago IL 1825-1880
Harkin Derry New Zealand 1840
Harkins Donegal Ontario, CAN 1820-1880
Harkness Crumlin, Antrim Ontario, CAN 1832-1838
Harmon Co Kilkenny OH 1860
Harnett Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick Bethlehem PA mid 1850s
Harper Co Down New Zealand 1885-1895
Harrigan unknown New York 1850
Harrington unknown, Cork England not given
Harrington Ballyally, Skibbereen, Co Cork San Francisco CA 1860s
Harrington Bere Island Rochester, Monroe, NY 1840s, 1860s
Harrison Dublin Australia 1850s
Harrison Gorey, Co Wexford New Zealand 1875-1922
Harrison Naas, Kildare Sydney, AU 1851
Harrison Co Cork Ontario, CAN 1923-1924
Hart Co Armagh Canada 1840
Hart Unknown New Jersey 1820-1840
Hart Galway New York, USA 1849-1865
Harten Cavan NY 1830-1950
Hartford Belfast, Abbeyleix Beaver Co, PA 1755?
Hartigan Limerick Tasmania, Australia 1840-50
Hartigan Newmarket, Co Clare Melbourne, AU 1850-1860
Hatneady (all sp) Co Clare Toronto, ONT,CAN 1847
Hartnett Coachford, Co Cork Troy NY 1852
Harpur Wexford Town   1800s>1900
Hartnett E Co Cork RI & MA 1800>
Hatton Cos Antrim & Down USA & CAN 1880-1915
Hargadon Sligo USA Bef 1800
Harvey Co Derry Boston, MA 1835
Harriet not given not given not given
Harrison Old Castle, Meath Falmouth 1880
Hasson/Hassan Belfast/Bangor Co Down USA 1843
Hastings Westport, Cushlough, Drummin, Co Mayo MO, USA 1855
Haverty Galway Boston, MA 1855-1860
Haverty Kilshanny, Co Clare Australia 1833-1893
Hawkes Lackaroo, Monkstown Pembroke ca 1920
Hawkins Co. Wicklow CAN 1800
Haworth Cork England not given
Hawthorn Moria, Co Down Geelong AUS 1857
Hay Co Donegal, Kerrykeel Philadelphia PA 1825-1873
Hayden Co Kilkenny Perryville MO 1816-20
Hayes Co Limerick Toronto, Canada 1840s
Hayes Dingle, Co Kerry Newfoundland early 1830s
Hayes Cork Massachusetts not given
Hayes Co Clare Unknown 1820-1880
Hayes Co Cork Ontario/Quebec 1840-1860
Hayes Limerick Sydney, AU 1885
Hayes Rosscaberry, Co Cork Australia 1871-1943
Hazlett Co Fermanagh PA>NJ>PA 1730>1800>
Healy Sligo Chicago IL 1891
Healy Gweedore, Co Donegal   1850-1900
Healy/Haley Co Cork Phildadelphia, PA 1852-1900
Healy Newcastle W, Co Limerick NJ 1865-1915
Healy Not given NJ 1870-1875
Heaney, Heney Belfast, Antrim New Zealand 1830-59
Hear, Herr, Hare Coolacokary, Ardagh,Co Limerick Sydney, NSW, AU 1832-1910
Hearty Dorsy,Par. Creggaan,Co Armagh Patterson,NJ <1849
Heenan Ballingarry, Co Tipperary Ipswich, Qld, Australia 1862
Heffernan Antrim USA 1775
Heffernan Tipperary Tenterfield, NSW AUS 1850
Hegarty Schull, Co Cork Buffalo, NY 1846
Hegerty Co Tyrone New York to Wisconsin 1850-1860
Hehir Gortmore, Clare Rochester, NY 1886
Hemphill Castlederg Victoria, AU  
Hemphill Derrykeighan, Dervock USA> NY> KS 1850s>
Henery Tyrone Australia & CAN 1800&1840s
Hennessey Milltown, Co Clare NY 1857>Brunswick, ME 1860 1810>
Hennessy Limerick, Tipperary England > USA 1846-72
Henry unknown Philadelphia 1816
Henry Tubbercurry, Sligo New York City early 1900s
Henshall Dublin not given 1740-1800
Herbert Roscommon Sheffield, ENG 1831-90
Herbert Galway Lasalle Co, IL Bef. 1860
Herlihy Cork NY, USA 1800-1900
Hernan Offaly Wisconsin 1800-1850
Herrick Lorrha, Kings VIC, AU 1850
Herrick Unknown Mooers, NY, USA Abt 1835
Herrick Birr, Offaly AU 1949-1977>
Herrick, Horrock, Horreck Offaly England 1840-60
Herron, Hearne Co Kilkenny Downie Twp, Perth Co, ONT, CAN 1830s
Herron Tullylish, Banbridge, Co Down not given 1800-1900
Heslin not given WV>OH 1840's-1905
