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Surname Registry
last updated 16 November 2016


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Surname Ireland Location Where Emigrated Timeline Contact
MacBride Mawillian, Ballygruby, Moneymore, Co Derry Unknown 1800-1900s
MacHale Ballina area, Co. Mayo Not given 1830
Mack Solloghead Beg, Tipperary Not given Not given
Mackay Athlone Westmeath Sydney AUS 1800+
Mackle Ballygruby, Moneymore, Co Derry Ireland 1800s
Macklin Donegheady/Dunnamanagh, Co Tyrone Tornonto,ONT,CAN 1850
MacMinn Donaghadee S Africa & did not emig. 1858>
Madden Dublin Mansfield, Richland Co, OH 1830-1898
MacPartland Boyle, Co Roscommon Buffalo, NY, USA 1880,1920-25
Madden unknown Toledo, Ohio 1845-1848
Madden Loughrea area not given 1831 >
Madden Galway, Tuam, Roscommon ? Ireland 1825-1859
Madden Portumna, Co Galway Bronx, NY, USA 1905
Madigan Kerrikyle, Limerick MI early 1800s
Madigan Clare/Limerick Quebec 1030s?
MaGaharan Cavan England 1857-1931
Magauran Holywell, Co Fermanagh/Co Cavan USA,OZ,SCOT All
Magee Dublin did not emig 1700-1900
Magee Tully, Clifton, Co Galway NY, WI 1830s
Maginnis possibly Donegal Ontario, CAN 1790-1818
Magner Cork MA 1910
Maguire Fermanagh > Cavan > Leitrim NY, CT, VA 1880s-1900s
Maguire Fermanagh, Cavan Quebec > Ontario, CAN 1847
Maher Mountmellick, Laois PA 1846
Maher Blandsfort, Co Laois not given 1800s
Maher Unknown NE 1880s
Maher Loughrea area not given 1831 >
Mahon/McMahon Maynooth Melbourne, VIC, AU 1865
Mahon(e)y Kilmoe Parish Ontario CAN 1790-1840
Mahon(e)y, O'Mahony Drimoleague, Caheragh, Dunmanway Par., Cork Somersworth NY, others did not emig 1800-1900
Mahoney Skibbereen Rural, Co Cork Philadelphia PA, Brocton MA 1900-30
Mahoney Co Cork Troy NY 1854
Mahoney Co Kerry Boston MA 1913-1940
Mahoney Cork USA 1814-37
Mahoney Skibbereen area, Co Cork NYC, NY 1888-1892
Mahoney Kilmoe, Cork London 1869-1870
Mains Co Fermanagh Melbourne, AU 1852
Mairs Antrim not given not given
Makemson Armagh, Down Philadelphia, MD, KY 1755-1759
Malarkey (all sp) Co Donegal or Co Mayo Co Donegal 1840-50
Mallan Co Armagh Minnesota, USA 1840s
Malloy Swinford, Co Mayo Stafford ENG > PA 1830s-1840s
Malone Ventry, Co Kerry Boston MA 1880
Malone St. Mullins, Co Carlow Philadelphia, Boston 1900s
Malone Phillipstown, King Co DeKalb, IL 1840s
Malone Castletownarra, TIP Sydney NSW,AU 1850
Malone Co Louth LaSalle Co, IL; Rice Co, KS 1854>1879>
Maloney, Molony Limerick Boston MA 1880s
Maloney Bruff Limerick NJ 1869
Maloney Co Clare Washington, DC>IL 1850-1860
Malvey Cork NY, MT, WA 1830-1930
Manelis (all sp) Donegal Scotland 1860
Mangan Kerry did not emig  
Mangan Kerry-Caherciveen, Waterville & Valentia Island, Donegal, Dublin AU, USA, ENG Any
Mangan Tom Deeley, Limerick DNE Not given
Manley Glencastle, Co Mayo CAN 1846
Mannering Ballon, Co Carlow Boston MA 1900-1910
Manning Co Cork Troy NY 1880-94
Manning Rosmuc Philadelphia, PA 1889
Mannion Killian, Galway USA 1880s-1910s
Mannion Galway United Kingdom 1881
Mannix Co Kerry New York 1853-6
Mannix Mitchelstown, Co Cork Australia 1854-55
Mannix, Maniex Kerry Hamilton ONT, Danube NY 1840
Mara Unknown NY, NJ, Philadelphia 1866
Marinan Kilkee, Co Clare USA - IA 1849
Mark Farranacushog, Co Antrim E Hawkesbury, ONT, CAN 1825-1832
