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County Louth is a wonderful place to visit, even if your Irish ancestors didn't emigrate from County Louth.  The scenery is beautiful, the people warm and friendly, and you can have a Harp Beer that was actually brewed in Dundalk. 

The History of County Louth 

The County Louth Guide

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County Louth Ireland Tourist Information

Dundalk Tourist Information Office,
Jocelyn Street, Dundalk, Co. Louth
Tel: + 00353 42 9335484 
Fax: + 00353 42 9338070 

Carlingford Tourist Information Office,
Old Dispensary, Carlingford, Co. Louth
Tel: +00353 42 9373033

Drogheda Tourist Information Office,
Bus Depot, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Tel: +00353 41 9837070 Fax: +00353 419845340
Drogheda County Louth
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Drogheda        

Your says:

In my travels, on the pursuit of my various ancestors, I have never felt more welcomed, and been given more encouragement and assistance then in County Louth.  In County Louth, as soon as you open your mouth, they know;  you're not from County Louth!, and you'll be greeted with, "Welcome Home.  Is this your first visit home?  How long will you be home?" In the pubs, and at church, I am asked about my family name, it's Callan..  At St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church,  after attending Mass the parish priest introduced me to a Callan family.  In a Dundalk pub, I was introduced to three Callan's as they came into the pub after work.

I encourage you on your visit to County Louth to meet with the parish priest and visit the local pubs. Don't be shy, speak up.  In the pubs you may well be treated to a drink, don't refuse.  The next round you can try to buy, but don't be surprised if your offer is refused.

When you visit the County Louth Library, in Dundalk, be sure to bring a copy of your family history.  The librarian will put it in a file under your ancestor's last name.  If you're searching several County Louth families, be sure to bring a copy for each family.

Right next to the Library is the County Louth Museum.   Make sure you devote at least 2 hours, and you will learn how your ancestors lived and the history of County Louth.

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