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Surname Registry
last updated 16 November 2016


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Surname Ireland Location Where Emigrated Timeline Contact
Nabarro Dublin not given not given
Nafin, Naphan Sheegorey (Boyle), Roscommon Belleville, ONT, Canada 1842
Naghten Kildare Australia 1800's
Nagle Galway Virginia/W Virginia 1847-1850
Nash Kilteely, Co Limerick NY 1913
Nash Clash Kanturk Cork USA or AUS 1840s
Nash Callan, Co Kilkenny Newfoundland 1760
Naughton Co Mayo Pittsburgh PA 1888 l
Naughton Glenbeigh, Co Kerry Binghamton, Broome NY 1880s
Naughton/Norton Par.Kilmore,Co Roscommon USA>Reading,Berks Co.PA 1835-1844
Naughton Loughrea area not given 1831 >
Naughton Co Galway not given not given
Naughton Galway Pittsfield, MA, USA 1855-1880
Nealis Mayo Australia 1840s
Nealon R.C. Par of Hospital, Co Limerick Hastings Co, ONT, CAN 1818
Nealon Limerick Toronto & ONT, CAN Abt. 1839
Neeson Ahoghill, Co Antrim North Adams, MA 1830 >
Neil Londonderry Quebec, CAN 1823
Nelligan Co Kerry Australia > Christchurch NZ 1876
Nelson, Neilson unknown Wigtownshire SCT 1780-1815
Nesbitt possibly Cork Lincoln, ENG 1890 >
Nestor Clare/Limerick ENG/NSW/SanFr,CA 1850-1870
Nethery Drumquin Tyrone Hebron,IN 1869
Neville Keady, Armagh W Australia 1885
Newcomb Co Offaly Cincinnati.OH 1818-1871
Newman Ireland Rhode Island 1855>
News Co Armagh not given All
Neylon Galway, Mayo Kings > NSW 1800-1920
Nickell,(all sp) Cloghmills,Co Antrim? Halton Co, ONT,CAN 1750-1815
Nichol Crosh & Deerpark, Co Tyrone Thames, NZ 1931
Nicholson Mayo Brooklyn NY 1830-95
Nicholson Bandon, Cork Monkton, ONT, CAN 1848
Nielson Ballybay, Co. Monaghan not given 1700s-1800s
Nivens Unnknown NY Bef 1848
Nobbs Tyrone New Zealand 1800-70
Noble Maguiresbridge, Fermanagh Ontario, Canada 1780-1845
Noble Killeshandra, Co Cavan USA 1783-1845
Noble Ely, Deveish, Fermanagh San Francisco, CA 1840-1900
Noble Donegal CA 1850s
Nolan Ballycallan, Balleyeven, Clara Upper Albany NY, USA 1880s
Nolan unknown Canada 1820-1830s
Nolan Co Kerry   1880-1898
Nolan Co Laois CT, NY early 1800s
Nolan Cushlecka & Mulranny, Co Mayo NY & Preston UK 1848
Nolan unknown Easton, MA Abt 1850
Nolan Kilcommic did not emig 1820-183?