Heston Co Mayo Pennsylvania 1850-1860
Hewitt unknown Missouri 1840-50
Hewitt Down New Brunwick, CAN c 1818
Hickey Co Cork-Ballydehob, Skibereen Nevada April 1887
Hickey Kilbride, Co. Carlow Chicago Abt. 1870
Hickey Clare/Cork CAN & MA, NJ, USA 1835-1855
Hickey Co Louth, Haggardstown Seneca Co, OH 1836
Hicks Republic of Ireland Scranton PA 1850s
Higgins Mayo, Waterford or Cork Prescot, Lancashire ENG 1901
Higgins Mayo Liverpool, maybe Boston 1800-80
Higgins Galway St Louis MO 1850-1940
Higgins Tully, Frenchpark, Co Roscommon NJ 1836-1887
Higgins Boyle, Co Roscommon NYC > IL 1863 onward
Higgins Co Roscommon Buffalo, NY, USA c 1879
Higgins Sligo Peterborough, ONT, CAN 1800-1840
Higgins Oughval,Westport, Co Mayo Liverpool,COV,ENG&NJ 1920>
Higgins Co Mayo? Did not emigrate 1860s-1870s
Hildebrand Ireland AU 1810-1891
Hill Carlow Western AU, USA 1897-1911
Hill(i)ard Kerry Ontario Co, NY 1860s
Hillman Tyrone, Derry not given 1820-50s
Hinchy, Hinchey Limerick, Clare NY, NY 1850
Hines, Hynes Claremorris, Co Mayo PA > NY > MA 1880-85
Hingerty Tipperary, Kilkenny, Laois, Offaly UK, Australia, USA 1840 onward
Hirlehey not given Canada not given
Hoare Co. Kerry, tip of Dingle New Rochelle NY 1920s
Hoban So. Mayo Clinton MA 1870s
Hoban Woods, Mayo NYC 1870s
Hobbins Tipperary Ontario, CA 1850
Hodgen Antrim, Lisburn, Rosevale Manchester 1840s
Hodder Co Mayo Waltham Abbey, England 1830
Hoffie unknown Philadelphia PA 1840-60
Hogan unknown St Helens, ENG > Buffalo NY late 1890s
Hogan Tipperary Victoria AU bef 1870
Hogan Feakle, Clare San Francisco, CA 1865-1880
Hogan Doon, Co Clare USA  
Hogg Caheny SC 1730-1795
Holden Carlow > Wicklow England > USA 1840-72
Holland Monaghan Australia 1800s
Holland Unknown Cayuga, NY >Roch., NY  
Holland Cork New Brunswick, CAN c 1835
Holland Altadawin, Co Tyrone Auckland, New Zealand 1853-1931
Holland Unknown W. Springfield, MA 1800s
Holland Cork MI, NB, UT, CO 1863-1884
Holleran Ballina, Kilmoremoy, Co Mayo Leeds, ENG 1870s
Holmes Donegal Australia 1840s
Holohan (all variants) Bagenalstown, Co Carlow not given mid 1800s
Holt Kildare poss. England 1840-60
Honeyford/Hunniford Drumcree Parish, Co Armagh Manchester, Conn, USA 1862
Honeyford Bessbrook, Co Armagh Sydney, NSW, AU 1949
Hooley Cork England, Wales pre 1835
Hooley Kerry England 1840-52
Hopkins Moymore Pomeroy Co Durham, ENG 1875-1920
Hopkins Turlough Civil Par., Co Mayo New York City late 1880s, early 1900s
Horan Carrigeen, Buttevant RC Par, Co Cork Andover MA 1848
Horan, Horn Limerick CA, USA 1830-1851
Hornell Ireland Scotland 1868-1900
Hough Fahy-Eyrecourt Cleveland, OH 1894
Houlihan Cobh, Co Cork Australia 1800-1838
Houlahan(any sp) Waterford Cleveland, OH 1880-1883
Houlihan Kerry USA 1937
Hourigan, Houragan Doon, Limerick Australia 1860s
Hourigan, Horrigan Unknown CAN> Wisconsin, USA 1834-1898
Houston, Huston Ballyclare, Ballyeaston, Ballynure, Antrim New Zealand ca 1825-50
Houston Antrim Scotland 1865
Houten/Howton Ballyhillion, Mallin Head, Donegal Unknown + didnt emigrate 1800s
Howard Unknown, poss. Donegal Mt. Joy, PA 1690s-1705
Howe Fermanagh NY and ONT, CAN 1800-1960
Howley Lack, Mayo NYC 1920
Hoy unknown NY, Wilkes Barre, Ashley PA, IA 1836
Hueston Poss. Armagh Quebec, CAN 1800-1834
Huey Leckpatrick Tyrone Salem Co, NJ 1848-1852
Huggins Glenarb,nr Caledon,Co Tyrone Chicago,IL & ONT CAN 1876
Huggins Dublin Islington & London ENG 1888
Hughen(s), Ewan(s), Ewing(s) Antrim SC 1755-1807
Hughes Co Armagh Stockport ENG, Fall River MA 1800-1900
