Ath, Agh (ath) a ford, shallow part or a river
Agha achadh a field, level meadow
Alt alt an eminence, high place, side of a glen
Anna, Annagh eanach a moor, marsh, soft terrain
Ard ard a height, top, summit, lofty, higher ground
Bally baile town, village, homestead
Ballagh bealach a roadway, passage, gap, pass
Barn, Barna bearna pass or gap in hill or mountain
Barr barr top, head, summit
Bawn, Baun ban small field, enclosure, white coloured
Beagh beithe abounding with birch trees
Bell beal mouth, entrance, estuary
Ben beann peak, pointed hill
Boher bothar road, way, passage, lane
Boley buaile place for milking cows, booley or dairy place
Brack breac speckled, spotted, spotted (with stones, furze) hill
Bun bun end, bottom, of hills or mountains
Caher, Cahir cathair stone fort, abode, city
Cam cam crooked
Cappa, Cappagh ceapach plot of ground laid out for tillage
Carn carn heap of stones, rocky summit
Carrick, Carrig carraig a rock, crag or stone
Carrow, Carhoo ceathramhadh quarter, measure of land
Cashel caiseal wall, bulwark, castle
Cavan cabhan a hollow plain
Clar clar plain, flat piece of land
Cash clais furrow, deep ditch
Clogh cloch stone, rock, cliff
Clon, Cloon cluain plain, lawn, meadow
Cool cul back, corner, angle
Cor, Corr cor a round hill
Cosh, Cush cos leg, foot, at the foot of, beside
Creeve craobh branch, bough, tree bush
Croagh, Crogh cruach rick, stack, piled-up hill
Cross cros a cross
Cuil, Cuill coill a wood
Curra, Curragh currach bog, marsh, soft plain
Derry doire an oak, oak wood
Doo dubh black
Doon, Dun dun a fortress
Dreen, Drin draighean blackthorn
Drom, Drum druim the ridge of a hill
Eden eadan the forehead, brow of a hill
Esker eiscir ridge of sand hills, ridge of mountains
Farn fearn alder tree, place abounding in alders
Farran fearann land, ground, country
Freagh fraoch heather, heath, a heathy place
Gal, Gall gall stranger, foreigner
Garran, Garraun, Garrane garran grove, wood, copse
Garry garrdha garden
Glas glas green; of mountain, stream or meadow
Glan, Glen gleann valley, glen
Gol, Goul, Gowl gabhal fork, the fork of a hill
Gort, Gurt gort a field or garden
Graigue graig village, manor
Greenan griannan sunny place, bower, summer house
Illan, Illaun oilean island
Inis, Inish, Inch inis an island, a field near a river or lake
Kell caol narrow, slender, straight
Kil, Kill cill a church or small monastery
Knock cnoc hill, hillock
Lack, Leck, Lick leac stone, flagstone, slate
Laght leacht a grave, pile of stones in memory of the dead
Lis, Liss lios earthen fort, fortified place, ancient palace
Lough loch a lake
Lag, Leg, Lug, Lugg lag a hollow, glen
Lear, Lyre ladhar a fork, forking of glens or rivers
Maghera machaire a plain, level ground
Maul, Meel meall a hillock, eminence
Meen min a smooth spot on a hill presenting a green surface
Mon moin turf, peat, bog
Money muine brake, shrubbery, a hillock
Moy magh a plain, plain of hills
Muck muc a pig or boar
Mullagh mullach top, summit height, top of a hill
Park pairc field, meadow
Poll, Pol, Poul poll hole, pit, a measure of land
Port port a harbour, bank or landing place
Rath rath earthen fort with trees, a fortress
Ring, Rin, Rinn rinn a headland, promontory
Roe, Roo ruadh red, gorse clad hill
Ros, Ross ros a promontory, isthmus, a grove or wood
Scart scairt a thick tuft of shrubs or bushes
Shan sean old, e.g. Shanbally, "old town"
Sra, Sragh, Srah srath a field on the bank of a river
Tawnagh, Tawny tambnach a small field
Temple teampall a church or temple
Ti tigh a house
Tir tir land, country, region
Tober tobar well, fountain, spring, source
Tom tuaim a grave or tumulus
Ton toin backside
Toor tuar a place for bleaching clothes