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Surname Registry
last updated 16 November 2016




Surname Ireland Location Where Emigrated Timeline Contact
McAdoo Donegal Philadelphia, PA 1848-52
McAfee unknown Brooklyn, NY 1840>
McAlinney Co Tyrone Cambridge, MA, USA 1800-1820
McAl(l)ister Co Antrim not given not given
McAlonan Antrim New York 1904
McArdle Dundalk, Co Louth Chicago, IL, USA 1880-1887
McArdle Newry, Co Down Madison, Wis 1888+/-
McAteer Mulnahunch Tn, Co Tyrone Pickering, ONT, CAN 1850
McAuliffe Kanturk, Mallow, Co Cork Victoria AU 1857-65
McAuliffe Rockhill Bruree Limerick Beverly NJ 1869
McAvoy Belfast Brooklyn NY 1800-1900
McBrearty Inver, Donegal Glascow, Scotland 1855-1860
McBride Cork not given not given
McBride Ballymoney, Co Antrim MN, CT, NE;  USA 1850s
Mc/MacCabe Bandon, Cork NYC 1874-95
McCabe Greaghlone, Maghercloone, Co Monaghan San Francisco CA 1880s
McCabe Aughnagarron, Granard, Abbeylara, Co Longford NYC and Ossining, NY 1850-1925
McCabe Unknown Liverpool England 1855-1920
McCabe Cavan Franklin Co, NY C 1833
McCafferty/Lafferty Crossroads,Falcarragh,Donegal Phila PA & Beverly NJ 1880
Mc/MacCafferty N Ireland, Larne area unknown Any
McCaffrey Enniskillen, Fermanagh Quebec, CAN 1835-1845
McCaffrey Co Cork USA Late 1800s
McCall Ulster PA, USA 1730
McCalmont Inver, Larne, Antrim Scotland, New Zealand 1853-79
McCalmont Islandmagee, Co Antrim everywhere 19th Century
McCambridge Co Antrim Co Antrim 1800-1890
McCan Dublin NSW, NZ 1835-65
McCan Not given New Jersey 1840-1850
McCann Ardboe, Co Tyrone Herberton, Qld, Australia 1870
McCann Armagh Sydney, Australia 1800+
McCann Ballaghderreen, Co Roscommon NJ. USA 1900 J
McCann Meath (Eastmeath) NY, Wilkes Barre, Ashley PA, Denver CO ca 1847
McCarrick Cloonbarry, Kilmactiege, Co Sligo Rochester, NY 1929
McCarroll Antrim Phila., PA 1801-1888
McCarron Dungloe, Co Donegal Scotland, USA 1800>
McCarron Donegal PA, USA ca 1860
McCarry Cork NYC, NY 1876-193
McCartan Co Down New York 1850
McCarthy Ballindine, Mayo Brooklyn NY 1830-95
McCarthy Cork NY 1873-4
McCarthy Letter, Skibbereen, Co Cork unknown unknown
McCarthy Youghal,Co Cork NSW, Australia 1838
McCarthy Longford Australia 1820-1900
McCarthy Ballinhassig, Ballymartle, Cork W? AU 1885-1895
McCarthy unknown Hants, Nova Scotia, CAN 1875
McCarthy Mt Kidd, Ballyhob, W Cork Cardiff, S Wales 1900
McCartney unknown England, NY, PA 1860-70s
McCarty Co Cork Pennsylvania <1828
McCashion Galway New Brunwick, CAN c 1835
McCaughey Co. Derry Rhode Island 1856 on
McCaul/McCall Co Tyrone MD 1820-1840
McCauley Co Meath Philadelphia PA 1840-1875
McCausland Co Tyrone ONT, CAN, & MI,USA 1825-1870
McClafferty Co. Donegal Pennsylvania 1790-1810
McClatchey Hillsborough, Down England 1850
McClean Belfast, Co Down not given 1800-1900
McClean Co Tyrone Scotland 1800-1840
McClean Cookstown, Co Tyrone IRE, CAN, NZ, SA 1850-2000
McCleery Co Tyrone Wilkes Barre, PA 1834-1886
McClelland Congo, Co Tyrone NYC>Chicago,IL 1830-1897
McClelland Ahoghill, Antrim Mt Morgan, QLD, AU 1877
McClenaghan Drumreagh, Co Down Ballygown 1927-1800+
McClenin Northern Ireland PA > Poughkeepsie NY early 1800s
McCloskey/McCluskey unknown NYC, NY 1850-1918
McCloskey/McCluskey unknown WI 1830s
McClure Tipperary Brooklyn, NY, USA 1850s