Markey Not given Troy, NY 1835
Markham Quin above Clooney, Co Clare AU, Maitland NSW 1850s-1860s
Marmion Cos Down, Louth, Dublin, Antrim etc US, ENG, SCOT, Wales, AUST 1150-1930
Marony Co. Clare, Crusheen area did not emig early 1800s
Marquis Co Armagh PA & VA 1740-1770
Marshall Tullycore, Co Down Chili NY, Christian Co IL 1850s onward
Marshall Co. Antrim Sydney, Australia 1840
Marshall Armagh Glasgow, Scotland 1886-1900
Martel Donegal? Pittsburgh PA 1872 l
Martell Dublin Nova Scotia 1749
Martin Cork New York 1840-1900
Martin Rockhill & Bruree, Co. Limerick did not emigrate c.1834
Martin Killanny, Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan Boston MA 1823
Martin Cavan Philadelphia PA 1849
Martin/Martyn Camus, Kinvarra, Lettermore Pittsburgh, PA 1868
Martin Donaghmoyne, Monaghan Hartford CT > NY, NY 1882
Martin Co Tyrone NY 1846
Mason Waterford Troy NY ca 1880
Mason Co Clare & poss. Tipperary USA 1850-1889
Mason Unknown Bradford Co, PA 1853
Mason Unknown, poss. Tipperary Simcoe, ONT, CAN <1851
Massey Belfast Brisbane, Qnsld, AU 1800>
Masterson Ashleam Cleveland, OH 1843-Now
Matthews Co Meath Boston, Ma-NYC, NY 1800s-1900s
Mattsen Beattie   1880
Maughton Galway NY, Boston 1850-1855
Mawhinney Armagh New Zealand, Scotland late 1800s-1920
Maxwell Castlepollard, Co Westmeath not given 1790-1850
Maxwell, Maxwill Kinlerty, Co Down Utah 1856
May Ballinrobe, Co Mayo NY>Scranton PA>Madison, WI 1849-1884
May/Mabin/Mebin? Antrim Scotland C.1850s
Mayberry Mayo Clinton, MA 1890s
Maye Dungarvan, Waterford New York City early 1900s
Mayes, Maize Agallee, Antrim Ontario, Canada 1840
Maynes/Mains/ Manes Co Armagh Baltimore, MD 1850
Meagher unknown Liverpool> NYC> Phila, PA 1849
Medcalf, Metcalf Queens NY, IL, USA 1765-1830
Meehan/Mehan Ireland Texas, USA 1882
Meehan Leitrim Philadelphia 1870
Meehan Co Leitrim New York 1930
Meehan Galway Thames, NZ 1865
Meehan Donegal Australia 1860-1875
Meehan Cavan Sydney, AU 1832
Melvin Ballina area NY, PA, Iowa 1860
Menow Donegal not given 1840-1860
Mercer Hillsborough PA, > Ontario not given
Merna Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Oneida, Herkimer Cos, NY Abt 1847
Merryman West Meath NY 1874
Meskel/Meskill Co Waterford USA 1850-1890
Michael Kilrea NZ 1860
Miles, Myles Co Louth Seneca Co, NYS 1847
Miley Annacarmey, Valleymount, Wicklow Sydney, Harrietville AUST 1820-70
Mills Ballyhagan, Co Kildare York Co, PA 1700-1725
Minihan(e), Monahan Ballyally, Skibbereen, Co Cork MA late 1880s
Minahan, Minehan Knockballynameath, Co Clare Victoria, Australia 1850-1859
Minihane Ballyally, Co Cork SD late 1880s
Miniter unknown Hastings Co, Ontario CAN 1860
Minnock Offaly Troy NY 1840-80
Minogue Tipperary, Castletowarra, Derrybeg VT and NY 1855-60
Minogue Galway Australia 1863-1873
Minogue Galway USA 1840-1851
Minoughan, Minighan, etc Belmullet, Co Mayo Chicago IL 1879-1883
Mitchell Ballinamore Bridge, Mayo did not emig after 1880s
Mitchell Windfield Moylough Co Galway Boston MA not given
Mitchell Glenarm, Co Antrim Philadelphia USA 1700s, 1800s
Mitchell Mitchelsfort, Youghal, Co Cork; Dublin Philadelphia USA all
Mitchell Cos Derry, Tyrone, Donegal CAN, USA, ENG, S Africa, AUST all
Mitchell Galway Kingston, Ulster Co NY 1828-1850
Mitchell not given not given not given
