This website is going to be part of your work also. If you would like to have a link to your website with County Cavan ancestors listed and/or other Cavan information, please send me an email with the url. I will be adding a section to this site that will have all family research pages which are maintained by other Cavan researchers just like you.

You can also help improve this site by volunteering and/or contributing any County Cavan raw data that you might have. If you have transcribed census records, births, deaths, marriages, cemetery records, etc., I can see that they are provided a space on this site for others to see. Please let me know what you might have to contribute so I don't attempt to duplicate items you want to contribute.

If you only have flames, I don't respond to those, but thanks for sharing anyway and hope you have a more pleasant day.

Suggestions, comments and ideas are much appreciated. Can we talk? Just email me. Thank you.