McColgan Omagh, Co Tyrone did not emigrate 1835>
McColl, McCole, McCool Lifford, Donegal Glasgow, Scotland; RI, USA 1840-1866
McColl Derry Dalkieth, Shots, Glasgow, Scotland 1820-1891
McCollins Cavan Iowa 1810s-1848
McCollum/ McCollom Co Tyrone New Zealand AU 1856-1865
McComb Magheradrool, Ballymacarn or Saintfield, Co Down WI, USA 1849
McConnell Antrim Michigan 1865
McConnell Co Tyrone PA & OH 1770
McConnell Five Mile Town, Tyrone did not emigrate 1860>
McConville Co Armagh LaSalle Co,. IL 1846-7
McCool Armagh PA 1830-1840
McCool Co Donegal USA 1913
McCorkell Co Derry AU 1840s
McCormack Westmeath not given 1830-1999
McCormack Co Kilkenny MI 1853
McCormack Co Cork Hanilton/Burlington,ONT,CAN  
McCormack/ick Co Roscommon Des Moines, IA; St Louis, MO 1800s
McCosh Ballymena, Co Antrim India 1857
McCourt N. Ireland Philadelphia PA, USA 1840-1880
McCoy Limerick England, So. Africa not given
McCoy unknown not given not given
McCracken Co Antrim unknown 1838
McCracken Belfast Sth Aust 1858-1865
McCracken Ulster New Zealand 1834-1934
McCraig unknown Quebec, CAN 1842-1881
McCrann Co Sligo Louisville KY 1851
McCrann Roscommon NY, Boston 1925
McCrea Co Tyrone Buried in Tyrone 1730-1802
McCready Fermanagh, Cavan Canada 1770-2008
McCrory Co Monaghan New York City 1850-55
McCrory Tyrone Philly, PA Abt.1850
McCrann Co Sligo NY > Louisville KY 1849
McCreery Unknown New York 1800s
McCristal Omagh AU 1830-1850
McCrystal Co Tyrone Philadelphia PA 1840-1845
McCrystal N Ireland? Philly, PA Abt 1850
McCrystal Co Sligo Canada 1810-1848
McCulloch unknown Wigtownshire SCT 1780-1815
McCullough Inver, Larne, Antrim not given 1800s
McCully Belfast, Co Antrim AU, NZ, anywhere  
McCunney Ballybofey, Co Donegal Philadelphia PA 1832
McCutcheon Co. Down Dufferin, ONT, CAN 1790>
McDade Letterkenney Glasgow, SCOT late 1800s
McDermott Co Kildare CT, USA 1849-1935
McDermottroe Boyle, Co Roscommon NYC > IL 1835 onward
McDonagh, McDonough Rannatruffaun, Geevagh, Sligo Rhode Island 1861-79
McDonagh East Galway West Troy, NY 1840s
McDonagh Claran, Headford, Co Galway St Louis, MO 1830s-1898
McDonagh Mucknagh, Oughterard, Galway Boston, MA 1897
McDonagh-Faherty Galway not given not given
McDonald Republic of Ireland Scranton PA 1850s
McDonald unknown NY, Minnesota 1849-1900
McDonald Ballyroan, Cullenagh, Laois Waterbury CT 1869
McDonald Wicklow did not emig not given
McDonald Kilrush, Co. Clare St. Marys,Perth,ONT,CAN 1864-65
McDonnell Castlebar, Mayo USA, England 1872 NY
McDonnell Co. Kilkenny Goulbourn Tsp ONT > Stag Creek QUE 1845-6
McDonnell Knockavolis, Monaghan Alberta, Canada 1929
McDonnell Kilrush, Co. Clare Rockhampton, QLD, AU 1870-1890
McDonough Sligo USA 1800
McDonough Cork & Galway Washington DC 1865-1900
McDonough Galway NY 1870
McDonough Sligo Dover, NH 1890-1910
McDonough Unknown Toledo, OH 1843-1849
McDonough Lettermullan, Tiernee, Galway MN, USA 1848
McDonough Fermanaugh Pennsylvania 1791-1840
McDonough Galway Pennsylvania 1800s
McDoole/McDuell nr Roscrea, Co Tipperary Niagara Co, NY 1860s
McDowell Longford CAN?>NY 1841-1890
McDowell Belfast Australia 1927
McDowell Roscrea, Co Tipperary NYC, NY 1800-1900
McElgunn Killesher, Co Fermanagh London, ENG>Victoria, AU Pre 1845
McElgunn Dunglow, Co Donegal London, ENG>Victoria, AU 1840-1853