Mollohan Co Sligo VA 1770s
Molloy Dublin England 1901
Molloy Ardara Donegal Scotland, Philadelphia 1867-1963
Molloy Meencharvey, Glencolumbkille, Donegal Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Gladstone, MI 1800-1900s
Molloy Aughrus Beg, Connemara from Galway C 1900
Moloney Clare Western AU, USA 1852 onwards
Moloney Clare Melbourne, AU 1840-1850
Moloney Tulla, Co.Clare New Zealand 1880s
Monaghan Dunamore,Kildress Par. Co Tyrone Consett, Co Durham & Port Clarence, Co Durham 1848
Monaghan Dunamore,Kildress Par. Co Tyrone Port Clarence, Co Durham, UK 1848>
Moncrief(fe) Co Monaghan USA 1848-52
Monks Unknown New York 1853
Monnelly(all sp) Co Mayo PA, USA 1860-1865
Montgomery Co Fermanagh Hastings, ONT 1846-1860
Montgomery Armagh New Brunwick, CAN c 1827
Mooney Co Tipperary St Lawrence Co NY, Marshall Co IA 1812-1900s
Mooney Armagh Leeds Co, Ontario CAN 1831
Mooney Galway Cincinati, OH 1832-1849
Moore Co Tyrone Philadelphia, PA 1853
Moore Drumquin-Tyrone Australia 1828-1852
Moore Oughteragh, Leitrim Onehunga, Auckland, NZ 1800s
Moore Rutland, Co Carlow Melbourne, Vic, AU 1858
Moore Co Monaghan New York City 1844
Moran Co Kildare unknown if emig 1820-60
Moran unknown Albany NY, Savanna IL, Chicago IL 1830s on
Moran Co Mayo Lake County IL mid 1830s
Moran Donaghmoyne, Monaghan Hartford CT > NY, NY 1882
Moran Kiltoghert, Co Leitrim did not emig not given James E Vaughan
Moran Westport, Co Mayo Philadelphia, PA 1892
Morgan Lissadian, Co Armagh St John, N.B., CAN 1800s
Moriarty Castletowne W, Co Cork Bury St Edmunds,Suff.,Eng 1941 J
Moriarty Killorglin, Co Kerry Hartford, CT c 1883
Morley Co Mayo Philadelphia, PA 1891
Mornington Wexford Walsall,Staffordshire,ENG 1850s
Morrin Ardane, Co Clonbur, Co Galway United States 1889
Morris Kilcommon Par. Co Wicklow L'Acadie, QUE, CAN 1795
Morris Kenmare, Co Kerry Guelph, ONT, CAN 1892
Morris Ballynoe, Co Cork Boston 1845-1855
Morris not given VA 1633-1675
Morrissey Ireland , Kik Lan, ENG & NZ 1825-1880
Morrissey Cork Pr Edward Is, NB, CAN 1836-1840
Morrison Co Dublin England 1800
Morrison Co Tyrone New York City NY 1870s
Morrison unknown NY, CT early 1800s
Morrison Co Down Dufferin, ONT, CAN 1790-1852
Morrison unknown Saint John, NB, CAN 1824-1829
Morrison Mayo Canada 1800s
Morrisroe North Co Mayo, Roscommon USA 1850-1920
Morrissey Ballynastick, Tipperary NY, WI, MN 1851
Morrissey (any sp) New Ross, Wexford Logansport, IN 1850
Morrow Killinchy, Co Down Parkhill, ONT, CAN 1850-1860
Moxham Longford Australia 1835+
Moylan poss Co Tipperary, Co Galway London ONT 1840-50
Moyles Co Louth Western NY 1846
Moynihan Co Kerry Boston MA 1913-1940
Moynihan/Moynahan Co Kerry   >1890
Muckian Co Monaghan Newcastle Upon Tyne, ENG 1850
Mulcahy Cork NY > CA 1891
Mulcahy Donaghmoyne, Monaghan Hartford CT > NY, NY 1882
Mulcahy Ireland Brooklyn, NY 1848
Mulchrone Mayo Philadelphia PA 1850s
Mulderig Bohola, Mayo St Louis 1860>
Muldoon Fermanagh Sydney, AU 1850-1862
Muldoon Athlone Birmingham, ENG 1860
Muldowney Tullinacurra, Swinford, Mayo CAN to NYC, NY 1925
Mulhern Ballyshannon, Co.Donegal NYC, NY, USA. 1843
Mulholland Sligo Brooklyn NY 1840-1920
Mulholland Cookstown, Co Tyrone IRE, US, NZ, SA, CAN 1850-2000
Mulholland Not given Not given Not given
