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There are many different Mailing Lists and Query Boards you can use to enlist help from other County Louth researchers.  You may even find a long, lost, cousin! and have combined their messages boards and other lists.  If you have been using their message boards previously, please use these helpful links and up-date your favorites listings.

From Ancestry.Com  Subscription & Free Databases  
You do not need a subscription to perform a search using Ancestry GlobalSearch. Executing a search will display all of the databases relevant to your query, regardless of whether or not you subscribe to Additionally, you can view the actual results in many of the databases (including the Social Security Death Index and the Ancestry World Tree) without subscribing to The free databases are designated by the free icon, the word "free" in a red oval. 

From  Mailing Lists -- Interactive Search
This is an interface to the archives for most of the RootsWeb mailing lists, current through the past day or so.  Using the form provided, enter the name of the mailing list whose archives you want to search. If those archives are available, you will then be given a form in which to enter the surname (or whatever) that you are looking for.

The Message Board for General Ireland. This message board for Ireland replaces the GenConnect query and Surname Helper Board. Use this board if the county of your ancestors is unknown, but you are also welcome to answer any post you find of interest.

The Message Board for the Province of Leinster  

The Message Board that lists All Counties in Ireland.  You maybe researching ancestors in out counties in Ireland.  This will be very helpful.

The Message Board for County Louth, IRE.  Please confine your questions, posts, etc. to only County Louth

Surnames Message Boards.  Not only for Ireland, it's world wide.

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