McElhinney/McIlhinny Kilmacrenan,Co Donegal USA, OZ,SCOT 1700-1950
McElroy Dundalk, Louth Australia 1817
McElwaine Ballieborough Co Cavan New South Wales, AU 1860s
McEneaney Carrickmacross,Co Monaghan Boston MA 1870-1900
McEnerny Co Limerick Canada > OH > KY 1815 on
McEntaggart/McIntyre Ireland Reading,Berks Co,PA 1845-1846
McEntee Co. Mayo, Louisburgh Troy NY middle 1800s
McEntire/McIntyre Gallen W AU 1851
McErlane Antrim Scotland 1865
McEvoy Kerry, Kildare or Tipperary Gloucester, Ontario 1700-1830
McEvoy Rathsallagh, Dunlavin, Co Wicklow Australia 1857
McEvoy Co Meath did not emig 1820-1895
McEvoy Co Down NY, Chicago, IA 1865>
McFadden Dunfanaghy/Churchill, Co Donegal Philadelphia,PA 1850-1920
McFadden Co Donegal LeHigh, PA 1800-1840s
McFadden nr Westport, Streamstown, Co Mayo Cleveland, OH; Butte, MT 1880-1900
McFadden Rathfriland, Co Down Brisbane, Qnsld, AU 1800>
McFalls Not given Philadelphia, PA 1880s
McFarland Co Cavan, Co Monaghan OH, USA 1840-1860
McFarland Ardstraw or Strahane, Tyrone Boston 1718
McFetridge Dunboe Par., Co Derry Catasauqua PA 1850s
McGann unknown Westchester Co, NY 1845-55
McGarry Frenchpark, Roscommon N.W. England, NY & Chicago 1800-1950
McGarry Crumlin or Glenavy, Co Antrim Conception, MO 1870s
McGarvey Donegal NY, Phil. PA, New England 1800-1940
McGarrigle Co Donegal Donald Melbourne AU 1861 & 1870
McGaughnea not given Troy, NY 1864
McGeary Co Cork ENG to S Africa C1840
McGee Irish Free State Peel Co, ON 1838-1860
McGee Antrim/Belfast Port Philip, Melbourne, AU 1841
McGeough Co Monaghan US, RI 1866
McGettigan Donegal not given 1750-1850
McGervey Cavan, Donegal NY>Pittsburgh, PA 1854
McGill unknown Wigtownshire SCT 1780-1815
McGillicuddy Kerry New Brunwick, CAN c 1840
McGinley Northern Ireland Scotland 1840
McGinley Donegal Mauch Chunk, PA 1847-1857
McGinn Co Armagh MI early 1800s
McGinn Ulster USA or Canada 1750-1830
McGinn Co Longford? NJ 1881
McGinnins Togher Par., Highlane & Willistown, Co Louth Wheatland, Monroe Co, NY 1850>
McGivern Tyrone Troy, NY 1870?
McGivney Cavan Canada or Northern NY not given
McGivney Co Cavan, Kilnaleck? Franklin Co, NY 1833
McGorman Monaghan Melbourne, AU 1850-1860
McGowan Co Down Hastings, ONT 1840-1850
McGowan Mayo, Sligo Yorkshire, ENG 1833-1865
McGranahan not given Scotland 1850-1870
McGrath Co Cork Ontario, CAN 1908>
McGrath Wexford New York/Baltimore 1892
McGrath Cavan Jersey City, NJ 1880-1937
McGrath Waterford, Tyrone Sydney, AU 1834
McGrath Carrigaholt, Co Clare Hamilton, ONT 1845-51
McGrath Craugh-Well, Co Galway Brooklyn, NY 1900
McGraw Ballee, Co Down St Andrews, New Brunswick 1830-31
McGeary Pomeroy, Co Tyrone Tornaby, Co Durham, ENG 1900-12
McGoldrick Fermanagh Vic, QLD, AU 1852
McGovern Co Cavan Iowa 1856
McGovern Co Cavan Ohio, Wisconsin 1850s
McGowan Co Leitrim Boston & NY 1860s
McGreal Louisburgh, Co Mayo Wayne Co, NY 1850-1853
McGrory Pettigo, Fermanagh Ipswich, QLD, AU 1852
McGrory Ballybofey, Donegal Scotland, USA 1890-1945
McGruddy Sherlock, Co Cavan NY, USA C 1890-1900
McGuiggan Atrea Parish, Co Derry USA or ENG 1800- 1900s
McGuinness Bray, Co Wicklow NYC, NY 1880s
McGuire Co Mayo Scranton PA mid 1800s
McGuire Poss.Co Fermanagh,or Tyrone Hamilton,Lanarkshire,SCOT bef 1854
McHale Co Mayo Did not emigrate 1836-1856