Hughes Mayo Canada early 1800s
Hughes Co Galway Australia, NSW from 1841
Hughes Tyrone NY 1860-1920
Hughes Connaught Virginia & Maryland 1834-1837
Hughes Carnnacon Ballyglass, Co Mayo Maryland 1898-1901
Hughes Ballyclosh, Co Antrim Philadelphia, PA; Howwood, SCT 1830>
Hughes Limerick, Co Limerick Adelaide, ONT, CAN 1831
Humphreys Dublin Australia 1770-1800
Hunniford/Honeyford Ballintaggart,Drumcree,CoArmagh Winnipeg,CAN 1802>
Hunt Kilbride, Sligo St Louis 1850>
Hunter Co. Tyrone, Co. Monaghan ONT,CAN&MAN,CAN Pre 1836
Hunter Cavan Australia 1840s
Hunter Castleblayney, Co Monaghan QLD, AU> Sydney & Casino NSW 1887-1922
Hurley Newcastlewest, Co Limerick USA, VA > WV 1840s
Hurst Co Kildare Brewerton NY,USA/Essex Co.ONT, CAN 1840-1850
Hurst Fermanagh, Caven Canada 1770-2008
Hutchison Co Cavan Durham, ONT, CAN 1794>
Hutton Dublin Leicestershire, ENG & AU 1783-1959
Hutton Ahoghill, Co Antrim Phila, PA; Brooklyn NY; N Adams, MA 1800>
Hutton Tullow, Co Carlow ONT, CAN 1860-1910
Hyatt Dublin not given 1895>
Hyde Co Cork, poss Fermoy London ENG; NY, IA 1810-70
Hyde Cork Cardiff, Wales 1846-1916
Hyland unknown USA 1858-9
Hyland Conbllogue, Clonast, Offaly Verona, NY 1825
Igo(e) Burriscarra, Co Mayo unknown 1850-60s
Igoe Muckanagh, Noughaval, Westmeath London, New York 1870-1900
Igoe unknown New Haven CT 1830-1930
Ingolsby Leitrim New Haven CT 1820-1920
Irvine Co Fermanagh   1750-1840
Irvine Kesh, Co Fermanagh Philadelphia, PA 1895-1912
Irwin unknown Richmond VA, Baltimore MD 1850-60
Irwin Leitrim & Donegal New York 1900
Ivers Mayo Tingwick, QUE, CAN 1925-1900
Jackman Leapstown, Muckalee, Co Kilkenny Elgin IL, Palo Alto Co IA 1850s
Jackson Co Monaghan, Ballybay Philadelphia PA 1819 onward
Jackson Monaghan, Fermanagh OH 1844
Jackson Armagh   1700-1900
Jackson Crossmolina Par, Co Mayo OH & MN 1649-1900s
James Ballyheigue,Ballylongane, Co Kerry PA 1868
Jarvis Galway CAN>Scotland not given
Jeffers Cork Ontario, CAN 1818
Jeffries Aughnamullin, Co Monaghan Philadelphia, PA 1847-48
Jenkins Raphoe, Donegal New Zealand, USA 1852-1900s
Jenkins Sligo Canada 1838
Jennings Down, Cork Australia bef 1865
Jennings Newry, Co Down St John, N.B., CAN early 1800s
Jennings Co Mayo Lake County IL mid 1830s
Jennings Co Mayo Cincinnati,OH 1849
Jennings Limerick Brooklyn, NY 1900-1930
Jennings Galway New Zealand 1860-1863
John Antrim New Zealand 1870's
Johnston Aghnadore, Antrim not given 1764
Johnston unknown Upper Canada 1825
Johnston Roscommon Toronto, CAN > Wisconsin, USA 1930s
Johnston Co Armagh Ohio 1846
Johnston Belfast Kingston,ONT,CAN 1750-1877
Johnston Armagh Scotland/CAN/USA 1880-1900
Johnston Derrykeighan, Dervock USA> NY> KS 1873>
Johnston Derrykeighan, Dervock Victoria, Ballarat, AU Mid 1850s
Johnston Monaghan & Cavan IL, NY 1880s-1910s
Johnston Co Down   1850-1935
Johnston Claremorris NY>SF,CA 1864
Johnston Belfast Canada 1924-1930
Johnston Derrykeighan & Dervock Victoria, AU 1863
Joint Galway Kingston, Ulster Co NY ca 1855
Jones Midleton, Cork not given 1800-1840
Jones Fermanagh Ontario 1820
Jordan Lack, Mayo New York 1920
Jordan Co Cork Kentucky, USA 1800s
Jordan Kilgarvan, Mayo not given not given
Joyce Bovean, Co Tyrone Philadelphia, PA 1881
Joyce Borris, Carlow Boston 1905
Joyce Co Mayo Chicago, IL 1906
Joyce Co Galway PA>MO>KS 1852>1900
Judge Rathlee, Easkey Par., Co Sligo Hartlepool, Durham Co  ENG, Scranton PA 1840s
Judge Co Sligo St Sylvestre, QUE ,CAN 1840-42



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