Nolan Ballycrystal, Templeshanbo,Co Wexford NY ,WI, USA 1853
Nolan Birr, Offaly NJ 1848
Nolen Limerick NY> Mahanoy Twnshp, PA 1838-1900
Noon Roscommon OH 1845-1855
Noonan Kilkenny England ca 1840
Noonan Co Cork USA Bef.1850
Noonan Minard/Dingle/Annascaul Proctor, Rutland, VT 1840-1875
Noonan Shandrum Boston, MA 1860-1870
Noone Ardkill, Kilmaine, Mayo NYC; Troy, NY; Oakland Co, MI Late 1800s
Normoyle Labasheeda, Co Clare NYC 1886
Norton unknown Bathgate SCOT 1860
Norton, Naughten Galway? Boston, West Roxbury, MA 1850-70s
Nowlan Co Longford CAN > Vermont, USA > 1827
Oates Piltown, Co Kilkenny not given 1700s-1820
Oates, Otes Longford MA, USA 1850
O'Brien Kilkenny, Waterford Tramore > NYC 1865-85
O'Brien Hospital,Co Limerick NY, SF,CA 1849
O'Brien Enniscorthy, Co Wexford Antigonish, Nova Scotia 1815
O'Brien Tarmon Killimer Kilrush QLD, AU 1902-1903
O'Brien Bandon, Co Cork, Cork City, Dublin ENG, USA, Africa 1800
O'Brien Co Clare, Bodyke VA, USA Abt.1840
O'Brien Unknown Australia 1890-1920
O'Brien Killimore, Co Galway, Gort, Ballynakill Pittsburgh, PA 1859-1900
O'Brien Co Galway Galway 1843
O'Brien Bruff, Limerick Walaway, Grenough, AU 1860
O'Brien/Bryan Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary Clinton, IA USA 1860s
O'Callaghan Cork England 1892-1960
O'Callaghan Templemichael, Cork USA? others stayed in Cork 1860-1930
O'Callaghan Cork New York Abt. 1857
O'Connell unknown Andover MA 1846
O'Connell Ballingarry, Co Tipperary Did not emigrate 1830-1880
O'Connell Kerry Pittsburgh,PA 1871+
O'Connell Ballynadrideen, Aglishdrinagh, Co Cork Brooklyn, NY 1849-1955
O'Connell Stowlin Illinois 1882
O'Connor Limerick New Jersey 1907
O'Connor Co Sligo MD 1830-1860
O'Connor unknown Brooklyn NY > Des Moines IA 1850-80
O'Connor Currow, Co Kerry Rockaway Beach, NY 1865-70
O'Connor Co Mayo NY 1840
O'Connor Williams St,Limerick City Ogle Co, IL,Polk Co,IA 1850s-60s
O'Connor French Pk, Co Roscommon Galway>CT>NV>CA,NY 1850-1860
O'Connors Co. Tipperary Yorkshire, ENG ca 1849-1854
O'Connor Longford, Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim NY or Boston, MA 1920-1930
O'Connor, Connors Co. Tipperary, Tipperary RC Parish, also Emly? Troy NY, some did not emig  1800s
Odlum Offaly Cinicinnati,OH 1818-1871
O'Donell Donegal not given 1850-Pres
O'Donnel Mayo OH 1849
O'Donnell Donegal,  Glenties PA 1883
O'Donnell Ballingarry, Co Tipperary Did not emigrate 1830-1880
O'Donnell Galway Minnesota 1895
O'Donnell Galway Lynn MA 1874-
O'Donnell Unknown Colorado 1879-1881
O'Donnell Carndonagh, Glenmakee, Co Donegal Boston, MA 1880-1895
O'Dwyer Co Tipperary did not emig ca 1783-1842
O'Dwyer Tipperary Tn, Co Tipperary PA, USA 1830
O'Farrell Donegal New York, PA? 1820-1830s
O'Flynn Cork Australia 1864
O'Flynn Cork Australia 1862
O'Gorman Birr, Offlay  not given 1800s
O'Grady Shanagolden, Limerick Melbourne AU 1861-3
O'Grady Mayo Chicago IL 1892
O'Grady/Grady Co Kildare Victoria, AU 1851