McHenry Co Antrim & Dungiven Australia 1850s
McHugh unknown PA, NJ, MO 1815-
McHugh Co. Donegal LeHigh, PA 1800s>1840s
McHugh/McCue Drumnaraw,Dunfan,CoDonegal Philadelphia, PA 1880-1910
McHugh Donegal did not emig 1800-1900
McHugh Donegal Jeddo, PA 1848-1908
McHugh Sligo Belleville, NJ, USA 1899-1903
McHugo Co Galway USA 1825-97
McIlcar/Carr Gortnagrace,CoDonegal Philadelphia, PA 1875 >1885
McIlhagga, McIlhagger Co Antrim Scotland, Australia, NZ, CAN, USA 1750 onward
McIlwaine Ballymena, Antrim Port Arthur, Ontario 1889-1977
McIlwaine, etc. unknown Galway Tnsp, Peterborough Co, ONT, CAN after 1844
McIlwee Donegal IL, CO,USA, SCOT any
McInerney Kilrush NY 1900 or so
McInerney Co Clare Wayne Co, IN 1853-1900
McIntyre Ballina NY, PA 1913
McIntyre Offaly Melbourne & Brisbane, AU 1850s
McIver Termonmaguirk Par., Co Tyrone Ray County, MO 1846
McIver/McIvor Moneymore, Co Derry some stayed Derry 1800
McKaig Co Down, prob Killinchy are Christian Co IL 1850 onward
McKaig Belfast, Co Down not given 1800-1900
McKane Tyrone/Derry Ontario, CAN 1833-43
McKay Co. Cork Boston 1840-1865
McKay Lislea,nr Kilrea,Co Derry Prescott, ONT, CAN 1847
McKeating Strangford, Downpatrick, Co Down Canada 1882-1961
McKee (all sp) All USA 1790-1850
McKeefry Innisrush NZ 1868
McKeever Co Waterford, Ardmore Mobile AL 1850-60
McKeever/McIver Renfrewshire, Glasgow Melbourse, VIC, AU 1830
McKelvey, McKelvie Tandragee, Armagh New Zealand 1818 onward
McKelvey Co Antrim Virginia, USA 1800>
McKenna Co Monoghan Mackinac Is, MI & SF, CA 1827-1846
McKeon Leitrim Australia 1850s
McKeone unknown Houghton Co, IM > Butte MT mid 1800s
McKeo(w)n Ballyclare, Ballyeaston, Ballynure, Antrim New Zealand ca 1825-70
McKeown/McKewin Corderry, Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone Lowell, MA 1850-51
McKeown Poss. Co Down Newark, DE 1830-1835
McKendry Antrim Canterbury NZ 1870's
McKenna Magherafelt, Londonderry Scotland 1800s
McKenzie Ballymoney, Co Antrim Boston, MA 1872-1895
McKeon Sligo Schuylkill Co, PA 1800-43
McKeon Leitrim Australia 1850s
McKeown Cork City, Co Cork Troy NY 1880-1919
McKiernan Ballyconnell Cavan not given 1840-1950
McKinley Antrim? Chicago IL 1859-76
McKinley Kikeel, Co Down Bloomington, IL 1853
McKinley Loughgilly Par, Ballygorman tnld, Co Armagh New Zealand 1800s
McKnight Unknown England <1861
Mcknight Tyrone /Belfast Cumberland England Bef 1861
McLain Clara, Offaly Yonkers NY > Brooklyn NY 1790-1866
McLane Ballysakerry Mayo upstate NY 1847
McLaren unknown Canada not given
McLarnon Belfast USA not given
McLaughlim Belfast Boston, Mass, USA ca 1850
McLaughlin Leitrim New Haven CT 1830-1930
McLaughlin Co Leitrim New York 1930
McLean not given not given 1800s
McLinden unknown Brooklyn, NY 1840>
McLister,McClister Co Antrim Whitby ONT CAN>Akron OH 1845-1862
McLoughlin Kilteely, Co Limerick NY 1910
McLoughlin Sligo, possibly Schuylkill Co, PA 1800-43
McLoughlin Aughrim, Roscommon Rhode Island 1842-1862
McLynn Sligo Town Brisbane, Australia 1980's
McGrath Kill, Waterford Sydney AUS 1834
McGrath Carlow Pittsburgh PA 1832+
McMahon Abbeyleix, Co Laois Vaughan, York West, Ontario CAN 1835
McMahon Monaghan Philadelphia PA 1880-1900
McMahon Clare NY > Will Co > Champaign Co IL 1797-1900
McMahon Blaneyglen, Co Monaghan did nto emigrate 1871-1903?