Mullally Galway, Tipperary, and Kilkenny Ontario, CAN c1839
Mullarkey Sligo Scotland 1700s-1800s
Mulledy Ballymahon, Co Longford NY, USA 1888
Mullen Drumhome, Donegal Scotland-USA 1838-1925
Mulligan unknown USA ca 1840s
Mulligan Donegal Jeansville, PA 1864
Mulligan, Mulliken unknown Boston MA 1840-1940
Mullin Sligo Brooklyn NY 1800-1900
Mullin not given Gaspe,QUE,CAN not given
Mullin Aclare, Co Sligo Salem, MA 1848
Mullins not given USA not given
Mullins Limerick, Cork, Tipperary Australia not given
Mullooly Co Longford New Zealand 1850-1900
Mulpeter Dublin, Kildare, Offaly ENG,Hartford,Boston,MA 1800
Mulquin Kerry, Ardfert area Monroe Co, IL 1840s
Mulroe/Munroe Co Galway USA 1873
Mulroy Islandeady Gasport, NY > IL, MN 1853
Mulroy Donegal/Mayo? New Zealand 1832
Mulvanerty Largan, Drumshanbo, Leitrim Boston, Philadelphia, via NY 1840 >
Mulvey Ardlava, Roscommon ark,NJ 1927
Munce Co Down Philadelphia, PA 1816>
Munnelly Glencastle, Co Mayo CAN 1846
Munroe, Munro, Monro Armagh Unknown 1820s
Murdock Loughgall Parish, Co Armagh Manchester, CT & Philadelphia, PA 1870
Murnane Co Tipperary Franklin, Clinton Cos., NY 1842-47
Murnin Kilcoo, Down Troy, NY, East Randolph, Bradford, PA 1859-1901
Murphy Co Cork St Johns, New Brunswick, CAN 1857
Murphy Co Cork or Kerry Australia 1860-1940
Murphy Newtown, Clonmellon Par, Co Meath NJ, Frankford IL, Emmetsburg IA 1850s
Murphy Co Monaghan Durhame ENG > PA 1880s-1914
Murphy unknown Canada, Iowa 1830-80
Murphy Ireland England 1831
Murphy Newtown, Cork Halifax, Nova Scotia 1870s
Murphy Tipperary England > Usa 1881
Murphy Kildare Glouchestershire ENG > Scranton PA 1840-60
Murphy unknown Cambridge MA 1825-1925
Murphy Cork MA, USA 1849-53
Murphy Sligo Liverpool 1800-61
Murphy Unknown IRE, Lanark & Frontenac Cos, ONT, CAN 1845-1900
Murphy Galway England 1850s
Murphy Dungarven, Waterford Newfoundland 1818
Murphy Newtownshandrum, Co Cork Warwick, Qld, Australia 1962
Murphy Dublin, Co. Dublin Herberton, Qld, Australia 1970
Murphy unknown North Carolina 1848-1855
Murphy Dublin Ontario CAN 1994 on
Murphy Ballina NY, PA 1913
Murphy Ardfert Waterbury, CT 1885-7
Murphy Co Mayo Cincinnati, OH 1880-1881
Murphy Cahir Tipperary Australia 1850>
Murphy Co Cork not given 1700+
Murphy Gowran, Co Kerry Australia 1856
Murphy unknown Edgefield district, SC 1773 >
Murphy unknown New York 1891
Murphy Wexford LA>IL, NE 1840-1850
Murphy Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Oneida, Herkimer Cos, NY 1847
Murphy Galway not given 1820-1900
Murphy Ballincollig, Cork Cambridge, MA Not given
Murphy Abbeyland, Erycourt, Ballinasloe, Co Galway not given 1800>
Murray North West Ireland New Brunswick CAN 1798-1824
Murray Ardbane, Co. Donegal PA, USA 1849-1933
Murray Co Louth, Meath, Monaghan Seneca Co, NY + 1848-1853
Murray N.W. Ireland New Ireland, Albert Co, N.B., CAN 1824
Murray unknown Cambridge, MA 1830-1930
Murray Castlelyons,Clondulane,Conna,CoCork Beverly, MA 1915
Murray Cork London 1848
Murray Toombridge, Co Antrim Philadelphia, PA 1842
Murray Co Cavan North Dakota 1841-1900
Murray Co Galway? Newfoundland, CAN 1805-1836
Murtagh Mullingar, Co Westmeath NY 1890-1960s
Murtagh Dublin City NY; Philadelphia, PA 1820>
Murtagh Swinford, Co Mayo NYC, NY 1905-1906



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