O'Gorman not given England C1840
O'Hagan Co Antrim Stockton, NSW, AU 1800-1890
O'Halleran unknown Canada 1840s
O'Halloran unknown New Zealand 1860s
O'Halloran Co Clare Chicago, IL 1870s
O'Halloran, Holloran Co Clare Hudson, Columbia Cty., NY 1840+
O'Hara Ballyogan, Co Sligo PA>Omaha,NB 1850s
O'Hara Umknown ONT,CAN 1850-Pres
O'Hara Co. Sligo, Co. Mayo NY 1840
O'Hora, O'Hara Lack, Mayo New York 1892
O'Kane Tuam, Galway Cincinnati OH 1878
O'Keane/Kane Waterford, Kerry, Clare,Mayo? WI 1848
O'Keefe Co Cork Peterborough, ONT, CAN 1851
O'Keefe Co Cork Rochester, Monroe Co, NY 1910
O'Keefe Offaly Douglas, Utah 1849-1851
O'Leary Cork Wales > Homestead PA 1842 > 1901
O'Leary Cork Louisville KY 1891
O'Leary Unknown Pittsburgh, PA 1845+
O'Leary Bansha, Tipperary Australia 1800-1842
O'Leary Ardfert Area, Co Kerry Monroe Co, IL 1840s
O'Leary Cork IN 1864-1866
O'Leary Unknown Guysborough Co, NS, CAN Abt 1833
O'Leary Buttevant? PA 1871
Oldfield Waterford Nova Scotia, Canada 1840
O'Mahoney Limerick Boston, MA 1900
O'Malley Louisburgh, Co Mayo Clinton MA, USA early 1900
O'Malley Co Mayo Olyphant PA 1835-1885
O'Malley Co. Mayo NY > WI 1855-1904
O'Malley Ireland Lan, ENG 1835-1850
O'Meara Tipperary Chicago-Davenport-ID County IA 1830-1916
O'Meighan Leitrim Tipperary 1691
O'Neil Lattin, Co Tipperary unknown 1800s
O'Neil Carlow Kingston, NY 1847
O'Neil unknown Quebec> Bytown (Ottawa) > Montague NY 1850-1853
O'Neill not known Troy,&NYC,NY,Chi,IL 1840s-1860s
O'Neill Co Derry Boston, MA 1835
O'Neill Poss. Cork Bristol, UK>NSW, AU 1840>
O'Neill Kilkenny Charleston, SC 1840s
O'Pray Kircubbin, Co Down England 1880-1890
O'Regan not given QUE,CAN 1848
O'Regan Ballyroe Lower Kilfinane Limerick NYC 1880s
O'Reilly Clare NSW, QLD, AUST 1880+
O'Reilly, etc left from Co Cork NY 1870-90
O'Reilly Wexford St Louis, MO 1848
Ormsby Sligo, Mayo Scranton PA > NE 1832-1900
O´Rorke Dublin not given 1864-1910
O'Rourke Limerick? Pittsburgh PA 1872 l
O'Rourke unknown Peru-LaSalle IL 1845-1850
O'Rourke Galway, Mayo Kings to NSW 1800-1920
O'Rourke Leitrim, & Tipperary NYC 1906
Orr Donegal, N. Ireland unknown 1800-50
O'Shannnessy Kerry   1840
O'Shea, Shay Tipperary CT, USA 1850s
O'Shea Co Kerry Cork 1800
O'Sullivan Wicklow not given not given
O'Sullivan Kerry-Waterville & Valentia Is Boston, MA & NY 1800+
O'Sullivan Co Cork IA 1880s
O'Sullivan/Sullivan Ballyagran England 1910
O'Toole Unknown Toronto, CAN>Chi,IL 1850-1876
Oulighan Hacketstown, Co Carlow Nova Scotia 1857
Owens Derrylin, Fermanagh Armagh? 1864-1884
Pace Co Mayo Not given 1850s
Padden Co Mayo Schyulkill,PA,USA 1860-1865
Page Dublin Lincoln Co, Missouri 1850-60
Parkes Unknown Toronto,ONT,CAN 1850-1852
Parle/Parrle Wexford NY 1865
Parsons Galway Newfoundland not given
Partland Roscommon England > MA, USA 1840-70
Paterson Midleton, Cork PEI, Canada 1790-1830
Paterson unknown Glasgow SCOT 1790-1856
Patterson Donegal, Inishowen? PA 1670-1725
Patterson Co Cork Tompkins Co, NYS 1780-1850