McMahon Co Clare Australia 1854
McMahon,McMann Unknown Pittsburgh PA 1845+
McManamon Srahmore, Newport, Co Mayo Chicago, IL 1925
McManus Fermanagh Wisconsin 1846
McMeekin Larne, Antrim not given 1800s
McMenem(e)y Westmeath > Dublin not given -present
McMichael Unsure OH, MI, USA <1820
McMullan Antrim Canterbury NZ 1879
McMullen Co Kilkenny Ontario CAN 1846
McMullen Co Down,Co Cavan AU Mid 1800s
McMunn Dromard, Co Sligo Saint John, NB, CAN 1838
McMurray Castleblaney, Monaghan Montrose, Scotland early 1800s
McMurray Tullynakill & Killinchy, Down New Zealand 1840s
McNabb Down Australia 1800s
McNally Louisburgh, Co Mayo Clinton MA, USA early 1900
McNally Co Monaghan, Ballybay Philadelphia PA 1818-1903
McNally Co Armagh PA 1869
McNally Lusk, Dublin WA 1846-90
McNally Belfast NY 1920-1925
McNally Tyrone Philly, PA,Newark,NJ Abt.1860
McNally Co Offaly Albany, NY 1850-1875
McNally Sligo Melbourne, AU 1850-1860
McNally Maynooth, Co Kildare Not given 1830
McNamee unknown Ashton Underlyne ENG, Chicago IL 1860 on
McNamee Co Tyrone Troy, NY 1840s
McNamara prob Clare Ottawa, Canada 1800-1900
McNamara Co Galway? Boston, MA.Utica, NY 1848
McNamara Co Clare?/, Co Galway? NY>CO 1869-1880
McNaney Co Monaghan NY early 1800s
McNaughton Belfast USA early 1900s
McNeely Armagh not given not given
McNeice Lisburn, Belfast, Co Down Ireland, CAN, NZ 1850-2000
McNeil Co Derry ENG, Boston, MA 1802-1841
McNeil Antrim, nr Ballymena Iowa 1870s
McNeill Ballyreagh, Dunaghy, Antrim not given 1800s
McNeill Antrim Hastings, Ontario CAN 1830-33
McNeill Co Derry, Co Antrim Virginia, USA 1802>
McNeish, McNeice Ireland Armagh > Scotland > PA 1810+
McNerney Kildysart MA 1851
McNevin Dublin Australia 1850s
McNiff/McEniff Connaught Montreal, CAN < 1855
McPartland Boyle, Co Roscommon Buffalo,NY, USA 1880, 1920-25
McPartland Belturbet New Zealand 1850
McPaul Cratlagh, Milford, Donegal Philadelphia, PA 1870-1930
McPike Argylasle (Arigal), Derry Onehunga, Auckland, NZ 1847
McPoland Co Down PA, USA 1860s
McQuinn Ardfert, Co Kerry Buffalo, NY 1892
McQuinn Londonderry; Armagh Miramichi, NB, CAN 1818
McGuirk/McGurk Cavan, Co Cavan Queensland, AU 1880
McShane Kilcar, Co Donegal Brooklyn NY 1870-1939
McShane Cos. Amagh & Louth ENG 1820 on
McShane Co Armagh NE 1800>
McShane Armagh not given 1820-1870
McShane Teelin, Co Donegal Chicago. IL 1952
McShane Cos Armagh,Down&Belfast NY, NJ 1870-1920
McSloy Donegal PA, USA 1854-1919
McSweeney Dungarvan, Co Waterford NY, AL, TN & GA 1850-1960
McTear/Mateer Down Cumberland England Any
McTighe not given Ohio 1815-1850
McTigue Beltra, Mayo USA 1890s
McVey Co Sligo Toronto & ONT, CAN C 1839
McVitty Co Donegal NY, NY; LaSalle Co, IL 1849>
McWhirter Armagh not given 1888



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