Patton Killinchy, Co Down New Zealand 1863
Patton Dublin PA, USA 1730
Patton Cloghan, Donegal Glascow, Scotland; NY 1870-1945
Patrickson Midleton, Cork/Dublin not given 1790-1840
Peckins Clemenstown, Cavan   to 1900
Pender Kilbricken, Co Kilkenny not given 1850s
Pendergast unknown Livingston Co, NY 1830-1850
Pendergast Mayo-Roscommon Salem, MA 1886
Pentony Dublin/Co Meath ? England 1830+
Peoples Donegal, Ulster New England > NJ 1850-1921
Perry Kilboy,CoTipperary&Liscannor,CoClare did not emigrate 1760-1880
Petticrew (all sp) unknown Lancaster & Dauphin Cos, PA 1750-1760s
Pettypiece (all sp) Co Sligo Essex Co, ONT CAN 1840s
Phair Tullylish, Co. Down New Zealand 1857-1921
Phayer Limerick not given 1810>
Phelan Ballymaddock, Laois did not emig not given
Phelan, Phalen SE Ireland? IL, St. Louis, MO 1800s
Phelan, Whelan Radestown, St John's Par, Co Kilkenny did not emig 1800-40s
Phelan/Whelan Carrickbeg,Tinhalla MA, NYC 1880s
Picken/s Ahoghill, Ballymontenagh Iowa 1854-1883
Phillips Sligo Sligo, UK, USA 1800-1920
Poque, Pollock Co Monaghan Ontario CAN 1825
Popham/Poppin Co Wicklow St Andrews,NB,CAN 1849-1870
Potter unknown Canada 1840-1870
Powell Longford TX 1840-1900
Powell Limerick, Tipperary did not emigrate 1600>
Powell Glowumin, Co Kerry Brooklyn, NY 1900
Powers Waterford Illinois 1840-54
Powers Waterford? Quebec City,CAN>Buffalo, NY 1844-1869
Prendiville Molhiffe, Kerry Canterbury, NZ 1875
Prendergast Accony/Aghany,Kilgeever Par,Co Mayo WI 1848
Prendergast Co Mayo Boston, NYC 1906
Price Down Scotland 1850+
Price Lusk, Dublin not given not given
Prior Leitrim, Cavan NY, LA 1840-1920
Punch Limerick City NY & Conn. 1914
Purcell Kilkenny, Castlecomer area did not emig 1850
Purcell Kilkenny Australia 1800
Purcell Unknown Bolton, Lancashire, ENG 1848-1889
Purdy Gildford, Co Down Perth, Australia 1877-1932
Purvis Dublin not given 1820-50
Quail Carlow Clinton MA 1890s
Qualter Prob. Tuam, Co Galway Liverpool, ENG not given
Quigley Glenbarrow, Rosenallis, Co Laois Philadelphia PA, NE 1860s-pres.
Quigley Co Monaghan Govan, Glasgow, SCOT ca 1850
Quigley Unknown ENG>NY 1860
Quigley Manor Cunningham Philadelphia PA 1900-
Quinlan Moyne Par., Co Tipperary NY, USA 1865-1870
Quinlan Tipperary USA & Australia All
Quinlan Killarney, Co Kerry IN>IL>MO 1850>1870
Quinlisk Co Tipperary Liverpool>NY>OH 1851
Quinn Armagh Oakville, ONT, CAN 1830-1950
Quinn Longford NYC NY 1856-1906
Quinn Fermanagh AU & USA 1900-1920s
Quinn Co Antrim, Co Down USA 1920-1925
Quinn unknown NC>SC, USA 1723
Quinn Unknown Brooklyn, NY 1873-1916
Quinn Unknown East Coast, USA 1839-1843
Quinn Upperchurch Tipperary Troy NY 1800s
Quinn Co Clare Winchester, ENG 1873
Quinn Ballybofey, Corgary, Donegal or Tyrone did not emigrate 1860s
Quinn Sligo Carbondale, PA 1840-1842
Quinn Miltown, Kilkenny USA not given
Quinn Athenry Manchester not given
Quirk Kerry USA 1858



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